ShopRite: Nature Valley Granola Bars Money Maker!

Reader Marisa sent me her shopping trip to ShopRite but I pulled out the one thing that caught my eye.  An awesome deal on Nature Valley Granola bars.

Now, there is a catalina deal (which I was getting ready to update the catalina list) on the Nature Valley.  Here is the deal:

Nature Valley or Fiber One Bars
ends 10/31/10
Buy 3 Get a $1.50 Catalina
Buy 4 Get a $2.50 Catalina
Buy 5 Get a $3.50 Catalina

Well, guess what.  Marissa bought the 5 individual bars at $0.25 each and a $3.50 catalina printed.  Woohoo!!  She found these in a basket by checkout but you’ll have to look around your store.  Here was her deal:

Buy 5 Nature Valley Granola Bars, single serve $0.25 each
Pay: $1.25
get a $3.50 catalina
Free + $2.25 Money Maker

Also, make sure to check back later today as I will be updating the catalina list.

(Thanks Marissa!)

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  • Ueen

    Wohooooo 🙂
    shoprite, here I come. Thanks Marissa and Cindy.

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Looks like I am making another trip to Shoprite, had to go there to pick up the cheap Pierogies anyway 🙂

  • Jason

    Is this unlimited? Can I buy 15 and get 3 cats?

    • Cindy

      Really don’t know at this time.

      • marisa

        no, you cant I tried 10 and it only printed out 1 3.50 cat

  • cheryl

    WOW… Thanks .. I’m going back to look! 🙂

  • Silvia

    Checked both my SR and S&S and none anywhere to be had.

  • John

    Checked 2 SR and none were available.

  • Ueen

    none in mine as well

  • lily

    Where can i find this? Which aisle?

  • liz

    couldn’t find any either.

  • Cindy

    I couldn’t find it either. Looked everywhere tonight. So bummed. My ShopRite has a bistro area and I thought maybe they would be in there for people to come in at lunch and buy a single bar but I came up empty. So sad 🙁

  • Janet

    Looked in 2 ShopRites and couldn’t find these. Looked in the checkout areas, snack bars isles, and energy bar areas. Thanks anyway.

  • Roseann

    Has anyone been able to find these in the South Jersey area? I looked at 2 Shoprites (Medford and Cherry Hill) and neither had these. If anyone finds them please post.