Rite Aid: Crest UP Reward Update!

Well, good news on the Crest Toothpaste UP deal at Rite Aid this week.  So, far, there seems to be no limit for this UP rewards deal.  But, please use your best judgment when buying these and be considerate of other shoppers.   If you need to stock up, and your store has a good supply, 4-8 is more then enough, especially with all the toothpaste deals to be had.   So, with that said, here is your deal:

Buy Crest Outlast + Scope Toothpaste 4 oz or Oral B 3D Vivid Manual Toothbrush $2.69
use $1/1 Crest from the 9/26 PG insert
Get a $2.69 UP
Free + $1.00 Moneymaker after coupon & UP

(Thanks For The Mommas!)

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  • Stephanie

    There are no limits at all anymore 🙂
    Was told this by corp. YAY!!
    Not only did I get the 14 newspapers for a $1.10 oop. I used the coupons from those and got 50 Nivea Lip gloss for $20 oop after my coupons and wellness discount and walked out with $99.50 in Up Rewards!

    • I would love to know what deals you used to get all that!

      • Stephanie

        Well, it went like this. Last week I got a $30 gift card in the mail from a previous SCR deal which was also free. I did several transactions through out the week getting Olay and Tide products. After gift card I paid about $20 out of pocket for everything I got last week, which was 10 bottles of Tide, 2 big pks of bounty, 3 pks of Charmin, 2 Gillette Deo, 2 Clinical Gillette Deo, 8 Old Spice Deo, 4 Pantene products, 4 Olay under eye cream, 7 Olay Eye rollers, and 6 Olay facial moisturizers. All of that after rolling UP rewards cost me $20 out of pocket. I got back $70 in UP rewards when I was finished.
        To get the papers I bought 14 9 of them cost $1.50 (my local) and 5 bigger city costing $2 each. I wanted to buy all of them at once and use a $5/$25, but no stores had that many at once so I had to go to two stores.
        minus my 10% wellness discount
        Each order came out to be $10 in some change…I used a $10 Up reward on each transaction. I paid .30 on one order and .80 on the other, which I think might have been the tax, because I know my UP Rewards covered the sub total.

        To get the Nivea. There were coupons in the papers that I just got for a $1.10 and I still had one printable Nivea left. The papers had two Nivea coupons each in them. 1 for $1/1 the other $2/2, so that gave me 3 per paper giving me enough coupons to get 50 Nivea lip gloss. My trans went like this…
        10 Nivea lip gloss x 10=29.99
        10% wellness discount=26.99
        $5/$25 coupon =21.99
        (4) $2/2 Nivea
        (2) $1/1 Nivea=11.99
        $10 Up Reward=1.99
        I did this 5 times. Including tax it was close to $20.
        I got back a $1.99 UP Reward for every single Nivea Lip gloss I bought. $1.99×50=$99.50 in Up rewards. I didn’t clear out any stores 🙂
        I only went to two stores and both had plenty when I left. I am NOT a shelf clearer. Unless it is the last hour on the last day of the sale. I figure by then everyone had their chance 😉

    • Barbara A

      Yes, I really want to know , too.

  • Linda Gay

    Are Up rewards the same as CVS ECB?

    • Cindy

      Yes they are very similar to ECBs.

  • Megan

    Do these roll? If I use a $2.69 Up Reward to buy another toothbrush, will another Up reward spit out?

  • Stephanie

    Have you been told they roll? I was told by corp they roll, but this is your website and I don’t want to answer questions like I own it. lol.

    • Cindy

      If you get information that you think others would find valuable, please please post it. It’s our website. I just run the controls. And, I love nothing more then when you guys help each other out. 🙂

      • Stephanie

        Oh, ok. I just didn’t want to step on your turf. lol

        • Cindy

          My turf is your turf 🙂 That’s what makes this a great place. Everyone contributes!

  • Julie

    I have never used the UPs before. Do you just use your regular Wellness card? How do you know if you have reached your limit – does it print out on the receipt like CVS? Thanks! Anyone know if they truly do roll?

    • Larrina

      The UPs do attach to your regular wellness card. The limit does not print on your receipt and I personally have never reached a limit on any. The other week for huggies $2 UP I got 9 and the UP printed for each of them. And I have used my UPs to roll several times and it has worked everytime.

  • Stephanie

    Yes they roll. You use your card with them and they are just like CVS ECB where they print at the end, but unlike ECBs they are UNLIMITED 🙂

  • Dawn

    my coupon seems to be 1/2 crest toothpastes for the one with Scope. Is there another one I am missing??? Have you all been using the 1/1 Crest liquid gel?