ShopRite Brand Catalina Deal Update Again!

I’m trying to give you an update on this catalina deal that is going on at ShopRite this week.  It’s the buy $20 get $10 catalina when you buy ShopRite Brand Health and Beauty Care products.  Yesterday I had a successful run purchasing ShopRite brand fish oil which was on a “Special Value” mark down.  It was priced at $12.99 and on a price plus deduction for $6.49. A lot of you have tried the vitamins which are 40% off and have been unsuccessful trying to do the deal on the shelf price.

So, what I can gather, so far, is that this is working on Pre-Price plus price only.  So, the price that rings up before the deduction of your price plus card.  That would also include anything marked with the green & black “Special Value” tags (like the fish oil was). It is not working on straight sale items such as the vitamins marked at 40% off or the half price sale items like the allergy medicine.

Now, there are not that many products that will fall under that category for this sale.  Here are some that I see so far:

  • ShopRite Rubbing Alcohol ($0.88) $0.66
  • ShopRite Hair Detangler ($1.49) $1.00
  • ShopRite B Complex with C ($8.79) $4.39
  • ShopRite Mouthwash ($1.74) $0.99
  • ShopRite Toothbrush ($0.88) $0.38
  • ShopRite Toothbrush ($1.29) $0.79
  • ShopRite Dental Floss ($1.29) $0.79

Deal Idea:
Buy 4 ShopRite Mouthwash ($1.74) $0.99
Buy 4 ShopRite Toothbrush ($1.29) $0.79
Buy 4 ShopRite Dental Floss ($1.29) $0.79
Buy 4 ShopRite Rubbing Alcohol ($0.88) $0.66

Pay: $12.92
Get a $10 Catalina
$2.92 for everything after catalina

Also, the ShopRite Vitamins are all 40% off this week and are only working on the sale price of the vitamins (after the 40% discount).  So, if you need vitamins, this is still a really great deal and one that you shouldn’t pass up.  And, don’t forget to look for the Fish Oil deal that I was able to get. That was a really great price.

Let us know what worked for you.

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