Reader Shopping Trips: Shoprite

Reader Lynn headed to her ShopRite this week were they are having triple coupons.  TRIPLE COUPONS?  Oh, don’t get all excited and think you missed something because, unfortunately for the rest of us, we don’t have triple coupons.  But, fortunately for Lynn, she does.  So, if you live anywhere near Warminster PA ShopRite, take a ride over and take advantage of triple coupons this week where all coupon up to $0.50 (max of $1.50 deducted) are tripled.

Here was her trip:

2 boxes Hefty bags, 1.24 each
2 boxes Betty Crocker Potatoes, 0.99 cents each
6 boxes of Kleenex, different varieties, 0.99 cents each
4 boxes Stove Top, 1.33 each
2 bags Idahoan potatoes, 1.00 each
4 cans Carnation evaporated milk, 0.88 each
2 Muir Glen tomato sauce, 0.99 each
3 Honest teas, 1.25 each
4 Skinny waters, 1.59 each
1 Wonder bread, 1.69
1 Reach toothbrush, travel section, 0.99 each
2 Yoplait greek yogurts, 1.20 each
1 box Cinnamon toast crunch, 1.77 (raincheck from last week)

Coupons used:
(1) .55 off CTC
In store Q for stuffing (4 for $3.00)
(2) $1.00/2 Stove Top
(2) 0.50/2 Carnation (tripled!)
(2) 0.50/3 Kleenex (tripled!)
(1) 0.50/2 BC potatoes (tripled!)
(2) 0.55/1 Hefty
(3) 0.50/1 Honest tea (tripled!)
(4) 0.50/1 Skinny weater (tripled!)
(2) 0.30/1 Yoplait greek yogurt (tripled!)
(2) 0.40/1 Idahoan potato (tripled!)
(2) 1.00/1 Muir Glen
(1) 1.00/1 Reach

Paid 6.63 for everything AND got a $3.00 Kleenex catalina. Also shown in the picture were 2 Baileys creamers (2) $1.00 Qs, 1 Carmex (1) 0.30/1 tripled!, and another Idahoan potato (1) 0.40/1 (tripled!) from earlier in the week. Unfortunately, the cellfire coupons for the CTC and BC Potatoes did not come off (don’t know why) so I’ve emailed their customer service department. Doesn’t matter though, it is still a great trip! Too bad I forgot to bring my canvas shopping bags, I could have gotten a little more off!

Reader Kevin also headed to ShopRite.  He, like the rest of us, did not have triple coupons.  But, had a great trip.

Here is what he snatched up.
4 Hefty twist tie– $1.14 each
4 Ronzoni quick cook– $ .88 each
5 Stove top– $1.33 each
12 Libbys can veggies— .50 each
2 Cranberry sauce— .77 each
4 Chunky soups– -1.25 each
1 Renuzit  1.00
6 Del Monte fruit naturals — 1.00  each
1 Perdue oven stuffer 6.05
Subtotal: $40.98
Coupons used:
4 .55/1 Hefty IP
4 .50/1 Ronzoni Quick cook IP
2  $1/2 Stovetop IP
1  B4G1 Free stove top (tear pad)
1 Super coupon 4 for $3 Stove top  (ad)
4 $1/3 Libbys (insert)
2 $1/3 Del Monte fruit  (insert)
4 .50/1 Chunky IP
1  $1/1  Renuzit IP
1  $1/1 Perdue roaster
Total after coupons $15.41
Lovin the kiddo in the picture.  What a great smile.  I wonder who built that tower of Libbys cans and Hefty boxes? 🙂
Great job guys!  Awesome trips.
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  • Melinda

    Lynn–where do you find the Muir Glen tomato sauce in your SR for 99 cents? I have a bunch of those $1.00 off coupons but whenever I look for it in my SR I only see jars of Muir Glen for over $4 each! I’m trying to see what it looks like in your picture but it’s hard to make out. Is it with the cans of tomato–crushed tomatoes, tomato paste, etc. and not with the jars of pasta sauce? Thanks for your help!

    • Lynn

      Hi Melinda,
      In my ShopRite, the MG cans are in the Tomato Sauce isle, but way down on the bottom shelf. I think they are with the canned tomatoes, a little further down from the jars. There are larger size cans of paste for ~$1.59 ( I think) and smaller cans of tomato sauce for 0.99. The bigger cans are easiest to spot. If you can find them first, you might find the smaller 0.99 nearby. I’m going to ShopRite later this week and I’ll take a more careful look for you.

