Toys R Us: 7 Hasbro Games – $1.85 Each!

Ad Scan Courtesy: For The Mommas

This week Toys r Us is offering a $10 Gift Card with the purchase of $35 of any Hasbro Games. Also, in store, you can find tearpads for rebates on the following games:

  • Candy Land and Chutes Ladder: $2.00 rebate
  • Ants in the Pants, High Ho Cherrio, Memory & Don’t Break the Ice: $2.00 rebate.

Here is your deal:

Buy 1 Candyland $3.00
Buy 1 Chutes & Ladders $3.00
Buy 1 Ants in the Pants $5.00
Buy 1 Don’t Break the Ice $5.00
Buy 1 Memory $5.00
Buy 1 Hi Ho Cherrio $5.00
Buy 1  $9.00 Game

Pay: $35.00
Get a $10.00 Gift Card
Submit for a $12.00 Mail in Rebate
$1.85 each after coupon, gift card & rebate

If you don’t have kids to buy these for these are great to pick up for Toy Drives.

Update: If you can not find the rebate for at your store, you can head over here to print it.

(Thanks For The Mommas!)

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  • deanna heuer

    is this flyer in the newspaper?

    • Cindy

      Yes it was in my Star Ledger today

  • colleen

    I don’t think candy land, chutes and ladders, memory, ant in the pants, don’t break the ice are included – these are milton bradley games. My ad says only hasbro games count towards the $35 – get $10.

    • Chastidy Buttram

      Colleen, unless I am mistaken MB, Kenner, Hasbro, etc. are all one and the same company. Sort of like Frito Lay, Gatorade, Pepsi, etc are all owned by Pepsico…

  • Sarah

    Chastidy is right. My husband just got back from doing this deal.

    We did everything as above except we bought a $10 game instead of $9 (because I LOVE Guess Who!) and it actually turned out even better because Guess Who has a $3 rebate. So, we paid $36 for 7 games, got a $10 GC and will submit for $15 rebate. That makes them $1.57 each! So, it might be worth it to get a more expensive game!

    Thanks for this heads up! We don’t have ANY games since our daughter is 2.5, so we’re excited to have some fun Christmas presents for her!!!

  • Kelly

    We just did the deal
    Bought 7 games
    candy land
    chutes and ladders
    ants in the pants
    dont break the ice
    hi ho cherrio
    Trouble $10.99 (counts towards a free chocolate monopoly or scrabble, but store was out. Even though it said no rain check they said to come back with receipt before the deal is over. We will see)
    total before tax 36.99
    $10 gift card $15 rebate
    11.99=1.71 a game

    Another option would be to buy cooties and dont spill the beans in place of $9 game. Total would be $36, $10 gc, and $16 rebate. $11 for 8 games or 1.38 a game.


  • Kelly

    I just read the promotion may be working on shelf prices. Also if your store has the choc. monopoly and scrabbble and you get it free by purchasing the games listed for that deal, the regular price of the choc game should count too towards the $35. The gift card does not activate for 6 hours otherwise I would be tempted to try it right out.

  • stephanie

    I was able to get 7 games and that big crane they have on display for $15. Got back (2) $10 gift cards and $12 rebate…so all games plus crane FREE with a $17 mm!

    • Laurie M.

      stephanie – what crane do you mean? I don’t understand what deal you did and how it’s a money maker? Can you elaborate please?

      I did 3 $9 games (Scrabble Jr., Monopoly Jr., and R2D2 Trouble), but then I realized they don’t have a rebate. Oops! But my kids are beyond Cootie, Don’t break the Ice and other similar games. I did get a Candyland and Hi-Ho Cherrio to make my total $35 and I’ll give them as gifts. So I got the $10 gift card and will get a $4 rebate making my total oop $21. Still a great deal. Thanks!

      • stephanie

        I bought Monopoly, Chutes & Ladders, Candy Land, Memory, Hi Ho Cherrio, Star Wars Trouble, Ants in Pants, and Break the Ice and that big crane they have on display to bring my total to $75. Its the one in their big toy book for $39.99.
        used a $50 in gift cards (some earned from previous deals), used the spend $75 get $10 gift card, got the $10 gift c…ard from buying the games, and then the $12 rebate from games. I paid $15 out of pocket, got (2) $10 gift cards and get the $12 rebate so free with a $17 money maker 🙂

  • John

    Where is the rebate form?

    • Cindy

      There are tearpads right at the store for the rebates

  • tina

    Where do you get the “spend $75 get $10 gift card”?

    • Laura

      You can get them from the Toys R Us flyers. My mother in law gave me one of hers, it was an insert from her paper.

  • Melissa

    Anyone know if you can do Chutes and Ladders and then Chutes and Ladders Disney Princess?

    On the top of the rebate it only gives one place to make a check mark, but on the bottom they are listed separately. Plus, the top say total potential rebate limited to $118 and the games pictured on the top with the check mark boxes don’t add up to that much.

    • Cindy

      Yes you can do Chutes and Ladders and also Chutes and Ladders Disney Princess. They are listed separately so it looks like a go!

  • Kelly

    I tried to do the deal based on shelf price. It did not work eventhough other people claimed it worked for them. Oh well. Still a good deal.

  • katherine

    Help! I just tried to do the deal and my store had no clue about the 10 dollar gift card. I don’t have the ad to show them…any suggestions??

    • Cindy

      The store had no circulars? How about going online. The ad is online and shows the deal there.