$25 Gift Certificate for $2 Weekly Promo Offer 125 X 125

Yay!  Another great deal at  They have the $25 Restaurant Gift Certificates at $2 again so you can grab them now.    Use code: PUMPKIN at checkout . Discount is good through 10/25/10 but certificates are good for a year or more.

Never used a gift certificate? Check out our 1st time experience.

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  • Marlene Roser

    I bought 4 $10 gift certificates, but they say I can only use one per party per month. I was hoping to use all four at the same time. Has anyone else been able to use multiple certificates at the same time?

  • Terry

    The “rules” strictly prohibit use of multiple certificates at the same time, even by members of the same party dining at separate tables with separate checks. The one-party-per-month rule is correct.

    Note there are lots & lots & lots of fine-print rules on the website. They also can change the rules anytime and any way they want… without prior notice. Individual restaurants can add their own rules. These restaurant gift certificates are non-refundable.

    The certificates might be a good deal for some people in some U.S. locations, but the odds are better than 90% against your favorite restaurants accepting these certificates — most restaurants will NOT accept them.

    You normally must establish a personal online account with to buy these certificates… and they will sell/give/use your personally-identifiable-information very widely (read their “privacy policy”… and learn you don’t have any there). They are purely in the marketing business– not the restaurant business… which should give one pause.

    Buyer Beware

    P.S. Who’s the source of the above “1st Time Experience” link — looks like a phony marketing post (??)

    • Cindy

      While I value my readers opinions very much, I don’t particularly value the P.S. comments you wrote. The source of the “above 1st time experience” is my own. Me, Cindy, the owner, writer of this blog. Phony Marketing Post? No! That was my actual experience using certificates when we went to visit a college with my son in Rhode Island.

      So, as I said, I do value my readers opinions and I think it’s important for others to see people’s experiences because I want readers to feel as though they can come here and find truthful, valuable information. So your initial comments are welcomed. However, I think the last part of your comment did require a comment from me, as I am an actual human being, with a family and a life just like you commenting on how we enjoyed using the certificates. Hope that clears up any “phony marketing post” assumptions you had.