ShopRite: $5.00 Money Maker on NyQuil Sinex!

You all are going to be thanking reader Terri for finding you this nice little $5.00 money maker at ShopRite.

This week at ShopRite there is a NyQuil: Buy $15 get $5 catalina.  The first item of business is that it IS working on shelf price.  The second is that Terri found that the NyQuill Sinex ($5.49 shelf price) priced at $3.99 is also included in the deal even though it’s not pictured.  What makes this better then the others?  Well, how about a $4/1 coupon for NyQuil Sinex in the 10/10 PG insert.  Yep, this is one of those pay nothing and get a $5.00 catalina deals.  Woohoo!  See why we are thanking Terri 🙂

Here is your deal:

Buy 3 NyQuil Sinex (shelf price $5.49) $3.99
-(3)$4/1 NyQuil Sinex from the 10/10 PG insert & 9/26 PG (thanks Ted!)
Pay: $0
Get a $5.00 catalina

(Thank you Terri from all of us crazy ShopRite shoppers!)

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  • Susan

    Thank You for posting this. I was wondering if Sinex was included.

  • Emily T.

    Sweet! I wonder if it will print more than 1 in a single transaction! I’m pretty excited, lol.

  • msrossdaboss

    Thanks Terri for the footwork! Thanks Cindy for the post. Really dont need the NyQuil but the $5 ShopRite cash is really nice so glad I brought 6 papers this week.

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    I actually used the Sinex coupon on regular Nyquil and it worked just fine too, I am more likely to use the NyQuil then the Sinex anyway. Nice MM 🙂

  • Ted

    The coupon is in the 9/26 PG insert. Thankfully I have 3 of those and hopefully they have it at my store for 3.99. I’m keeping my fingers crossed this afternoon.

    • Ted

      I meant to say it’s also in the 9/26 PG insert.

      • Cindy

        oh nice. I didn’t realize that. Thanks Ted!

      • Terri

        Thanks, Ted! I didn’t even realize they were also in the 9/26.

  • Kari

    Nice! My sinuses have been bothering me but i have been waiting for a good deal before I bought anything : ) Thanks for the great tip!!

  • David

    Hello all. I am new to this site and I have been seeing some great deals for Shoprite. Where I live we dont’ have a shop rite, we have Price Rite which I believe is owned by Shoprite. Does anyone know if the coupons for Shoprite work for price rite?

    • Kari

      Unfortunately i don’t think Price Rite accepts coupons – the one near me doesn’t anyway.

  • Bree

    ***Little dance***
    Go Terry! Go Ted! Go Terry! Go Ted!

    Lol, Cindy you do have to be a little crazy to shop at SR. Now, is there a limit to how many Catalinas you can get per transaction? For example, can I do Smart Ones, Sinex, and P&G all in one transaction or should I seperate them [and drive my cashier insane]?

    • Cindy

      LOL! I have always been able to do different catalinas at once with no problem.

  • Ueen

    The Sinex is also working at Rite Aid even if it isn’t pictured in the flyer. They are priced at 4.99 get 1.50UPR. No limit on the UPR. I used up all my Sinex Q at Rite Aid so no $5 Cat from SR for me.

    • Tina

      OoOo!!! Money maker at Rite Aid or money maker at ShopRite.. Tough call!

  • Ted

    Just got back and the regular Nyquil worked for me as well as my store didn’t seem to stock the Sinex. I’ve noticed my Walgreens didn’t stock it either, must be hard to get in Delaware.

    I got one of the DayQuils, but they didn’t have it in their system and I was afraid the catalina wouldn’t print if they had to enter it manually so I went back and got another Nyquil.

  • Alaya

    Can you double up on this deal in one transaction?

  • Rupa

    I am New Jersey. Went to Woodbridge Shoprite (worst SR ever) only cause I work close to it. They didn’t stock it, so I bought 3 Nyquils since i read that it works. The cashier would not let me use it. Was a pain…i’ll have to try another SR. Thanks for the deal though! It’s a good one!

  • Crystal

    I have a question…for something like this if they are all out can you get a rain check and will you still get the catalina?

  • Christine

    My SR (W. Caldwell) didn’t have it, I didn’t even see a shelf tag for it. I was kinda bummed b/c I would have liked to try the product & get that deal!

  • Ted

    Did the deal in another transaction a 2nd time and all my coupons went through, but when I went to pay it says it needed approval from clerk. The girl gave a pissed off look and checked the coupon box to make sure all the coupons were in there, then she stood for a minute looking at my transaction and said something about it being $3.99 and my coupon being $4. I didn’t say anything and she stood there for another minute, sighed and said go ahead.

    Not sure why it went through so smoothly the first time, but not this time. Maybe their system knew that I already got the deal? Happy I got it again though.

  • annmarie

    Woo hoo! so glad I had 6 papers this week! I used my 2-$5 cats to purchase the huge 8″ mums that were 3 for $10! Free mums for me! I had been waiting to get a good price on mums…nothing beats FREE!! PS. The first SR had only 1 Sinex left, so I tried to do the deal with nyquil and was rejected. Second SR allowed me to do it (twice) with Nyquil (no sinex in sight!).

  • Anonymous

    Still wondering if anyone bought 6 at one time and got 2 cats

  • Still wondering if anyone bought 6 in one transaction and got 2 cats

    • Stefani

      I think the flyer says limit one offer and some Shoprites only take up to 4 like coupons. So do 2 transactions to be safe especially since you can’t make a case with CS for the missing catalina if it doesn’t print.

    • Stacey

      Probably not because Shoprite usually only lets you use 4 like coupons in the same transaction… so you would have to pay for 2 of the 6 you purchase.

  • steph

    thank you thank you thank you!
    also, if you don’t need that much medicine, donate it to a food pantry. i know some good ones if you need info!
    love your site cindy.
    i tell people about it ALLLLLLLLLLLLLLL THE TIME.
    keep up the good work.
    and thanks everyone else for contributing!

  • Jessica

    Thanks! I had the 10/10 coupons for Rite Aid but they were out of stock. I didn’t know there were 9/26 coupons too! I brought 6 coupons to Shoprite but had to do it in 2 transactions since they only accept 4 coupons for the same product at a time.
    I still have 2 coupons left, hopefully Rite Aid has restocked when I go back tonight!

  • Tom

    I just used the coupons on a dayquil and nyquil priced at $3.99, since the Sinex isn’t stocked. It worked at the Shoprite in East Brunswick. It also took off the full $4.00. So awesome =)

  • Bree

    Worked for me too! They only had the Sinex daytime (orange box) so I got 2 of those and 1 Nyquil (looks the same but blue box) – everything went through with no beeping. I only had 3 coupons therefore only did the deal once. Nice MM!