ShopRite Additions Plus New Printable Shopping List Feature!

Here are some additions to the ShopRite deals this week.  Plus this gives me the opportunity to test and have you try out the new shopping list print feature that I’m so excited about.

You will see that there are check boxes next to each product now.  If you want to put that on your shopping list, you simply click the box and it will appear on your shopping list.  The shopping list is on the bottom right side of your screen and will pop up as you add items to it.  The items will stay in your shopping list only while you are on that page.  If you navigate to another page the list empties.  When you have checked all of the items you want, then hit the print button and your shopping list will print out for you.

Let me know how you like it and how it works for you.  There will be some adjustments and changes made as this was just installed last night.


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  • Yesenia

    Cindy, I LOVE the new shopping list feature! When I read your matchups I usually just copy and paste the whole list into Notepad and from there I edit the list to fit my needs and print it. This feature just makes it so much easier to compile the list….just click and print. Very convenient! I also like how it fades out the items Ive checked – makes it easier to wade through the list and see what items I may have missed. Maybe it’s just me, but this format also looks a little cleaner. Thanks for testing this out! I hope it becomes a permanent feature on the site. 🙂

  • James

    Wow… Cindy; I like it. You have already done so much to make my shopping experience easier and cheaper and now the new shopping list feature is a sweet topping. Well done, well done. √☺

  • Bree

    Love it! Like everyone else, I just copy and paste deals from the list into Word – so this just makes it SO much easier! Thanks!!

  • Julie

    I love it, too! I do the same as those above, copy and paste, and then edit from there! This makes it VERY easy!

  • Kelly

    Wow, that is so neat! Thanks! I always liked the fact that you could edit your list by deleting the items from the page but this is SO much faster!

  • bliss

    I love it ,I also would copy, paste, and print my shopping on Microsoft word. this is much EASIER.

  • kandle

    Let me add to the LOVE IT group.

    Also, I have a question about the Bridgford Easy Bake Dough coupon, what zip code is working for it? or am I just blind ( a possiblity)?

    • Cindy

      Possibly the Bridgford is gone as a whole bunch switched over. I’ll check it and see if I see it. I did find it at 07039 at the time.