      • Melinda

        Ok, great, thanks Lynn! That was already very helpful 🙂

    • Diane R

      Where I shop in the ShopRite in Lyndhurst, and also in the Stop ‘n Shop in Lyndhurst, all the Muir Glen products are in the Organic/Natural Foods Aisle, not in the regular tomato sauce aisle. So if your SR has an organic aisle, you should check there also.

  • D

    Oh! Maybe my shop rite will triple again this week…:) It happened a few weeks ago for 3 or 4 wks in a row (about 5-6 trips for me!), but after that, the first time it didn’t happen and I asked CS about it, they acted like it never happened and said I “got lucky”… hmmm….got lucky 5 or 6 times? weird…Fingers crossed I get Lucky again!?!? :)”

    • Lynn

      I hope so! It makes for some awesome deals!

  • Patti

    Where did you find the Perdue roaster Q? I only have for whole chicken…which is still fine but would love for the oven stuffer! TIA! 🙂

  • kathy

    Hi Lynn! I grew up in Warminster! Did they open a new Shoprite?

    • Lynn

      The ShopRite on Street Road was sold, completely overhauled last spring, and is now operating under new ownership/management. So far I’ve enjoyed shopping there. One day, when the lines were extremely long, all of the management came out of their offices to help bag groceries. I started chatting the the man who was helping my line, and told him how much I liked the new store. He wound up being the Owner! He took $10 off of my bill just b/c he thought I had to wait too long (I didn’t think so). I’ve been shopping there almost exclusively since mid summer. If the owner is willing to bag groceries, then I’m impressed!

  • Bridget

    Hmm, Im not too far 🙂 maybe time for a rd trip 🙂

    • Lynn

      C’mon down! 🙂

  • Chris

    For the triples at Warminster SR you mentioned that coupons up to $.50 triple. I was told that coupons up to $.99 triple and that is what has happened for me in my 4 trips there this week.

    • Lynn

      Get outta town!!!!!!! Their “regular” policy is that they double Qs up to 0.50 to a max of $1.00, so my understanding of triple coupon week was based on that. If what you are saying is true, then I need to reevaluate the deals I am going to run later this week! Woohoo! Thanks for the post Chris!

      • Chris

        In yesterdays shopping trip I bought 4 V8 soups (they just started to carry this, small cartons near the campbell’s soup). Soup was $1.99ea. 2 Birds Eye Steamfresh 2/$5.00, Liptons herbal tea, $2.29, Dr. Oetker pizza $2.99.

        I used 4 $.75 coupons for the soup, $7.96-$9 $1.04 overage that came off the other groceries, normally this doesn’t happen, but the cashier and I did not notice at the time and the coupon did not beep.
        2 coupons for the birds eye veg. try for free – $5
        I $.60 lipton tea, tripled to $1.80
        1 Dr O coupon $1
        paid $2.48 – $1.04 overage= $1.44 and got back 2 save $1 oyno from the 4 V8 soups. This turned out to be a $.56mm.

        • Lynn

          You did great! Where are the V8 coupons from?

          • Chris

            They are in the 3/10 SS. Went back today and they were all out. Yesterday morning they had two full rows of the butternut squash and broccoli. Forgot coupons, went back 2 hrs later and all the butternut squash soup was gone. Today none left at all. They are out of a lot of the things I wanted to get. Haven’t seen it this continuously busy before. Good luck.

            • Chris

              Sorry 10/3 SS.

              • Chris

                Sorry again I’m disorganized this week. The V8 coupon expired on 11/10, cashier noticed this when I presented he with coupon, but the front end guy supervising put through the coupon for $.75 when I told him they had been out stock earlier. So for $1.24 I’m happy I’ll get to try it. Also wanted to tell you that internet coupons might not scan at triple. I printed out coffee mate for $.55 and it did not triple, the supervisor had to manually enter the triple.

                • Lynn

                  Thanks for the tip Chris. I think the customer service rep misinformed me of their coupon policy (probably b/c they didn’t understand it themselves!) and I never bothered to try something >50 cents! I am psyched to find out that its a “true” triple. I’m heading out tomorrow to see what deals I can get (I’m sure their supply is low on the last day). Wish me luck and thanks for the info!