Reader Shopping Trip: Acme Proctor & Gamble Catalina!

Reader Lynn tried out the P&G catalina deal at Acme this week.  Here is what she said:

This is my first year “couponing” and I’d like to say THANKS so much for your website. It has been very helpful and I’ve saved a lot of money since February when I first learned about the wonderful world of couponing!

Here’s my Acme trip from 11/7 (I did the P&G catalina deal). I was nervous it wouldn’t work on shelf price, so I was aiming for sale price. Funny thing is, it must be working on shelf price, because I was 3 cents short of $20 on sale price!

Paid 9.62, got the $5.00 Catalina, so $4.62 for everything! Woohoo!

And here is what Lynn picked up:

P&G products:
1 Oil of Olay body wash (KD 5.99) 5.99
1 Bounce Dry bar (6.99) 4.99
1 Pringles extreme (1.69) 1.50
2 Crest glide floss (4.89) 2.50
1 Secret (3.29) 2.49

Total sale price: $19.97
Total shelf price: $27.74

Also purchased:
1/2 gallon of milk 2.09
6 Mentos gum 1.00 each

Coupons used:
(6) -1.00 Mentos
(1) -5.00 on Olay BW when you buy Secret
(1) -.75 Secret (doubled to 1.50)
(2) -1.00 floss
(1) -2.50 bounce dryer bar (vocal point)
(1) -1.50 FREE pringles extreme coupon

Great job Lynn and welcome to the world of coupons 🙂  And, once you start trying out those catalina deals, you get hooked!

You can head over here to see the Acme Proctor & Gamble catalina deal.

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