ShopRite: Rubbermaid Reveal Mop & 3 Refills for $1.96!

This deal at ShopRite will depend how your Shoprite handles overage.  I had posted match ups for this week on the Rubbermaid Reveal Mop & Refill.  There is a $5.00 coupon that is good on the Mop & the Refill Pad.  But, it seems that it is giving the overage on the Refills Pads.  So, if your store does not adjust the coupon down, you can do this deal to score 1 mop and 4 pad for $1.96.  Here is the deal:

Buy 1 Rubbermaid Reveal Mop $9.99
Buy 3 Rubbermaid Reveal Refill Pad $3.99 each

-(4)$5/1 Rubbermaid Reveal Cleaning Product, exp. 11-19-10 (SS 09/19/10)
$0.49 each or $1.96 for all products after coupons

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  • Bree

    That really is a phenominal deal but I only have 1 coupon! :o(

  • Bree

    Lol I’m not sure why I’m smiling – that was supposed to be a sad face

  • mandee

    I got 2 mops and 2 refils for $11 after hunting it down for 2 hrs!!! I found them at a shoprite I dont like to go to because the front end girl is very RUDE and NASTY because she hates getting off her butt to use her over ride when ppl have a lot of coupons but anyway they had the refills for $2.99 so I got 2 mops 2 refills would have been $26 after 3 coupons it was 11 did u know that if u buy 2 of the refills the reg will take off the full $5 coupon with out beeping! that was nice due to I was going to get 2 anyway so in a way I got the refills 2/$1 not bad

  • Anita A.

    Really makes me wish i lived in an area with a ShopRite. 🙁

  • Ilona

    I had 7 coupons and bought today in 2 transactions 2 mops and 5 refills for -0.07!! Just paid taxes!

  • Bridget

    Just saw this while shopping yesterday. I was hoping thre was a deal! 🙂

  • Bree

    Don’t know if this helps anyone but eBay has some Rubbermaid Reveal coupons!

  • Edith Pufahl

    Where did everyone find the coupon for the Reveal mop?? I can’t find it :o(

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know where to find the coupon for Rubbermaid mop?

    • Bree

      It was the 9/19 issue of SmartSource [I believe Rubbermaid had a full page with a mop on it]! If you don’t have that SS you can buy them on eBay too.

  • Christine

    That was a great score! I got 1 mop and 2 refills for $3. $32 retail for $3….THANK YOU, CINDY!

    • Cindy

      your welcome! 🙂

      • Christine S.

        Jessica, you’re right, the pads were 2.99, so I got all 3 for .97! Even better!

  • Jessica

    wahoo! I bought 1 mop (9.99) and 2 pads (2.99 each) and used 3 coupons. Thats .97 for all three!

  • The mop rang up 29.99 and had $10.00 off so 19.99. I went to courtesy and they immediately refunded the money, so I can assume that they knew about the error and didn’t bother to fix it. Check your receipts