ShopRite Brand Catalina Deal Update Again!

I’m trying to give you an update on this catalina deal that is going on at ShopRite this week.  It’s the buy $20 get $10 catalina when you buy ShopRite Brand Health and Beauty Care products.  Yesterday I had a successful run purchasing ShopRite brand fish oil which was on a “Special Value” mark down.  It was priced at $12.99 and on a price plus deduction for $6.49. A lot of you have tried the vitamins which are 40% off and have been unsuccessful trying to do the deal on the shelf price.

So, what I can gather, so far, is that this is working on Pre-Price plus price only.  So, the price that rings up before the deduction of your price plus card.  That would also include anything marked with the green & black “Special Value” tags (like the fish oil was). It is not working on straight sale items such as the vitamins marked at 40% off or the half price sale items like the allergy medicine.

Now, there are not that many products that will fall under that category for this sale.  Here are some that I see so far:

  • ShopRite Rubbing Alcohol ($0.88) $0.66
  • ShopRite Hair Detangler ($1.49) $1.00
  • ShopRite B Complex with C ($8.79) $4.39
  • ShopRite Mouthwash ($1.74) $0.99
  • ShopRite Toothbrush ($0.88) $0.38
  • ShopRite Toothbrush ($1.29) $0.79
  • ShopRite Dental Floss ($1.29) $0.79

Deal Idea:
Buy 4 ShopRite Mouthwash ($1.74) $0.99
Buy 4 ShopRite Toothbrush ($1.29) $0.79
Buy 4 ShopRite Dental Floss ($1.29) $0.79
Buy 4 ShopRite Rubbing Alcohol ($0.88) $0.66

Pay: $12.92
Get a $10 Catalina
$2.92 for everything after catalina

Also, the ShopRite Vitamins are all 40% off this week and are only working on the sale price of the vitamins (after the 40% discount).  So, if you need vitamins, this is still a really great deal and one that you shouldn’t pass up.  And, don’t forget to look for the Fish Oil deal that I was able to get. That was a really great price.

Let us know what worked for you.

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  • nancy

    I’m not sure whether the price shoprite toothbrushes are limit 4 per variety, and whether they have more than 1 variety of the toothbrsh, anyway, if you could score 8 shoprite toothbrshes for 0.88/0.38 each, you can buy

    1 SR Omega 3 Fish Oil 850mg 60 ct ($12.99) $6.49
    8 ShopRite Toothbrush ($0.88) $0.38
    1 filler 50 cents
    =20.03/9.53 + 0.50 + 0.18 taxes = 10.21 – 10 cat = 0.21oop

    or nbthe follwoing
    1 SR Omega 3 Fish Oil 850mg 60 ct ($12.99) $6.49
    1 ShopRite B Complex with C ($8.79) $4.39
    =21.78/10.88 – 10cat = 0.88

  • staceypunk

    Thanks Cindy! This is so helpful. Can I get more than 4 mouthwashes if they are different varieties?

    • Cindy

      Usually it’s 4 per variety so as long as you buy different flavors you should be fine

  • Diane

    I bought 2 60 tablet allergy meds and 1 30 tablet the total came to $ 21.00 and change. I got the 10.00 off cat. The 60’s rang up for $ 8.00 and change and the 30 rang up for 4.99 ( these were all half off) even though it was not off the shelf price , it still was a bargin. Getting 150 allergy tablets for 11.00 and change is a pretty good deal. Zertec is 18.00 for 30 tablets when on sale.

  • andy

    Loratidine is not on sale, only cetirizine

  • Mary

    I bought:
    4 mouthwash ($1.74) .99
    4 Shampoos (on sale for $2.49) (my niece actually uses only this shampoo, so great buy for me!)
    3 Toothbrushes ($1.29) .79
    Used my$10 catalina from last week and paid $6.29 OOP plus tax.
    Received $10 catalina and repeated the deal — the catalina rolled.
    So, 8 mouthwash, 8 shampoos and 6 toothbrushes for about $14!

  • Pamela K

    I bought 12 mouthwash yesterday (3 different varieties). The total was $12.71. I used my $10 gift card from a swiffer sweeper deal from a few months ago and paid $2.71 OOP, and received $10 catalina. I have a big household and we go through mouthwash like crazy so i will repeat this deal today.

  • I stocked up on the 40-percent-off vitamins. Didn’t even think about adding up the pre-discount prices, for some reason, but it looks as though that wouldn’t have worked anyway. It was still a great deal!