Reader Shopping Trip: Walgreens – How To Use Fillers!

Reader Rachel headed over to Walgreens where she did a great transaction scoring a profit.  What I especially liked is how she used filler items and I thought this was a great example for those that are new to Walgreens shopping or simply don’t understand how it works.

The registers will only except a manufacturer coupon for each product in your cart.  And, the register rewards that you receive from previous transactions are considered manufacturer coupons even though they are considered dollars off your purchase.  So, if your next transaction will include a coupon for each item, as it did in Rachel’s case, and you plan on using register rewards to pay for the transaction, you need to add small filler items.  Rachel choose Royal Jello which is priced at only $0.20 each.  So now she has 7 items in her transaction and 7 coupons were used, including the 2 Register Rewards.  If she did not have the fillers in her cart then the last 2 coupons that get scanned (and it would not matter which 2 coupons they were) will beep.  Once you add 2 more products (small fillers), the coupons will go through no problem.

Here was her transaction:

(3) Alka Seltzer Fast Packs – $3.99/Each
(1) Contac Cold Day/Night – $6.00
(1) Colgate Sensitive – $3.49
(2) Royal Jello – $.20/Each (filler)

Coupons Used:
3-$3.00 Alka Seltzer
1-$2.00 Contac
1-$1.00 Colgate Sensitive
2-$3.00 Previous RR’s
Subtotal $3.86
Tax $1.89
OOP $5.75

Received $14.50 back in RR ($3.50 Colgate, $6.00 Contac, & $5.00 Alka Seltzer)

Great job Rachel!  Thanks for sharing.

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  • Gary

    where did she find the 2.00 off contac ? thanks

  • Rachel

    i found it online, but it is now out of prints 🙁

  • emikom

    i am new to this couponing thing. how can you use 3 same manufacturer’s coupon in the same transaction? Doesn’t it almost always say 1 per person or something like that?

    • Cindy

      If you have 3 of the same products then you can use 3 coupons. You are allowed to use one per product. There are a few coupons that will only allow 1 per transaction put there are not many of them. Also, Proctor & Gamble coupons are starting to put on them that you can only use 4 in a transaction.