BOGO Free Special K Cereal Printable Coupon – Possible Reset Link

Woohoo!  It looks like there might be a new or reset link for the BOGO Special K Cereal.  I was able to print 2 more and I hope you can too.  I’m lovin these coupons for sure.  Especially this week with the great deals at Walgreens & Rite Aid.

Kellogg’s Select Cereal – $2.50
Special K, Rice Krispies and Smart Start pictured in ad
Get a $2 Register Reward wyb 2 (Kellogg’s)
buy 2 and use B1G1 Special K Cereal printable coupon
$0.25 each after coupon and RR

Rite Aid:
Special K $4.79-$4.99 BOGO
buy 2 and use B1G1 Special K (up to $4.49) coupon
as low as $0.15 each after coupon & BOGO sale

Let us know if you could print it!

**Always remember, you can not copy coupons as that is considered fraud!

(Thanks clippinwithcarrie!)

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  • Laurie M.

    YAY! I got two more. 4 more boxes of FREE cereal. Lovin’ it!

    • Meg

      I was able to print two more also! THANKS!!

  • Nina

    Did not work for me

  • Denise Ewan

    i was able to print it 2 times !! thank you

  • Jason

    Thanks Cindy! Btw, are the UPR’s printing?

  • Diana

    i got two… wooohooo gotta love free

  • Jennifer K.

    Woot! Thanks!

    Jason – I received four $1 UPRs for purchasing four boxes of Special K this afternoon! That made them free plus, like, about a $3.50 money-maker! I’m not going to need cereal for a long, long time.

    • Jason

      Same here. I got the UPR’s, but others say they didn’t.

  • Melissa B.

    WOOHOOO MORE SPECIAL K on my shopping list! I shopped for it last week. They gave me 4.79 even though it clearly states 4.49. I paid for two boxes with up rewards and got a $5 up and 4 $1 ups. Basically free. 🙂

  • Maria

    Worked for me! 🙂

  • shannon

    it worked for me but i did not know my printer was acting up.:( it printed but you can barely see it.. not sure if it will work?? we will see tomorrow

  • Barbara A

    Yippppeeee I got to print it 2 more times. Thank you so much.

  • Christine

    I got to print it two more times too! Thank you!!

  • Christine

    A few times when I went into Rite Aid to redeem these, the store manager gave me $4.79 off instead of $4.49 like it says on the coupon. And I even got two $1 up rewards for buying “food”. =]

  • Kate L

    Dang. Didn’t work for me. But at least I got my 4 free boxes and $4 of UPR today.

  • Jody

    Thanks! I got 2 more coupons also!! It’s not quite as good a deal as Rite Aid or Walgreens, but Target has a printable $1 off 2 boxes of Special K-it is a Target coupon so it could possibly be combined with the BOGO.

  • Carolyn

    Mine printed! Thanks so much!

  • George

    Question: Now I always get confused about this type of deal. With Rite Aid offering a BOGO and the coupon being a BOGO does that mean if I buy 1 box I can get 2 free or is it just 1 free for buying 1 box?

    • Cindy

      You get 2 for free. The only difference here, is that the BOGO coupon has a limit of $4.49. Some stores may put it in for the full price of the cereal which is $4.79 at Rite Aid, but some may put it in for the $4.49 which would mean you would be paying $0.30 for 2 boxes.

      • Anonymous

        I’m still a little confused…so at Rite Aid, you go to the register with 3 boxes if you have this coupon? In other word, you get one for free w/ RA sale and one free with coupon after only “buying” one box? They won’t say you have to buy another one to get the free one with the coupon? I’m afraid they would say: buy one box get your free one w/ store sale, buy ANOTHER one, get your free box with coupon, for a total of 4 boxes?

        • Cindy

          No you only need to buy 2 boxes not 3. Their coupon policy states you can use a BOGO coupon with a BOGO sale to get 2 for free.

    • George

      Thank you Cindy.

  • Victoria

    I got 2 more! Thanks! Believe it or not, my 2 little ones love this cereal!!!!!

    • My little ones ask for “Mommy’s cereal” all the time so I am loving these coupons!

  • Rachel

    🙁 Mine’s not letting me print again …sad day!

  • Rene

    Some Kellogs boxes have a TRY ME FREE rebate in them. So You can mail in the rebate for the one box that is 4.79, and have 3 boxes from Rite Aid FREE +UP rewards.

  • christina mathers

    Yes I was able to print 2 more per computer-8 more boxes of free cereal!!!

    • Kathy

      How were you able to print 2 more per a computer? Did you have multiple logins for kellogg’s? It only let me print 2 per account.

  • Jody

    Just got back from Walgreens! Thanks for the tip. I bought 4 boxes, got 2 free and got 2 $2 register reward certificates. Only bad thing-my local Walgreens was out of the Bic Triumph pens!
    Thanks again! I am so glad I found your site 🙂

  • emily

    Ok I am still a little confused. With the rite aid deal going on of BOGO and the coupon being a BOGO how many boxes would I take up to the counter 3 or 4? Maybe I am not understanding how this whole thing works??

    • Jason

      With the BOGO, Rite Aid is giving you one box when you buy one box. When stacked with a BOGO coupon, you’re essentially applying another BOGO deal, to the other box, which means they’re both free.

      Let’s say you have 2 boxes of cereal; A and B. When you buy A, you get B for free. When you use the coupon, you can see it as you’re buying B and getting A for free. Since Rite Aid is giving you B for free since you bought A and your BOGO coupon is giving you A for free since you bought B, both of them end up being free. Hope that clears it up for you.

  • norma

    rene- you DO NOT have to buy a box to get 3 for free, you get them all for free with 2 coupons.

  • Kristine

    Awesome! More boxes to donate to my food pantry!

  • Stephanie Buriel

    Cool!! Thanks, I was able to print 2 more 🙂

  • Kim

    Wow, worked for me!!!! Thank you…..its just too bad our laptop went into the shop for repairs.

  • Jason

    Did not reset for me. Did you have to create a new account?

  • Dawn

    Got 4 free plus they are each printing the 1.00 rewards! So 4 boxes free plus 4.00 twards another order! WOO HOO! LOVE THIS DEAL!

  • Nicole

    I was able to print two more!!! YEA! Cindy, I also wanted to say how thankful I am for your website. You have truly helped my family in soooo many ways, I can’t even count them! Thanks for all your hard work…God Bless you and your family.

  • Sarah

    yah I saved $

  • MAritza

    I have 8 coupon Special K- BOGO, with 8coupons how many free i have and how much do I have to paid?

    Somebody tell me that I have to pay for 1 and the rest (7) is free?

    Walgreens: 2 boxes/$5
    Ride Aid: 1box /$4.79

  • Erien

    could not print

  • how do you print the coupons for special k cereals