Wholly Guacamole: Hot $4/1 Coupon – VERY LIMITED!

Looking for an excuse to partY? Wholly is  too!   So…they’ve decided to celebrate “Any daY that ends in Y”!  WhY? Because anY daY is a daY that you and your friends and familY can hang out and munch on WhollY Guacamole, WhollY Salsa and WhollY Queso.

So, to celebrate todaY, because it ends in a Y, Wholly Guacamole has an awesome coupon for $4/1 on any Wholly Guacamole product.  Hurry and head over to the  WhollyGuacamole Facebook page and clicking the coupon tab to get your $4.00 coupon.  This is very limited and will go fast!

Note: I’m posting this 5 minutes early so you get there in enough time but the coupon will be available at 10:00 am EST!

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  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Says printing but for some reason SS coupons sometimes take FOREVER to print, does anyone else have that problem?

  • Jen

    Yea it can take a half hour or more for mine to print sometimes and this is one of those times it seems….

    • Kristine Twardy-Todd

      On my home PC it is always like that, but on my hubby’s MAC it prints right away, another reason I should switch LOL.

      • Cindy

        Kristine, on my PC I can only print the SmartSource through Internet Explorer. I can’t get it to print through Firefox.

  • meredith

    i got it…took a few trys though!

  • Lori

    I got it too but only for $1 not $4…….BUMMER!!

  • Shrome

    it says I already printed – which I did not… I did print $2/2 coupon a while back – don’t know if referring to that one.

    • Cindy

      It may be out of prints.

      • Shrome

        Thanks – but then it should say no more prints available for the offer or something like that…


  • Patti

    Wholly SUPER COUPON!! SOoooooo excited…I love this stuff!! I just printed it now…it’s 2:55pm….if you had trouble click again!


  • julie

    Just printed it ow…it was quick ad for $4

  • Victoria

    These are at Shoprite (the salsa) for 3.49 AND it took off the full $4 no beeps!!!!

  • Christina

    Tried to use my $4 coupon tonight at Shoprite and was accused, loudly from across the store, of using a fraudulent coupon. I was told that I photocopied it and because it was a high value coupon it was fake and she was sure it was in their book (which of course they couldn’t show me because it’s not in the book). It was embarrassing and I don’t think I will be going back to that shoprite for a while.

  • Donna

    I also tried to use the coupon at my ShopRite (Berlin) on November 12th and was told that I could not since it was a “high value coupon”. This is the first time that I ran into this. I have had $5 off coupons accepted in the not so distant past, but was told they have changed their policy due to fraudulent activity. Sad because the coupon expired 2 days after my trip and I was unable to use it.