Reader Shopping Trip: Rite Aid Candy Deal!

Reader Bree headed to Rite Aid to score the candy deal I posted this morning.  Here is what she said:

Here is my RiteAid deal that I found at For The Mommas which I tweaked a bit and turned into a MM! I was so excited and the cashier was simply stunned watching all the UPRs print.  Now what to do with all this candy ….

Each bag of candy was $2.50
3 – 14 oz Sour Patch
3 – 14 oz Starburst (one bag is tropical flavor)
1 – 14 oz Swedish Fish
2 – 10 oz. Werther’s Original hard candy
1 – 10.125 oz Tootsie Roll Pop
1 – 10 oz Mini Cow Tales
1 – 10 oz Jolly Rancher Pops

-$5/$25 coupon
-(1)$1/2 Werther’s Candy (9/26 SS)
-(1)$2 off 3 bags of Sour Patch Kids/Swedish Fish/Dentyne Gum (8/8 SS)

Total after coupons: $23.75
Got back $30 in UPRs ($6 were advertised in the circular for $1 off when you buy 2, the rest are a mystery from “Club Chocolate” which was printed at the bottom?!)

1 – Similac Advance Concentrate $9.99
1 – M&Ms (I needed a filler) .50

Total: $10.53
Used $10 UPR
Out of Pocket .53 cents

Thanks Bree!  Sweet deal….really SWEET deal 🙂

You can head over here to see exactly how the deal works.

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  • Bree

    I tried this deal again this morning and I’m happy to say it’s still working as of 9 AM. I used my UPRs today to buy eggs, Clorox wipes, and more Similac (using 2 $3 off coupons and expecting the $5 rebate). I then bought $10 worth of candy and got another $11 UPR.

    • Kristine Twardy-Todd

      So you rolled your UP rewards on more candy? I was going to go back tonight and get more.

  • Stephanie

    I think this is unlimited. I’ve done this deal 10 times since last night and have gotten every single Up! I shopped between 4 different stores and did not clear any out. I left pleny at each location. If there is some left late Saturday night, then I will clear off the shelves 🙂

  • Stephanie

    It’s actually a better deal (for me anyway) if you get 8 bags of candy and 1 pk of viva paper towels. I paid .14 per transaction and ended up with 10 Nivea, 10 pks of Viva, and 80 bags of candy all for $3 out of pocket and got back $84 in Ups.

  • Anonymous

    you rock robery ! =)

  • Kasey

    DOn’t forget to go to and print 2 coupons for 3.00 off similac!!!

  • Melinda

    There is a coupon on for buy 1 get 1 free swedish fish. use zip code 78641

  • Kim

    I just went and bought 2 bags of candy to test it out. I haven’t shopped at Rite Aid since before the UP rewards and was wondering if I can go back and roll the UP rewards from the candy to get more candy?? Thanks!

  • momxfour

    I just tried this deal and got 4 bags of candy and only got 2 $1.00 in up rewards…no mystery rewards for me 🙁

  • Melinda

    Oh no, I was just going to go after work. I might still give it a try!

  • Becky Barley

    Does anybody know if the $2 up rewards are still printing?

  • heidi

    still printing at 3 o’clock! unlimited, too

  • They are!

  • Saryn

    My deal looked like this:

    #1 Buy 2 Swedish Fish
    Used a B1G1 Swedish Fish 8oz or larger
    Used $2 in ups rewards
    Paid .70 oop and receive $1 up and 2 $2 ups

    #2 Buy 2 Starburst
    Used $1 off 2
    Used 2 $2 ups from #1
    Received $1 up and 2 $2 ups

    Thank you for the info on this deal! We now have some fun treats for our Halloween Party!

  • Mel

    Didn’t work for me – just tried ’em. No $2 Ups

  • Bree

    Cindy I do believe this deal is now dead as of 4PM!

  • Jennifer C.

    Wah! It didn’t work for me either…

  • Done 🙁

  • steph

    didn’t work for me! i must have just missed it!!!

    but i did get 6 free nivea lip
    2 suave body wash
    2 bags of ghiradelli chocolates.

    after all is said in done-all of that cost me 49cents.

    really bummed about the candy, spent along time trying to figure out if it could work. also they were out of the crest and the toothbrushes and razors.
    but i made $7 on 5 revlon nail polishes at cvs this week too
    thinking of pairing together the free nail polish and lip gloss into little sets for teacher, bus driver, etc christmas gifts.

    cindy you rock. so far i have met two women in my rite aid who use your site.
    we love you!

  • Barbara A

    Boy this has been a fun week….. that was a great deal. I was lucky to go in the morning and afternoon.

    • Bree

      Yes, fun while it lasted – especially if you had a nice RA cashier. I’ve read some nightmare stories on some of the other blogs [concerning the candy deal], especially one where the cashier didn’t want to give the shopper all of the UPRs because they felt they weren’t earned.

      I have all my candy sprawled out on my living room table thinking about where to put it!

  • Lori

    Did anyone use these “mystery” 2.00 upr? Hopefully they can be used without any problems?