Free Clairol Nice n Easy Color Blend Foam 12 pm EST

Reminder, if you didn’t get your Free Clairol Nice n Easy Color Blend Foam , you can try again today.  They will be giving away another 25,000 today at 12pm EST.

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  • Rebecca

    Got mine!

  • meryl

    wont let me enter the county and wont let me submit without entering country

  • Julie

    For those of you who have been trying nonstop for two days, keep it up! I finally got in today and got mine.

  • Tammy

    Got Mine today!!! and got one for my sister’s in law and mom who couldn’t be online b/c of bonus!!

  • Emily

    For people who say they can’t enter their country here’s what your supposed to do: You’re supposed to put in your state, and it automatically selects your country. 🙂

    • meryl

      i selected the state and yet…it didnt allow me to choose the country!

  • karen

    they were all gone by 12:14:(

  • Rose

    Finally, no problem getting thru and getting mine today.