What’s In Your Mailbox?

Woohoo!  Homerun baby.  Look at what I scored today in my mailbox.  Can you even take the awesomeness.  Cause ALL.OF.THIS.WAS.FREE.  Yes, so if you are wondering if clicking all those silly links is worth your time.  Take a look and you decide.  Here is what arrived.

So, what was in your mailbox?  Any good freebies?

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  • Bobbi

    I positively love getting my mail these days!!!! I no longer have debt, so the bills are far and few between and I get little surpises almost every day!!!! Thanks for all that you do to help all of us other ladies get these great deals and freebies!!!!

  • Melanie Burns

    In my mailbox today was:

    Wisk Detergent
    Crest tooth paste
    coupon for a free bottle of Aleve
    samples of Clarin lipstick
    wood working magazine!!

  • I had a great mail day too! I got:

    Full bottle of Olay Cleanser (from an Allure giveaway)
    Coupon for full bottle of Advil
    Coupon for a free panty from VS
    Gucci Guilty sample
    Crest Pro-Health For Me from VocalPoints
    Coupon for Axe detailer and shower gel

    Think that’s it, oh and I picked up the cottenelle wipes at the store with my coupon for that too! 🙂

    • Kristina C

      Laura- Did you get an email letting you know that the Olay was being shipped, or was it a total surprise? I got 3 things from Allure so far, but I was notified by the manufacturer that they were on the way… I was wondering if those emails were at the manfacturers discretion, or required by Allure. Basically, I am wondering if I will get more surprises!

      • I didn’t get anything email-wise, that I know of (I get quite a bit of spam…:/). I am not even sure it was Allure LOL. I am guessing it is as I don’t recall anything else for a free full size Olay item though.

        • Anita A.

          Laura – I got the Olay today, too. I had no clue where it was from. It was a total surprise to me. At least now i *might* know. lol

          • Kristina C

            I got the Olay today. I think it was a shoptext offer. It’s not listed as an allure item.

  • Diane

    I got my disney mag. , the free advil coupon , the cottonelle coupon ( not today but this week :)) i love opening my mail now too!

  • Michele Oliver

    VS free panty coupon
    Mountain Dew wristband bracelet
    PaperMate giveaway from Blog Neighbors:
    Notecards & envelopes
    Cute little bag
    Plastic zip Pen/Pencil Pouch
    3 colored pens, 1 mechanical pencil & 1 Smooth Glide pen

  • Rhoda

    We got the six packs of sausage bites from Johnsonville, two cold eez samples and aveeno lotion sample. My kids get so excited over getting the mail. They each have two days to check it. They get to open the samples and be the first to look at the magazines. Love it.

  • Kristina C

    I am starting to get my goodies from allure’s august free stuff giveaways! So in the last couple days I have gotten a full size essie nailpolish, garnier anti-frizz serum and resveratrol drench x5 concentrate serious skin care stuff. Plus, a full size sample from zicam through smiley that I need to rate after use, a full size labless lotion from synotec that I need to use for two weeks and complete a survey on, the green mountain totally AWESOME sample, lots of free mags for the hubs and I, and 2 full size and totally FREE Star Wars stortrooper helmets for my sons from buying Star Wars toys and submitting my receipts before 7/30. Yeah, I am totally lovin trips to my mailbox these days.

  • CJ

    Got Cosmo (I only have a free subscription for the coupons, honest!) and the Johnsonville Deli Bites this week. Got the free Advil and Cottonelle coupons last week.

  • Michele Oliver

    Oh & Wisk too!

  • JJ

    I received my Coupon for full bottle of Advil, 2 full cans of baby formula, free sample of lipstick,coupon for a free bottle of pepsi, A sample size tube of tween toothpaste and a few samples of body lotion. I love getting mail!

    Ps. How do you get your free K-cup sample? I “liked” them on facebook but haven’t seen anything on where to get a free sample.

  • Anita A.

    Got the Olay cleanser that Laura got, the cute little box of Kleenex, Mountain Dew bracelet, Emergen-C Dragon Fruit sample. Good mailbox day. Actually, it’s been a good mailbox week.

  • sarah

    between yesterday and today i got:
    coupon for tub of cottonelle
    coupon for bottle of aleve
    sample tube of crest for me toothpaste
    sample of smarty pants gummy vitamins
    post-it super sticky notes sample
    boss by hugo boss cologne sample
    aveeno shampoo & conditioner sample
    U by kotex samples
    bottle of bio true contact solution

    good week for my mailbox! 🙂

  • Laurie

    Aaahhh, I really wanted that Martha Stewart magazine subscription, but I missed it.

    This week I got magazines. Yesterday I only got my free (from MyCokeRewards) subscription to ReadyMade, but earlier in the week I got Town and Country, House Beautiful, Everyday with Rachael Ray, and my Lowe’s paint rebate checks. No coupons or samples at all!

  • This week we got –
    – Sample of Cold Eeze cough drops. I think there are 3 in the bag.
    – 12 oz. pakage of Green Mountain Coffee with a plastic coffee mug with lid
    – Sample of Crest toothpaste but it was popped open and leaking in the envelope so it went in the trash.
    – 1 Quaker life soft baked bar (banana nut bread)
    – Just 10 bracelet from Dr. Oz
    – sample of Oxy clinical (face wash, acne treatment, lotion)
    Awesome week!

  • Maria

    I forgot to tell you that I was able to get the Martha Stewart magazine. Thank you for taking the time to stop watching the game to post it. You are awesome!