*EXPIRED*Dr. Oz Giveaways: 12,000 Winners – Today!

UPDATE:  Looks like it’s all gone and so far we had one reader over on the LRWC facebook page say she won the Skechers.  Congrats Julia!

Correction:  We have 2 winners.  Dana won a Free Holiday Inn night.

Now 3 winners.  Stephanie also won a Free Holiday Inn night!

Now 5 winners.  Patti and Christine won the 24 Hr. Fitness each.

Now 6 winners.  Pippy won the Schiffs MegaRed.

Now 7 winners.  Liz won a Target Gift Card!

Now 8 winners. Debbie won a Target Gift Card!

Now 9 winners. Melanie won a 24 Hr. Fitness.  Woohoo!

I got in and I closed it by accident like a ding dong and couldn’t get in after that.

Sometimes I sit down at my computer and think, hmm, wonder what kind of freebies I may find today to share with you guys.  Well, who would of thought it was going to be all this.

Dr. Oz  has teamed up with a few companies and they are doing a bunch of giveaways today for some awesome prizes. All the giveaways are live today at 3pm EST.  So, I’m guessing these will go super super fast but it’s certainly worth a try.  So, set your alarms, plan your kids nap schedule, arrange school pickups or stick in the new Toy Story 3 DVD at 2:55 pm.  It’s going to be tough, but somebody has gotta win, right?! Could be you!

Here are the giveaways with the links.  Remember these do not go off until 3pm EST today, 11/2.  Good luck!  And let us know if you were one of the lucky ones.

$50 Target Gift Card (5,000 winners)

Schiff MegaRed (5,000 winners, $29.99 value)

24-Hr Fitness Free 90-day Membership (1,000 winners)

Skechers Shape-Ups Shoes (800 winners, $110 value)

Pearle Vision Free Eye Exam (500 winners)

Holiday Inn Free Night’s Stay (300 winners)

Don’t forget, the giveaways start at 3pm EST!

(Thanks commonsensewithmoney!)

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  • Bree

    Lol this one is going to be CrAzY Cindy! I hope some of us win – these are some really awesome freebies! I can only imagine these prize sites crashing within nano seconds.

    Good luck everyone! :o)

    • Cindy

      LOL, my thoughts exactly. I hope the site are strong enough to withstand the traffic. The good thing is it’s among different sites so it will distribute the craziness. Should be fun. I’m game 🙂

      • Debbie

        Do we have to wait till 3 pm to sign up for these?

        • Cindy

          Yes, they all start at 3pm

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    I will give this a shot, my 2 year old is napping at this time and I don’t have to pick my 7 yr old up from school until 3:30, I figure I will only get a shot at 1, so I am going to try the $50 Target Card, Christmas is TOUGH and I can use all the help I can get 🙁

  • brandy

    well that was crazy. i sat and waited at 2:50 and kept refreshing the shape ups page, finally i got the registration form, put in all my info and hit submit, then an error came up and said problem loading page, server too busy. so i probably didnt get it, now when i try to get to the page again it says sorry you are not one of the 800 🙁 better luck next time

  • Janet Jackson

    fail! I couldn’t get any of the websites to load 🙁

  • Pippy

    The exact same thing happened to me. 🙁

  • Michele

    Both websites started to shut down before 3 even hit.

  • I won a free night at a Holiday Inn!!!

    We’re happy to let you know that you’re a winner in the Holiday Inn Giveaway! You’ve won a Priority Club® Rewards Voucher for one (1) overnight stay at Holiday Inn hotels, which has an approximate retail value of $250. Congratulations!

    Thanks Cindy!!!!

    • Cindy

      Woohoo!!! Awesome Dana!

  • Christina

    Managed to get the gym membership!

  • Patti

    WOOT! I won the 90 days at 24hour Fitness. I just found out yesterday that my gym is closing so this is SO great and will give me some time to shop around for the best deal on a new gym! Did anyone get the Pearle eye exam to ever even open? That’s the one I really wanted….But I am happy with the gym thing.

    • Cindy

      Wow, you guys rocked it!

  • Patti

    Another note…just now, 3:50pm EST I got thru on the Target gift card giveaway and got this message so it may still be live (?):

    “Thanks for registering!

    If you were one of the first 5,000 to sign up, you’ll be notified via e-mail by Nov. 9, 2010 and will receive your Target GiftCard® in the mail within 4-6 weeks.

    Visit DoctorOz.com for more helpful tips.”

  • Christine

    I tried Pearle-it said they were all gone. Sniff sniff.

  • Pippy

    I won the Schiff MegaRed. 🙂

    • Cindy

      Another winner, woot!

  • liz

    I won the target gift card.

    • Cindy

      Woohoo! I’m so psyched with all these winner!

  • Pippy

    Did Target tell you or did you get an email notification?

  • Pippy

    This is the message I got from target upon submitting:
    Thanks for registering!
    If you were one of the first 5,000 to sign up, you’ll be notified via e-mail by Nov. 9, 2010 and will receive your Target GiftCard® in the mail within 4-6 weeks.

    Does that mean I have a chance??

  • Melanie

    I scored 2 free gym memberships – one for my husband and one for me. We can motivate each other to get to the gym!