ShopRite: Free Bailey’s Coffee Creamer on 10/17 – Print Your Coupon Now!

This is an official heads up…you better print your coupon now post.  Do I have your attention?  {tap tap tap}  Is this thing working?

Starting on Sunday, Bailey’s Coffee Creamer will be on sale for $0.99 at ShopRite.  There is a $1/1 Bailey’s Coffee Creamer printable coupon available. So, if you haven’t printed it already, you might want to because, we all know how this might turn out.  Match ups go up on Saturday and coupon is bye bye.  So head over here to print your coupon. Found at zip code: 07039.

Over and out 🙂

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  • Ueen

    Oh wow!!!!….. Free international delight last week, free coffe mate this week, and free baileys next week? Wohooooo….. 😉

    • Terri

      Do you think we can freeze it all?

      • MJ

        Probably can freeze it. I would test one before freezing multiples. Like freeze one for a couple of days, thaw it out and try it.

        These non-dairy creamers typically do have a pretty long shelf life though.

  • Do you have any idea how much you ROCK?!!!! {MWAH}


    • Cindy

      Tell that to my kids 🙂

  • MaryKay

    Thanks Cindy!!!!! I always miss these and my kids go through the creamers like there is tomorrow 🙂