• Brandon

    Looks like there is a law in NJ to disallow the yogurt coupon, but will provide another coupon of similar value.

    • Katy

      odd huh? diary laws prohibit it?! wonder what the coupon will be….

      • Juliet

        Its a buy 2 get one free coupon. 🙂 I live in NJ too.

  • Holly

    It is not allowing me to get the free cup. It just resets the page. Wonder if it is no longer an active link?

  • Julie

    same issue here… it resets

    • Rachel

      Just signed up myself, no issue. Link seems good.

  • Trina Weitzel

    does not allow in ca due to dairy laws..darn!!

  • Robin

    Didn’t have a problem here, but I live in NY…?

  • kyle

    looking forward to free stuff. thanks.