Why Do We Score So Many Free Products?

Do you ever wonder why there are so many opportunities to get free or nearly free products.  There are deals every single day, at so many different stores that give you the opportunity to score free soap, free candy, free shampoo, deodorant, cold medicine and so much more.  Some, you even walk away with more money then you started with.  How can this be and why does it happen?

Well, first of all, these deals have been around for a long time.  But, now with the economy the way it is, we have become more of a savvy shopper and are able to sniff them out and take advantage of them more.  But, how do companies stay in business if they are giving away so many products.

1. A lot of consumers do not take advantage of these offers.  As much as it seems like everyone is taking advantage of the deals, they really are not.  It’s really just a small percentage of us that know about them and take advantage of them.  A perfect example of this is my recent trip to Target.  A simple deal that was advertised right in the circular this week.  The deal is buy 5 Motts applesauce and/or Apple Juice and get a $5.00 gift card.  They were already priced low at only $1.67 & $1.75 respectfully, however while I was at Target filling up my cart with 5 Applesauce, another shopper placed only 3 in her cart.  I mentioned to her that if she placed 2 more in her cart she would be getting a $5.00 gift card.  So, it cost her no extra money to buy the 2 extra.  But, had I not been there to tell her that, she wouldn’t have gotten the deal.

So, my point is, although we all think that so many people are taking advantage of these great deals, they really are not.

2. Free offers get people to try new products. This point is one of the biggest reasons that companies promote and offer their products for free.  Whether it be through a free coupon, free sample or just a free deal at the store.  It gets us to try their new products.  And, for me personally, it has worked.  Off the top of my head I can tell you of 2 products that I have come to love.  Both of them I had never purchased before and probably would not have if it had not been for a free offer.

The first is Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel.  I scored the starter kit free through Right @ Home and then the refills through a deal at ShopRite back in August.  Well, my husband has informed me that we are to get this product, coupon or no coupon.  Why?  Well, because you know that nasty ring that you get in your toilet bowl.  Well, hubs is the one who I volunteered to scrub it out.  Isn’t that nice of me?  And, time after time, he would.  But, since I got this product, no more rings.  I kid you not, no more rings.  My husband has proclaimed it to be a miracle product and would sell one of his children if need be to purchase it.  I might put up a little fight on that one.  Although I don’t think anyone would buy them right now, not with the college bills that come along with them 🙂

The second product I have never purchased and scored for super cheap was Excedrin at only $0.49.  I have always used Advil but how could I resist $0.49 for a pain reliever.   Well, now that I have it, I can not live without it.  I am prone to bad sinus headaches and this is the only thing that works for me.  Seriously, within 15 minutes, my headache is completely gone.  So, for me, it was a great switch and one that I’m happy I tried.

3. Free advertising and hype.  Think about the cost of advertising.  It can get pretty pricey.  Well, what better way then to give away free products and have you,  the consumer, talk about it once you tried it.  Some of my non coupon using family members and friends (yes, believe it or not I do have non coupon using family and friends) have been at my house when I’ve put out a new product.  Maybe it was a new Glade candle or a new dip or chip.  They like it after seeing it or having it at my house, they go home and buy it and their family and friends find out about it.  And, the cycle goes on.  Word of month is the best marketing tool and it’s not going to happen if it doesn’t get into at least some consumers homes.  So, I’m happy to try things for free anytime!

Do you mind trying out new products or being free advertising for the company?  I certainly don’t.  Not when the price tag is $0 at my store.

Have you gotten hooked on a product that you would never have purchased if it wasn’t free?

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  • Denise

    Color Grabbers! I got these as free samples and now I have a feeling of dread if I put new clothes in the washer without one.

  • Kristina C

    I have started buying anti aging face creams and vitamins sinces I noticed a marked difference in how my skin looks since I used free samples. AND I started using those vibrating toothbrushes since I got a freebee and my dentist complemented me on my increased flossing (NOT). AND my hubby is addicted to wheat thin sticks thanks to Kraft Foods First Taste. AND dont get me started on my Sobe addiction after getting them free for 2 months… I have cut my soda consumption drastically and dropped a full pant size. So send samples my way, for sure! They work!

  • Liz L

    International Delights Coffee Creamers — has stopped my daily Dunkin Donuts run, and Crystal Light Lemonade mixed with Crystal Light Iced Tea (half and half as we call it) has replaced all other beverages at our dinner table!

  • Danielle

    Both hubby & I have become addicted to the Sobe’s, too!!! After he tried one or two, he was online playing that game, and printing coupons every day, like a mad man, and eventually, HE was the one going to CVS with the rainchecks & coupons to pick them up! 🙂 Woo hoo for me – free Sobes and a personal shopper, to boot! LOL!! We now have a stockpile of over 60 Sobes! I also have really come to like the John Frieda hair products, Shout Color catchers (afraid to do laundry without them, like Denise!) as well as the Scrubbing Bubbles Power Sprayers (It’s a good thing, too, b/c I think I have about 20 of them! LOL!!!) I’m all for trying something new, and I know they have totally made their money off of me, telling everyone I know about new stuff! 🙂 Keep ’em comin’!

  • Nadine

    Same as you…the Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel. I also got the free starter kit, and we love it. It is a staple purchase for us now, and I never would have just bought it on my own.

  • ueen

    Have you gotten hooked on a product that you would never have purchased if it wasn’t free?

    Yes, yes… The Scrubbing Bubbles Vanish Ins, Scrubbing Bubbles toilet wipes and Scrubbing bubbles toilet gel. 🙂 Because I love them so much, I declared that the bathroom and toilet cleaning is MINE.. hahahhaha. And guess what, there was no objection from any of my kids when I made that declaration. lol. I bet my kids probably want to meet Mr. Scrubbing Bubbles manufacturer to say thanks to.

