Acme: P&G Catalina Deal!

There is a nice P&G Catalina this week at Acme.  It’s for Buy $20 in P&G products and get a $5 catalina.

And, Dana, our Acme expert, has put together a nice list of products and deal ideas.  And as always, remember these usually work on Shelf Prices.   Which means you can use the shelf price to get to the $20 mark and pay less out of pocket.   Don’t forget to watch for Knock Down prices.  What are Knock Down prices?

For many years Acme and other stores have been putting out these great catalina deals.  As you have found, they work on Shelf price.  Which means that you can calculate the amount needed to spend on the actual price that you would get if you were NOT  using your store loyalty card (which we coupon shoppers always use)  or what’s called the shelf price.  Acme, and other stores, will lower the shelf price on the items that they do not want to be used at the original shelf price.  So, they lower some select products for each deal to the price of the sale price and they call them Knock Down prices.  Some sales have more Knock Down products and some don’t.  This is how they regulate the shelf vs. sale price difference.

Here are the items in the deal with the shelf price and sale price.   Where I have a KD listed that is for Knock Down prices, however, you will have to check the Knock Down price at your store.

Note: If you are viewing this in a reader or email, click to the site so that you can use the print list function



It is important that you make sure you are purchasing the correct product because if your catalina doesn’t print, you will probably not be able to get it in the store and will need to contact Catalina Marketing company.  Customer Service usually will, most likely, not honor it right in the store.  So be aware that this might happen.

When you do catalina deals, you have to understand that these do not always work the way we think they may.  Possibly you’ve picked up the wrong size product, possible you didn’t realize it was a Knock Down price and calculated it incorrectly.  So, although these deals are awesome, you have to be prepared for an unsuccessful trip now and then.  It goes along with the territory. It happens to all of us.  So, please keep that in mind when you are doing the deals.

Now, with all that said, let us know what you score.  We love scenarios! :)

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  • Larrina

    The $3 Tide Stain release printable is actually a request for P&G quarterly samples and coupons.

    • Cindy

      Ah, okay, I remember that now. Thanks for the heads up, I correct that.

  • tara

    Needed diapers this morning and ran to Acme and bought the wipes (5.99) and diapers (19.99). Used 2 -1.00 Q on each. Got the catalina for $5.00 PLUS got a $5.00 off ANY pampers purchase of $5 or more AND a $1.00 off pampers coupon!!! Now that’s a good deal. Unfortunately the catalina is restricted to 1 per customer so you can’t “roll” the deal….
    Watch for that $5 Q = great!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tara,
      I believe the $5 Pampers catalina MAY not be rolling, but the P&G catalina is rolling for sure. I didn’t know if that’s what you meant or not so I wanted to clarify this. The P&G cat rolls, and rolls, and rolls….

  • Lynn

    Regarding Deal idea #2, If the $5.00 Olay coupon is for the bodywash, then can you also use a Secret coupon if you have one?

    • Cindy

      That is the question that I have been asking. And, I think, like a BOGO coupon with a dollar off coupon, it’s an YMMV. The $5 is off the Bodywash and the $1 coupon would be off the Secret.

  • Karen

    Thank you for all of the work that you do every week for all of us. I have a comment and a question. While I like the format where you can check items and make a shopping list, the final prices aren’t listed except in the Deal Ideas. Is this a new format that you will be heading to? Just curious.

    I ADORE your deal ideas by the way.

    • Cindy

      Hi Karen, The format is the same as always. What you are looking at in this post is just a catalina deal. I never list the final price on each individual item when it’s part of a catalina deal because the final price depends on what you are buying in the deal and then the addition of the catalina. Which is why you see it in the deal ideas above. I only do this in catalina deals. So, in the regular store match ups you will still see the final price as you did before. Hope that answered your question.

  • Karen

    Thanks Cindy. That answered my question perfectly!