Rite Aid: Lots of Free Candy!!


You can score an awesome deal at Rite Aid this week.  There appears to be a $2.00 “mystery” UP reward printing when you buy the candies listed below.  Plus there is also the $1.00 UP when you buy 2.  So, free candy without even clipping a coupon.

Here are the candies they are working on:

  • Skittles 14 oz (loose)
  • Swedish Fish 14 oz (loose)
  • Cow Tail Minis 10 oz
  • Starburst 14oz (loose wrapped)
  • Jolly Ranchers 14oz  (loose )
  • Caramel Cremes 12 oz
  • Sour Patch Kids 14 oz (loose)
  • Jolly Rancher Pops 10 oz

And here is the deal:

Buy (2) of any Candies listed above $5.00 ($2.50 each)
Get $1.00 UPR for buying 2 (limit 6)
Get (2) $2.00 Mystery UPR
Free after UPR

(Thanks For The Mommas!)

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  • Lori

    Can anyone post if they did this deal. The 14oz swedish fish and sour patch candy at my Rite was 3.19. No signs of 2 for 5.00. So I didn’t do the deal, just in case.

    • Heather

      They are on sale. I did it a little while ago. I bought 4 starbursts, 3 tootsie roll midggies (sp), 2 swedish fish and 1 sp kids. They rang up for $27 and I used the $2 off 3 sp kids or swedish fish from SS 8/8 and a $5/$25 and paid $19.60, but then got back $25 in Up rewards!!! Yay for RA!!!!

    • Bree

      Just a note this candy [in my store anyway] was NOT mixed in with the Halloween candy – it was seperate. I did this deal twice, once yesterday and once today.

  • Michele

    Lori I bought both last night. The store I went to didn’t have signs on any of these types to candy for 2/$5. There was signs for the 2/$3 though.

    14 oz Sour Patch & 14oz Swed Fish worked just fine 😉
    The Cow Tales and Caramel creams were $2.39 with 20%

    • Lori

      Thanks Michelle. I’ll give it a try.

  • Wynette

    The deal gets better. I got 12 bags last night (Life Savers Wintergreen 13 oz, Charms Blow Pops 10.4 oz, Skittles, Swedish Fish, Sour Patch , etc…) = $30

    Used a $5/$25 coupon = -$5
    Still had 2 B1G1F coupons for Swedish Fish = -$5
    Total oop = $20
    Got back six $1 UP Rewards and twelve $2 UP Rewards = $30
    So a $10 MM for me

    Deal gets better – went back this morning and got 10 more bags (different store) =$25 and used another $5/$25 coupon = total oop $20 Got back five $1 UP Rewards and ten $2 UP Rewards = $25 so a $5 MM

  • Denise

    Yes, the deal works! I went this morning to a Rite Aid in Southern NJ and got Airheads, Swedish Fish, Tootsie Pops, Skittles, and Starburst. I really wanted cowtail minis but it didn’t have a tag on it so I didn’t want to chance it. I did one transaction with two tester bags to make sure, and it worked so I went back for more. What a great way to stock up on Halloween candy!

  • tee

    can you use an up reward on this purchase and recieve another up reward?

    • Cindy

      Yes you can!

  • Sandy

    Bought the Jolly Rancher pops, tootsie roll pops, wintergreen lifesavers – 10 bags in all – rcvd $25.00 rewards back.
    At this point I’m hiding bags so hubby doesn’t know I went to Rite Aid – yet again!
    My church will be happy come the holidays as they will be receiving bags and bags for the needy.

  • Pamela K

    I used my up rewards from the Nivea lip and Crest Scope deal to pay for the candy to lower my out of pocket and I still got $5.00 reward for the candy. Loving this deal. I am going back for more. Cindy, I truely appreciate you, your time and effort you put into this website and ALL the LRWC readers who “test” various deal ideas and comment about it. Love you all.

    • Cindy

      Aww, thanks Pamela. That was sweet. We love you too! 🙂

  • Monica Kreuer

    Are these deals on the “Fun Size” bags of Starburst and Skittles? Thanks

  • esther

    i heard from other ppl that they store is taking away their UPs when printed. And RA is noted of this mystery, so they will stop soon. Anyone know if it’s still working as of this afternoon?

    • Lori

      still working @ 1:00.

  • shannon

    The mystery up reward is printing on MANY types of candy….airheads, blow pops, etc. and is ROLLING!!!!

  • Anna

    If you return the candy do you get to keep up rewards?.

    • Cindy

      You should let them know you received UP rewards so you are credited probably.

  • Melinda

    There is a coupon on smartsource.com for buy 1 get 1 free swedish fish. use zip code 78641

  • Josh


    Thanks for telling us of all these great deals. I have a big question for anyone familiar with riteaid policies.

    After I purchased 2 of the swedish fish I did indeed get $2 off, $2 off, $1 off. I than proceeded to purchase 2 skittles bags. She told me I could only use 1 of the $2 off because its duplicate telling me to save for next time.

    Should I of been able to use the 2 of the $2 off purchases in one order?

    If so, I will go back possibly tommorow if its confirmed working still and purchase more candy.

    Thanks again, hope someone knows the answer to this

    • Diane R

      You should have been able to use the $2 UPs. This afternoon I bought 22 bags of candy (at 4 different Rite Aids – all within 10 minutes from my house…. crazy, huh? ). I paid for the first 2 bags $5.00 plus tax and then just kept rolling the 1 -$1, and 2 – $2 UPS. So the only money I was out of pocket was the first $5.00 and then the tax on all the others. And of course I still have the $5 worth of UPS from the last 2 bags I bought! I know I could have use the $5/$25 RA coupon, but I really didn’t want to spend $20 out of pocket, so I am very please to have gotten all the candy for free (except for sales tax) even without it being a moneymaker. But what I am saying is that I went to 4 different RA stores and the cashiers at each store accepted all the UPs. None of them told me I couldn’t use all of them to keep the offer rolling.

  • Mel

    How long do UP Rewards last for? I’m about to go out of town – where there is no Rite Aid.. thanks!

    • Jean

      The up rewards take a couple of weeks to expire from when you receive them, but it’ll state right on the up reward extactly when it expires. The ones I received today state they expire on 10/23..so that’s 2 week + 1 day.

  • heidi

    mine are dated 10/23

  • Mel

    I just went – the $2 are no longer printing (boo).. so I got 12 bags (including 2 Swedish Fish BOGOs) for $16.22 OOP.

  • Mel

    Sorry – that’s with the $5 off $25,

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    I read that the deal was dead now. Apparently the $2 UP rewards should not have printed. Do you think they won’t honor all the $2 UP rewards that have already printed? I am going to be upset if they don’t. I definitely didn’t need to purchase the candy, but I did and I will find uses for it, I just want to be able to roll the UP rewards for other deals too 🙂

  • liz

    dead for me too.

  • Anonymous

    I didn’t read the posts from Friday afternoon and went yesterday. I spent almost $15 out of pocket and only got $6. So I paid $9.00