ShopRite: Perdue Sale!

ShopRite had Perdue at 50% off this week.  I want to point out one thing about these 50% sales.  Even though 50% off on Perdue sounds like a great deal, not all of the Perdue items are great prices.  For instance, the Perdue Boneless Chicken breast is listed at $2.49/lb.  This is not a stock up price.  We can find them at $1.99/lb often so don’t get sucked into the big “50% off sale”.  You can head over here to check out the best meat stockpile prices. However, there are items that are at a good price and even have coupons available.  Here is what you can get:

Perdue Oven Stuffer Roaster $0.79/lb
use $1/1 Roaster Coupon

Perdue Short Cuts $2.59
use $0.75/1 Perdue Short Cuts Chicken Strips, exp. 12-5-10 (RP 10/10/10)
$0.75/1 Perdue Short Cuts Carved Chicken Breast Strips printable
$1/1 Shortcuts printable (Thanks Taryn!)
as low as $1.09 each after coupon

Perdue Whole Grain Chicken Nuggets $3.49
$1/1 Select Perdue Chicken Products, exp. 11-21-10 (RP 09/26/10)
or use $1/1 Whole Grain Printable

Perdue Chicken Nuggets or Chickene Breast Cutlets $2.09
$1/1 Perdue Frozen Fully Cooked Chicken printable
$1.09 each after coupon

Perdue Chicken Breast Tenders $3.49
$1/1 Perdue Frozen Fully Cooked Chicken printable
$2.49 each after coupon

I will be adding these to the Shoprite master list.

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  • liz

    does the coupon work even if the chicken is not “process verified”? I don’t think my store carries the process verified.

    • liz

      this coupon always beeps for me. i have never seen the “process verified” at my shoprite. only 1 shoprite will take this coupon & not willingly…i had so many others that i never used last time it printed.

  • liz

    I meant for the fresh whole roaster.

  • Sandy

    Pedrue Shortcuts coupon states no longer available.

    • Cindy

      Thanks Sandy. I’ll update that.

  • Taryn

    Here’s a new link for the Shortcuts that seems to be printing!

    • Cindy

      Thanks Taryn, I updated the post!

  • Anonymous

    I dont see the shortcuts on sale this week?

    • Cindy

      all perdue is 50% off. They are listed online as being $2.59 a pack

      • Anonymous

        nice, my daughter love these in her salads!

  • Cristina

    I just went through todays coupons and found one that is $4 off a purdue chicken, however you have to buy…. I think 4 tubes of crescent rolls. I don’t have the coupon in front of me I apologize. At first that sounded bad then I remembered this stockpile of coupons I have for crescent rolls. So all in all I’m not so sure this is such a bad deal after all. If you don’t have the crescent roll stockpile I’m fairly certain I found a few more today as well.

  • Last time Perdue was on sale I bought chicken nuggets. They had coupons for .75 off turkey meatballs. Hope these are a good price!

  • Melinda

    my SR circular has a coupon for perdue stuffers at .49 a pound when you spend $25.00

  • chris

    the perfect portions are on sale too, I think they were $4.99. Use this if you have any prints left (I don’t :()