Sometimes It’s More Then Just A Free Sample!

Sometimes people ask if it’s worth signing up for all these freebies and coupons.  Well, sometimes you get more then you thought.  When Maria signed up for the Annie’s Free Picnic Guide that I posted back in February, she wound up with an entire case of Annies Mac & Cheese.  What do ya think of that?  Here is what Maria said.

Back in February you posted a Free Picnic Guide and $15 worth of coupon offer from Annie’s. I participated and must have also joined
their Expert Panel.

About a month ago I received this email below. I love to give my opinions and was a little wary about receiving the case of mac and cheese they mentioned. I filled out the survey and today UPS delivered the box of 12 Annie’s Mac and Cheese. It was a nice surprise. Thank you for your postings, you will never know how much you have helped me through a really rough time in my life.

Here is the email I receive:
Thank you for agreeing to participate in surveys about the Annie’s brand. We are delighted to have you on our “Expert Panel.”

We would love your participation in a survey designed help us better understand the needs and preferences of our customers, including your opinion about some of our competitors. This survey is longer and more detailed than our typical survey; we estimate that it will take about
30-40 minutes to complete.

To show our appreciation, if you complete the survey, we will send you a FREE case of Annie’s mac ‘n’ cheese. You will also be entered automatically into a drawing for ONE of FOUR $50 gift certificates.

So, look at that.  You just never know.  I know I was surprised to receive a sleeve of Green Mountain K Cups and a travel mug when I signed up for that freebie.  Have you been surprised by the freebies or coupons you received?

(Thanks for sharing Maria!)

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  • Katie

    That’s awesome Maria!

  • jaclyn

    that was waiting for me yesterday as well. What a great surprise for 10 minutes filling out a survey.

  • kelly h.

    i also received the green mtn freebie–i was sooo excited to get a 12oz bag of coffee (and mug!) for FREE! my husband gets a good laugh at the random (usually small) samples that show up in the mail, but he was impressed with that one.

    from time to time there are some great full-size offers, and truthfully, if they are good products, it makes me all the more likely to buy them in the future, since i’ve had a REAL try-out for the product. that happened with Simple Green–they sent a full size dilution bottle, enough concentrate to fill it up, and high-value coupon. and now i’m a loyal purchaser, even now that the coupon is long gone.

  • Caryn

    Thats great! I joined Krafts First Taste program & couldnt believe how many free product coupons have come my way.

  • I was also surprised to receive the coffee mug with the green mnt sample (I probably just didn’t read the thing fully to realize it was coming)

  • Chastidy Buttram

    I am sooo enjoying my new hobby of couponing and collecting freebies! With 4 kids and living on my husband’s salary only we really have to pinch pennies! In the past month I have received boxes of Hamburger Helper, cereal bars, formula, pullups, toothpaste and shampoo samples, personal products, dish and laundry soap, a free bottle of Advil, free box of wet wipes, free coke products from Murphy Gas, etc. One of the best freebies I have gotten so far have been the $20 Shick Razor kit Fed Ex’d to me. I have also been able to get some really cheap diaper deals from Amazon and Rite Aid, and got some other free stuff with ECB and UP rewards at my local drug stores (Rite AId and CVS). I didn’t know these offers existed until I got on Facebook and started seeing all these savings groups. I don’t know why I didn’t start this sooner!

  • Patti

    HOLY COW!!! That’s sooo awesome!!

  • kat

    I was impressed with the Strivectin sample…so many samples I receive are really not worth the postage to send them. It is nice to get enough of a product so that you can decide if you would purchase it.
    I love your site…it has really helped these past few months as we navigate the world of disability and unemployment. Thank you for your time and effort.

  • meredith

    i received the green mtn. freebie travel mug and bag of coffee. i was soooo excited! i receive lots of samples, but that was one of my favorites. i also won one of the right home giveaways and got 2 full size boxes of ziploc baggies and a full size box of the ziploc containers. talk about excited…i was ecstatic!!!

  • Kari

    I too was very excited with the green mountain coffee. I got 4 k-cups and the mug. Your site is the best! Thank you for all your hard work and dedication.

  • Paula

    I signed up for the “She Speaks” site a while back as you had suggested. About a month ago I filled out a survey that took less than 10 minutes. Well what do you know, two weeks ago I received an email saying “thank you for filling out the survey, here’s a $10 Amazon credit to use towards anything you’d like.”

    I wasn’t expecting anything, and that really made my day. I, as I’m sure many of you on here, love Amazon! I will probably wait until the next k-cup deal comes around and use it towards that!

  • Miranda

    I got the grn mtn coffee and was so excited. The best things I’ve gotten in the mail are from California Innovations. We bought their diaper bag at Babies R Us (at 50% off). And I went to their website to get a picture for my blog review and somehow ended up taking an online survey about the quality of their product. Since then I’ve received a full sized insulated lunch bag with sandwich container and this weekend got a $20 gift card to babies r us. Just for taking a short survey online about their diaper bag!!!!! It’s amazing what you can get from companies, and it doesn’t take much time or effort!!