Reader’s Digest: $3.99 For a 1 Year Subscription!

Wow, this is the lowest I have ever seen this magazine subscription.  Tanga has it right now for only $3.99 for a 1 year subscription.  And you can get up to 4 years at that low yearly price.  The lowest I have seen it before this was at $5.00 so this is a great deal.  You can head over here to check it out.  Use coupon code: DIGEST at checkout to drop the price down.

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  • this is awesome! thank you! my husband loves readers digest and somehow i had “tanga cash” in my account so i got it for $2.99! =)

    • Cindy

      Isn’t that funny. I had Tanga cash in my account too and I didn’t know why. Maybe it’s a surprise 🙂

  • John

    Definitely a good deal. I decided to get 2 years for $5.98. A real bargain!