ShopRite: Free Rubbermaid Reveal Pad Refills!

If you still have the $5/1 Rubbermaid Reveal Coupons left after the big sale at ShopRite last week, you will still be able to pick up some of the Refill Pad for free this week.  Reader Tricia let me know that they are on sale for $4.99, so free after coupon.

And, if you are a fan over on the LRWC Facebook page you would have heard me raving about my new mop.  I don’t know about you, but I am loving it.  It’s so easy to use and you can use water, vinegar or any cleaner.  And, you just throw these pads in the wash.  I haven’t washed it yet and as a matter of fact, I just threw it in the wash today, so I don’t know how they wash.   I’m concerned about it being able to stay on the mop.  Sometimes that velcro like stuff gets funny when you wash it. Has anyone tried washing them yet?

Anyhoo, here is your deal at ShopRite:

Buy Rubbermaid Reveal Refill Pads $4.99
use $5/1 Rubbermaid Reveal Cleaning Product, exp. 11-19-10 (SS 09/19/10)
Free after coupon

(Thanks Tricia!)

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  • Bernell Holmes

    My Shoprite didn’t have anymore last week, so I got two rainchecks, one for the mop and the other for the pads! When they looked up the price for the pads, they showed being $2.99!!!!!!!!
    So I will be going back to get these items this week!!!

  • Candice

    Me too and I ordered more coupons from ebay! I cant wait to get them!! YEAH!!

  • becky b

    Hey I had a House Party and got this mop free through them! I love it! My pads looked good after I washed them and stick on the mop just as good!

  • Bernell Holmes

    Thanks Becky for that idea!!!
    We use the swifter jet now, and I’m really looking forward to something new!

  • Jenny

    I got a mop and 4 pads last week at shoprite. The lady didnt mark down my coupons and I used 5-5 off coupons. I actually made 3.00 on the deal!

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Is this only for hardwood floors?

    • Cindy

      I have tile floor and it’s great on them. You can put in any cleaner you want. Water, vinegar..doesn’t matter. I mixed a little vinegar with water to clean my tile floors.

  • Susan C. in NY

    I too got these at SR last week. Used it a few days ago and it’s great–the mist it sprays is a really fine mist. I did wash the pad, but b/c I got a few extra pads I haven’t tried to use the first one again yet. I air dried mine, but the directions say you can dry them in the dryer, but not to use fabric softener sheets (or in the washer either). I think fabric softener tends to put a coating on the fibers and then it may not work as well.

  • Bree

    These were marked $2.99 at my store [as were they last week as well] so I scooped up 4 more and got the overage!

    I picked up a few mops last week so I gave one to a friend and she says she loves it and has washed the pad once already – it works just as well as it did the first time. She let hers air dry which I think I will do as well. Like Cindy, she also mentioned how cost effective it is because she can mix her own cleaner without buying the pre-mixed ones which can be a little pricey.