Walgreens Deals 10/17 – 10/23

Thanks to Coupon STL for this weeks match ups. To learn how to shop at Walgreens check out the beginners section.

Make sure you print a copy of the new Walgreens Coupon Policy and have it with you when you shop.

Mucinex Nasal Spray – $7.99
Get a $8 Register Reward (Reckitt Benckiser)
Free after Register Reward

Blistex Medicated Lip Ointment (.21 oz) – $2.59
Get  a $2.59 Register Reward (Blistex)
free after Register Reward

Nivea Body Wash (8.4-16.9 oz) – 2/$5
$3 off Nivea For Men – 10/17/10 RP
or $3 off 2 Nivea Body Wash printable coupon
or $2 off 2 Nivea Body Wash for Women – 10/17/10 RP
as low as Free after coupons

Ricola Drops (19-24 ct) – $1 (buy 2)
buy 2 and use $1 off 2 – 10/17/10 SS
and use .50 coupon in Walgreens October Coupon Book
Free after coupons

B1G1 Coffee-Mate Liquid (16 oz) – $2.69
buy 2 and use (2) $1.50 off Coffee-Mate printable coupon
or buy 2 and use (2) .75 off Coffee-Mate printable coupon
as low as free after coupons

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  • Hulet

    There are still WAGs stores out there that are giving people a hard time about using coupons that exceed the sales price. On the Coffee Mate, if you don’t want the hassle, use 1 $1.50 coupon and 1 $.75 coupon and it’s still a pretty good deal, 2 for $.49

  • Chad

    well if you are having a problem still just print out their coupon policy they have on their website now. it clearlu states they can be more than the item, just that they have to round the coupon down to the item price.

    • Hulet

      The problem is that the coupon policy also states that up to two coupons can be used on a BOGO promotion, as long as the net price does not go below zero. This implies that the coupons don’t have to be accepted for BOGO deals if they do drop the price below zero. Regional customer relations for my area says this gives store managers some wiggle room – sure, they can adjust the coupons in this case if they want to, but at least in southwestern VA, they’re leaving it up to the individual stores in these cases.

  • Maria

    Just wanted to warn you guys that Walgreens might be updating their policy on coupon use….I went into my local Walgreens to take advantage of some freebies by using a manufacture coupon and earning Register Rewards (yes, I had more items than coupons/RR)…to my surprise, the cashier said they are no longer accepting manf Qs in conjunction with earning RR. All the cashiers confirmed this and they even had a printed sign on the register, you have to choose either using manf Q or earning the RR. I had to void out the whole transaction..seems so bogus.

  • Anonymous

    Absolutely true! I was never able to use my $8 ducolax coupon because it always exceeded the price of the 7 day bottle 🙁 They didn’t care what their coupon policy said, they said they weren’t allowed to tamper with the amounts as this would be fraud.

  • connie

    well, if it’s too much of a hassle, then rite aid and other stores (who will adjust coupons down) will get all of our business!!! Too bad for Walgreens.

  • Renee

    The two Walgreens near me don’t easily adjust coupons either. I think it is the cashiers that just don’t know how to adjust the coupon. I don’t even try anymore cause I know the situation.

  • Chad

    If you want to do the Nivea deal just buy four bottles of mens and 2 bottles of womens, give them 4 mens coupons ( 3.00 off 1 ) and 1 of the womens’ ( 3.00 off 2) and your bill will be 15 plus tax and you have 15.00 of coupons so it will not beep at you. You end up just paying the tax which is Florida here it was 1.04 for 6 bottles…

  • lisa

    I just had the same thing happen at Walgreens on Saturday with a coupon that exceeded the price. I’ve had it happen at CVS also – just recently with $2.00 Tylenol Precise coupons. They wouldn’t take the second one. I don’t feel comfortable getting into it with them, so I let it drop. It would be great to get the deals as written here, but I often don’t make out quite as well. I do save more than I used to so I’ll take it! I may have to start printing those policies to whip out. Be nice if the employees knew them.

  • Christine

    I bought 3 of the puffs tissues, q to clip on the front cover of the circular, handed them 3 $1 off q’s from 9/26 P&G-which made them free. The cashier made a huge deal, as if I was taking the money from his pocket. Anyway, no beeps, everything went through just fine, so I asked him to give me my change, as the huge long line was forming.

    I also grabbed the Nivea 1 mens/ 2 women’s used the 2 q’s no problems. AND I bought the blistex, no q, but I did get the rr’s back.

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