Reader Shopping Trip: Rite Aid, CVS & Acme!

Reader Beth made a visit to Rite Aid, CVS and Acme.  She wound up getting all of this for free.  Here is what she says about using coupons and stockpiling:

Thank you so much for putting together this site and maintaining it so well!! After a few months of “hard core” couponing and using the method of stocking up when I shop, I’m seeing real savings. My coupon piles are starting to take over my living room and my grocery stock pile is taking over my dining room, but it’s worth it for the money I’m saving! Thanks again!

And, here is her score:

Rite Aid:
4 Crest 4 oz. toothpaste ($2.69)
1 Schick Hydro 3 ($5.99)
2 Suave body wash ($2.00)
1 Andes chocolate ($0.25) – filler item
2 Ace compress ($1.29)

Total before coupons: $25.05

5 off 25 Rite Aid coupon
$2 video values schick hydro
$4 schick hydro coupon
4 – $1 crest coupon
2 – $0.50 suave coupon
$2 video values suave coupon
2 – $1 UPR
2 – $1.29 ace compress returned (they wouldn’t accept my $1.50 coupon)<–Grrr!

OOP: $2.12
Got: 4 – $2.69 UPR for crest; 1 – $1.00 UPR for suave = $11.76


Transaction #1:
4 boxes Fiber One bars ($1.75 each since I bought 4 items)

4 – $0.50 fiber one coupons (doubled)
OOP: $3.00

Transaction #2:
2 bags Chex Mix ($1.75 each since I bought 4 items)
2 Fiber One bars ($1.75 each since I bought 4 items)

2 – $0.50 chex mix coupons (not doubled – this new cashier wasn’t as generous as the 1st)
$1.00 fiber one coupon
OOP: $5.00


1 Pumpkin decorating kit ($4.99)

$5 off CVS halloween coupon (adjusted to $4.99)
OOP: $0.00 (they didn’t even charge me tax!)

Total for day before discounts: $ 44.04
Total OOP: $10.12
Total back: $11.76

What an awesome trip.  How nice is that.  She left the house with $10.12 & $2.00 in UP rewards.  She returned home with $11.76 in UP rewards & bags full of groceries. Those are the best kind of shopping trips.

Thanks for sharing Beth!

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  • Kristina C

    Haha. That is awesome. And as someone who has been doing this since June, I can TOTALLY relate. Now all I need is a really great deal on attractive/stylish storage crates for my closets to group and sort all my toothpaste, toothbrushes, shampoo, conditioner, raozrs, shaving cream, lotion, face wash……..

    • Dena

      Look for storage boxes after holidays for sales. halloween for orange and black, christmas for red and green.


    So you ca nourchase 4 of the crest in one transaction and receive 4 upr’s on one receipt, or do you have to do i crest per transaction?

    • Beth

      I did all 4 crests in one transaction with no problem.