Reader Shopping Trip: Walgreens!

Reader Jennifer headed out to Walgreens to score a great deal on a variety of items including some bribery candy 🙂 Oh, I remember those days.

2- Dayquil/Nyquil $10
2- Werther’s candy $2.29
EOS lib balm $3

Magnext $4.99 – on clearance
Fisher Price stacker toy $6.99 – on clearance, s/h/b $3.99 – will be getting refund or returning
5- pumpkin candys $1.45 – had to bribe son to get out of store with one, only 4 photoed
Nivea lip gloss $1

2- $1 Nyquil/Dayquil
$1/2 Werthers candy
$1 Nivea lip gloss
$25.50 Register Rewards used
Total OOP $2.52 including tax
Recieved Register Rewards:
$5 P&G
$3 EOS lip balm

Thanks Jennifer.  Great trip!

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