ShopRite Brand Catalina Deal Starting Sunday!

I’m excited for a possible great deal at ShopRite starting on Sunday.  We may be able to score some Free or super cheap ShopRite brand health and beauty care items.  They had a similar deal back in May and I was able to score some super cheap Multi Vitamins.  Here is the deal:

It’s a catalina deal for buy $20 in ShopRite Brand Health and Beauty Care products and get a $10 catalina.  Last time it worked on the shelf price and I’m hoping for it to be the same this time.  What we will need to look for are items that are 50% off.  Right now, in the ad, I’m seeing ShopRite Allergy Relief at more then 50% off which would wind up being free.  The vitamins are priced at 40% off so you could wind up scoring $20 worth of vitamins for only $2.00 after the catalina.

Here is a deal with the ShopRite Allergy Relief:

Buy 2 ShopRite Allergy Relief ($12.99) $4.99
Pay: $9.98
Get a $10 catalina
free after catalina

Here is a Vitamin Deal:

Buy 5 ShopRite Vitamin D ($4.39) $2.63
Pay: $13.15
Get a $10 catalina
$0.63 each after catalina

We will have to keep our eye out on this one and see what kind of deals we can find.  When you are shopping, starting on Sunday, make sure to watch the shelf tags on any ShopRite brand health and beauty care products.

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  • nancy

    do you know whether coq10 is included in the deal? i usually buy it at cvs/riteaid, but it will be much much cheaper if it works in this deal.

    • Cindy

      It’s all ShopRite brands so if they coq10 comes in a ShopRite brand it should be included in the deal.

  • nancy

    thank you, yes, i meant shotrite brand coq10, i don’t mind taking store brand as long as it is much cheaper than big brands.

  • Pat C

    there are a few exclusions with the vitamins

    ShopRite Vitamins

    30 to 500-ct. btl. Select Varieties (excluding 180-ct. Fish Oil, 1200 mg, Gluousamine Triple Strength, 400-ct. Calcium + D, 250-ct. Calcium 600mg + D or 500-ct. Complete Vitamin Formula) 40% OFF Regular Prices $2.99 to $29.99 ea.

    ShopRite Sale Prices $1.79 to $17.99 EA.

    • Cindy

      Thanks Pat. Do you think they mean excluded from the 40% off or excluded from the catalina deal or both? I was staring at that trying to figure it out but I didn’t come to a conclusion. Thought maybe we would know better once the sale starts. That’s for the update!

      • Bree

        I’m thinking that they’re still eligible/part of the catalina, just not the sale. I know there are certain kinds of vitamins that almost never go on sale. Last time SR vitamins were on sale, it didn’t include fish oil either – I remember checking. Now if there was a catalina going on then, I’m not too sure.

        It’ll be interesting to see how this works out!

  • crissy

    The ad says spend $20 and get $10 catalina. I’m confused by you math. Am I missing something?

    • Cindy

      Crissy, it’s based on the shelf price of the item

  • Aileen

    SR Antiseptic Mouthwash ($2.99) $0.99 (Limit 4 per variety)
    Buy 7, pay $6.93
    Shelf price – $20.93

  • denise

    Let’s hope this catalina rolls like it did a while back!!!!

  • Ruth

    I got several bottles of Fish Oil for an elderly woman that I provide shopping services for, the good deal was on the Omega 3 Fish Oil 850 mg that was originally 12.99 but it is on sale for 6.50. I’m going back and trying it on the shelf price and pay cash just in case it doesn’t work so the return process will be easier.

    • Cindy

      Ruth it works on shelf price. I did the deal and posted it. Bought 2 and got the catalina