Reader Shopping Trip: Target Olay Deal

Picture courtesy of: TotallyTarget

Here is a shopping trip from reader Stephani who worked the Olay/Target deal I posted about the other day.  You can see that she did it in 4 transactions.  She didn’t send a picture but I thought that the breakdown of the deals would be a help to some of you that were considering doing taking advantage of this deal.   Stephani said her cashier was nice enough to let her keep rolling her gift cards right there at one time.

Here is how she worked the deal:

transaction #1
7th generation disinfecting cleaner 2.99
cookie cutters $1 – (dollar spot)
toy story markers $1 – (dollar spot)
toy story socks $1 -(dollar spot)
toy story snack bin $1 (dollar spot)
(2) energizer 9v batteries $1 each
(3)tgifridays skillet meals deal b2g1 free $5.99 each
(2) olay wet facial cloths $4.26 each
(2) olay cleansers $3.50 each

$1/1 7th Generation Target Coupon
$1/1 7th Generation Manufacturer Coupon
(2) $2/1 TGI Friday coupons
(1) $4/2 TGI FRiday Target Coupon
-(4)$1/1 Olay Facial Cleanser coupons
total paid $22.49
(received $10 in gcards)

trans. 2:
(4) olay facial cloths $4.26

total $17.04
– $10 Gift Card from trans #1
Paid: $7.04
(received $10 in gift cards)

trans. 3:
(4) olay toners $2.84 each
total $11.36
-$10 Gift Card from trans #2
Paid: $1.36

trans. 4:
1 olay toner 2.84
1 olay wet facial cloths 4.26

-$5.00 Gift Card from trans #3
Paid: $2.10
(received $5 Gift card)

total oop-$32.99 + tax
still have $10 in target gift cards
plus $20 rebate

So, all this for $2.99 + tax.  And don’t forget, transaction #1 included a bunch of extra stuff including 3 TGI Friday meals, 2 7th Generation products and some goodies for the kids. Oh, and batteries too.

Great job Stephani!  Thanks for sharing.

You can head over here to see the details on this deal.

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  • Stephanie

    It’s definitely safe to assume that there was nobody behind her in line, if the cashier let her stay there and keep using the Gift Cards!! HAHAHA they should clone her and put her in my Targets! I have had sooooo many arguments in there lately over these RIDICULOUS coupon glitches, it’s such a turn-off! But me boycotting Target would be like The Situation boycotting a tanning salon 😉

    • Cindy

      LOL, 🙂

  • steph

    thanks cindy for the feature!
    fyi-everyone- in the beginning of my order when people would get behind me in line, i would say, very very sweetly”you really dont want to get behind me, i have a ton of coupons” i also had my adorable 2 little boys with me, that i think helps in situations like this.
    fyi this was not my usual snippy target in bridgewater. i never would have been able to do this there. this one was in piscateway, where i have found people very nice . sometimes clueless and of not much help, but at least they are nice.
    hope this helps.

  • Julie

    It amazes me at the difference in prices depending on location. I live in CT, and our toner is $3.26, washes are $3.50, but wet face washes which I got yesterday were $6.16!

  • Tori

    lol! I went to Target to do the Olay deal yesterday and was given such a hard time. The cashier said “Oh you have coupons” to which I said “Yes?” He was already ringing things up and said he had to start over and they had to have the coupons first and since I had multiple of some of them he had to call a manager over. It took the 2 of them almost 15 min to do the simple transaction and I was in a hurry so only did the one. Not only that but was told my GC’s would be good to use in 24 hrs…. What?!? I have never been told that and they have worked before. I was in a hurry to pick up my daughter from school so didn’t press the issue. But I guess I made the mistake of going on the am shift. Usually go on the pm shift after school and never have a problem, the manager is always really nice and I have about 3 cashiers that take good care of me and make sure everything is right with no hassle. Will be going back to finish the Olay deal soon and will make sure that it is on the pm shift! haha

  • Stephanie

    I’m in South Jersey and my toner was $2.93. I have 4 stores within 15 minutes of me, and only one of them seems to have their crap together, when it comes to coupons! It’s SOOOO frustrating. But the good deals make it all worth it. I was in one of my Wal Marts today, and their Glade candles are $2.33, as opposed to $2.50 at Target. Now if only they had a Gift Card deal, LOL! I did notice that Wal Mart had a scent from the Winter Collection that Target doesn’t carry, Chocolate Cherry Sparkle – YUM!!! So that makes it worth the trip to get rid of some of my BOGO Q’s, which expire on Saturday. I hope they come out with more of those soon! 🙂

    • Larrina

      I am also in SJ and stopped shopping atr target b/c of all the problems with coupons n such. Just wondering where you’ve been having luck… might be close to me. Thanks!

      • Stephanie

        Hi! I find that the one in Deptford, by the mall, is usually pretty accurate. The one in Gloucester Township is ALWAYS a problem – I won’t even go to that one anymore! Voorhees and Turnersville are usually hit or miss 🙂

        • EVONNE

          ive had really good luck in the Mantua store as well

          • Larrina

            I willl give Deptford a try with this Olay deal since I live about 10 miutes away from there. I used to shop in Turnersville but usually had a problem. Thanks for the info, much appreciated! 🙂

            • Stephanie

              You’re very welcome – Good Luck!

  • Stephanie

    Another lesson I have learned the hard way, is not to use coupons in the Express Lane 😉

    • Cindy

      I am on a mission to have stores have a coupon lane. Seriously, wouldn’t it be a good idea to have a lane for someone with more then say 15 coupons. I think it makes perfect sense.

      • Katie

        That’s a great idea! The last two times I’ve gone to Winco, I held up the line because the cashier had to get manager approval because of all my coupons. I had about 17 or 20 coupons each time. I felt bad holding up the other shoppers.

        • Paulette

          That’s a great idea! Would make it better for everyone. Hopefully the cashiers would be “coupon cashiers,” knowledgable and trained in accepting coupons. Maybe even have “managerial” ability to accept coupons without having to get a manager!

  • Stephanie

    ABSOLUTELY!! I’m on board! Let’s get a petition going! LOL 😉 At least I know that there are people out there who share my pain and aggravation! HAHA 😉