    Another product is the Soft Scrub Total Kitchen Cleaner, Soft Scrub Total Bath and Bowl Cleaner and Soft Scrub with Bleach Cleanser…. They are awwwweeesome 🙂

  • We love the new Kraft Homestyle Mac and Cheese and would not have bought it to begin with without that freebie coupon. My boyfriend always says he feels like he’s stealing from the store when I use coupons for free products or a coupon that gives a discount that makes the product free. Oh, AMEN to the excedrin. I’ve switched from tylenol to excedrin and it works wonders. My headaches are gone faster as well as my monthly pains.

  • CJ

    Sobe, Tasters Choice coffee, Excedrin Migraine, Glade candles. All products I initially tried because of rebates, coupons, free samples, etc and now will spend money to buy. Of course I still wait for sales and use coupons, but will pay some OOP for these products because I like them so much.

  • rosanne

    Yes! The scrubbing bubbles gel is great!! Not only does it keep the bowl clean so you only need a light going over once a week, it also has a clean scent so when you open the lid it smells fresh. I also love my swiffer and Glade candles.

  • Anne

    Free magazine subscriptions! My husband doesn’t understand why we are getting them for free.

  • Amy

    I recently won a prize pack on a blog that included a jar of Nutella. Oh My GOODNESS! That stuff is wonderful. Love it and just bought five of them on Amazon. Got a fairly good deal at a little over two dollars a jar and free shipping to boot. I am going to give a few jars to my parents and I raved about this product on Facebook. A friend of mine had never tried it either and went to the store and purchased it at full price. She loved it and the cycle continues.

    Blog giveaways and couponing are certainly great word of mouth advertising for companies. If you think about it the cost is pretty nominal for the amount of exposure their product gets. Just glad I know about both blog giveaways and couponing now. It certainly is fun!

  • Shan F.

    Lots!! And forgive me for a long answer!!

    Scrubbing Bubbles bathroom cleansers… ALL of them 😀 They work like a charm and make cleaning that germ hole so easy!

    Crystal Light Pure Fitness. Im not a fitness buff by no means but I get thirsty alot and usually a sports drink is the only thing to quench it. These have less sugar & sodium than the others too, which I like & I can bring one with me in my purse. I grew up on artificially sweetened drinks (including regular crystal light) because my Mother is diabetic, and I always worried about the effects of the artificial stuff, so the fact that theyre now making ones with really low amounts of real sugar sits slightly better with me lol.

    Butterfinger Stackers. My fiance is now addicted to them (What have I done?! lol)

    Dr. Oetker “Ristorante” Frozen Pizzas. Me and my fiance are huge pizza lovers, live in a predominently Itallian state, and have gone from one place to another, finding gold..having gold get old and not so good anymore etc etc. These cost next to nothing.. are a little on the small side so we cook 2 at a time. (still very inexpensive… $2-3 on average per pizza). They bake right on the oven rack (no pans to wash) within 10 mins.. (super fast for those I-need-dinner-now-after-huge-shopping-trip moments). We’ve tried every kind but the Spinach kind, Mozzerella kind, and Mushroom ones are our faves. They are a thin crust, with delicious sauce and super fresh tasting ingredients. We wont go back to any other.. and rarely get takeout pizza now if at all anymore!!

    Head & Shoulders 2 in 1. My fiance gets horrible dandruff and refused to use H&S because of the old formula he hated as a kid. He LOVES this! And so do I on him… smells super good! 😉

    Intuition razors. I cant use them on everything.. but on legs, after you get used to it, there is nothing better! Just wish the lotion strip lasted longer.. seems to melt fast! So happy to keep getting great coupons for these very expensive refills too, I rarely pay over $3 if anything. HUGE savings for me!

    CPU & Maxim Magazines. I love all of my freebie mags, especially ones I sadly had to let go years ago because of the insane cost of subscriptions these days *cough* Martha *cough*. Its sooo great to be able to get them now for nothing through free deals, or E-Rewards etc. But the Fiance, being a Computer Engineer loves the CPU mag I got accidentially a few years ago (as a trade mag along with my free Glamour lol). He was bummed when it ran out, and I recently found a free link to get it again for him. Its like xmas morning each time it comes in the mail! He also really enjoys Maxim.. lol.. thinks Im the coolest for that one lol. Hey, he should have fun stuff in the mail too!

    Glade oil candles & refills. I LOVE these!! Theyre stronger than the regular Glade candles (or any other Ive used) but really pleasant. They only last for about 3hrs, but thats PLENTY! It leaves a nice soft smell in the house, that isnt overbearing, and they self extinguish when done! I know you are supposed to watch things, but I get distracted easy lol.. so these put me at ease! And I can change up the scent when I want.. I dont have to wait to burn down the whole HUGE candle jar before I can justify the cost of buying a new one. And if I dont like a scent, i can switch it out, Im not stuck with it! I really like the new seasonal ones for Autumn. Im not a Apple Spice sort of girl but Ive been in a big fall mood so I got both scents. Both were very nice but we ended up LOVING the Cashmere Woods!! It didnt impress me while smelling the box.. but OH ITS SO NICE when you burn it!! Very soft, light, fresh but warm. I immediatley went back to Target and bought a ton because its a scent you can use all year!

  • C

    TGI Fridays Complete Skillet Dinner – the Firecracker Sesame Chicken – I scored some at a very low cost earlier this year with a coupon and totally fell in love! I buy it now with coupons, without, on sale, not on sale – I am not much of a cook so I’m always looking for shortcut-type meals and this one always hit the spot!