Rue La La: Michael Kors Tops Only $8.95 Shipped!

If you signed up for the free $20 from Rue La La, you might want to check your account.  Reader Erica let us know that the credits are showing up in the account.  And, you use your credit towards shipping.  Now shipping does seem to run around $9.95 but there are a couple of good deals that I see today (look under “Power Dressing”).

Calvin Klein Pencil Skirt, Rolled Pants, Pleated Button Down Shirt, Grammercy Pants & Rolled Button Down Shirt are all priced at $19 so with $9.95 shipping and your $20 discount, your final price would be $8.95 shipped for any of these items.

Michael Kors Leggings or Tops for $19 so $8.95 shipped after credit. (these are selling fast)

And, some nice looking ties, also priced at $19.

You can head over here to check it out.

Note: The site is running slow right now.

If you didn’t sign up, you have until 10/25 to get the credit.  Remember, that the credits take 48 hours to hit your account.

(Thanks Erica!)

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  • Sandy

    I didn’t see any tops for 8.95 The cheapest is 19.00, then you have to add 9.95 shipping.

    • Cindy

      I stated in the post that they are $19. With your shipping it comes to $28.95. Minus your credit of $20, your total will be $8.95 shipped.

  • Sandy

    why not be honest with your readers so they know that you are getting 10.00 for each time someone clicks the link.

    • Shannon


      Are you kidding me? First, get your facts straight – you don’t get $10 when someone clicks the link.
      Second, I think most of the readers here can read – they see clearly that there is a REFERRAL if someone purchases an Item, which will probably end up being a small portion of us.
      Third, I hope Cindy get $10,000 in referrals. Why would you care? She provides a service to us — are you paying to come here? You don’t have to click the link if you don’t like it !

      Lastly, Cindy has a disclosure – so maybe you should read it.

    • kathy T

      This site is a free site for all to search and get deals. I think this comment is inappropriate. It is almost as if you are attaching her for something you
      clearly misread. I am a frequent visitor to both this site and other savings blogs. These women work very hard at trying to get deals out to their readers. They have saved me lots of money this pass year and I appreciate their time and effort. Do you know how much time and work it takes to work a savings blog?They can work anywhere from 10 to 14 hours a day searching for deals. And even if they were compensated, don’t you think they should? It is their job, and we all like to get paid for our work.

    • Cindy

      Sandy, first of all, I do not post anything that I do not believe is a good deal. Second of all, I do not charge for this site. Not one cent. You can visit it for free and get, what I like to think, is a lot of information that will save you money. This information that I gather takes A LOT of time. Just ask my family. Are there occasions that something will benefit me monetarily? Yes. But, I’ve fully disclosed that in my disclosure statement which you can view below. Does that influence what I post? Never! I actually reject a TON of stuff that could be profitable to me however, my intent is to pass on the unbelievable savings to more and more readers and I can only do that if I am putting out content that is of value to them and not because of it’s monetary value to me. Are you getting a good deal here, I believe so or I would not have posted it. Do you have to click on my link? Absolutely not. Would I be happy if you got the deal somewhere else? Absolutely. Would you have known about the deal if it weren’t for this site? Possibly not.

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Thanks Cindy, I checked and my credit was there, I let my hubby pick out one of the ties in the mens dress clothes and got it for $8.95 shipped, not bad at all for a good quality tie!

  • Roseann

    None of these offers appear when I log into my account. It’s really weird.

    • Cindy

      Roseann, Which offers? The products or your $20?

  • Natalie

    Cindy, Worked for me 🙂 Thanks. I am a frequent reader of this blog and just wanted to say thank you !!

    • Cindy

      Natalie, thank you for saying thank you. I truly appreciate it 🙂

  • Susan

    When I think of all the money you have saved me over the past year or so it’s overwhelming! You deserve every penny you get from referrals plus one thousand times more! I’m sure you put in MANY hours on a daily basis. Thank you for all you do! Give yourself a HUGE pat on the back!

  • momxfour

    I love, love, love this site! It has saved me soooooo much money!! With four little ones I would never have the time to research all of these awsome deals!! I am glad you are getting $10 from when I order! Thanks Again!!

  • Emmy

    I am PURPOSELY going to order something JUST so Cindy will get the $10. Cindy has saved my family hundreds of dollars and I mean HUNDREDS. This site is what it is because of all the work she puts into it. Thanks Cindy and a big hug!