Reader Shopping Trips: CVS!

Reader Meredith headed to CVS to take advantage of some of the deals there this week.  Here was her deal:

4 candy bars 2/$1
2 colgate toothpaste $2.99
2 purex 3in1 20ct. $7.99 (these were b1g1 free)
2 advil liquid gels 20ct. $4.99
1 always maxi $3.79
2 cottenelle wipes $3.89
1 tide stain release packets $4.49

-b1g1 candy bars coupon
-$1.00 colgate coupon
-$.75 colgate coupon
-$2 always coupon
-2 free coupons for cottenelle
-2 free coupons for advil
-$3 tide coupon
-$3 purex coupon
-$.50 (not sure what this was for, but it came off)
-$7.00 ecb
$5 off $15 cvs coupon
paid $4.29 oop…received $5.98 in ecb to spend later
And reader Nikki does her CVS shopping on Saturdays when her store runs both the current weeks ads and the upcoming weeks ads at the same time.  Some stores do switch over early but not all.  Also, the stores that switch over early do it at different times.  Some, in the morning and some late at night around 9:00.
Here’s the deal she scored using both last weeks and this weeks deals in one trip:

Tran #1:
2 Quaker Instant Oatmeal (2/$5)
1 Schick Hydro Razor ($8.99)
1 Schick Hydro Gel ($3.99)
1 Colgate Toothpaste ($2.99)
1 Halloween Decorative Scarecrow ($5.99)

– (2) $2 off Quaker
– Free Schick Hydro Razor (CVS Mailer)
– Free Schick Hydro Gel (CVS Mailer)
– $1 off Colgate
– $5 off Halloween Décor
Total Before Coupons: $26.94
OOP: Nothing
ECB’s earned: $2.99 (Toothpaste), $5 (Razor), $2 (Oatmeal) = $9.99

Tran #2 :
I shop at CVS so I can buy cheap diapers and I was able to do just that:
1 Big Box Huggies on sale for $19.99 (was not advertised, this was a surprise so I had to find another item to reach $25 plus a filler.)
1 Colgate ($2.99)
1 Candy ($0.33 filler item)

– $2.50 off Huggies
– $1 off Colgate
$9.99 in ECB’s from previous transaction
Total before coupons/ECB’s: approx $25
OOP: $5.24, the last $2 was in tax which came off after I used the coupons.
ECB’s Earned: $2.99 (Toothpaste)

Tran #3 :
Azo anti itch wipes ($7)
1 Colgate ($2.99)
1 Halloween Scarecrow ($5.99)

– $2 off Azo
– $1 off Colgate
– $5 off Halloween Décor
$1.50 from quarterly ECB’s
Total before coupons: $16
OOP: $1.50
ECB’s earned: $2.99 (Toothpaste), $5 (Azo) = $7.99

Thanks Meredith & Nikki! Great job!

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  • Danielle

    That’s really interesting about shopping both sales on Saturday evening…In theory it’s good, if your store still has the old prices in the system. I did have a problem though a couple months ago – at 6 PM on Saturday, the system had switched over to Sunday sales prices, and I wanted to buy the Sobe’s at the sale price for that Sat (BOGO) but the system had them at .77, which did NOT work for my coupons. The manager refused to give me the CURRENT sale price b/c he could not figure out how to override the system. (even though I suggested running it as a raincheck…) I eventually got them (after a letter to CVS corp.) but you might want to be careful about this. 🙂


    where are u getting the 5.00 off halloween decor coupon?

  • CJ

    Just curious about Meredith’s transaction – the free Cottonelle wipes coupon had a maximum value of $2.89 but they are priced at $3.89 at CVS. Was she able to get the whole amount off to make them totally free? I didnt try to use my coupon at CVS because I thought they’d only take $2.89 off.
    The new week’s prices and ECBs start at midnight Sunday at my 24 hour CVS.