Home Depot Redo & Renew Bathroom Sale & $100 Gift Card Giveaway

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As some of you may remember from my mini house tour, I so love decorating.  The only problem…my budget does not love it.  So, I try really hard to make my house look nice without having to spend a lot of money.

Right now, we have to do some work in our bathroom because one of our faucets was falling apart.  We lost part of the top of it, it shoots water out like a water gun spraying water everywhere and the drain plug is broken causing more and more items to fall into the drain.  Who knows how many Q-tips are in there?!?   Also, our shower head was pretty yucked up even after many many attempts to soak it in CLR and the likes.

Here is what I am starting with.  Sorry, the shower head picture is pretty blurry but you probably didn’t want to see the yucky stuff anyway.


Lucky for me, Home Depot is having a Redo & Renew Bathroom sale.  My husband and I headed there today to check out the prices.  They really had a lot of reduced prices on bathroom fixtures and to my surprise, their customer service was amazing. If you have been shopping at Home Depot as long as I have, you may remember, way back, when there was always someone available to happily help you. And, that is just how it was again today.

Jay, was great in helping my husband and I get exactly what we needed. Even making sure that we got all the hookups and putty and whatever else was needed so we didn’t have to make another trip. In less then 1 hour, we had picked out a bathroom faucet, shower head, light fixture and all the accessories we needed to install everything for just around $250. Which was my budget. I shopped and staying within my budget…woohoo! Something that does not happen too often when I’m doing a fix up in the house.

They also had a great Redo & Renew Your Bath For Less book which you can see above on the table.  Be sure to pick one of those up as it’s filled with great tips on how to install bathroom fixtures yourself.  You can also check out the Bathroom How-to Center. Or, how to create a Half Bath of Your Dreams on a budget. Plus they have great workshops which you can sign up for as well.  So be sure to inquire about that when you are there.

Honestly there was so much to choose from.  And the prices during this Redo & Renew Bathroom sale are awesome.  There was a super nice Vanity with marble top & mirror for only $99 (org $250).  Plus the light fixture I picked up was only $59 (org $79).  Faucets were as low as $30.  And nice ones too.  And we are saving money by doing to installation ourselves.  I’ll let you know how that turns out.  Should be fun 🙂

But, I was really impressed at how you really can spruce up your bathroom for a great price.  And, wait, it gets even better, because….

Home Depot is giving away a $100 Home Depot gift card to one lucky Living Rich With Coupons reader to help give you a head start on your bathroom spruce up.


Here are the Official Giveaway Rules

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  • All entries must be left in the comments of this site only. Facebook comments or emails will not count as a giveaway entry.
  • The giveaway ends at 11:00 pm EST on Wednesday, 1/26/11. No entries will be counted after that time frame.
  • All entrants must be at least 18 years old and reside in the United States.
  • Winners will be choosen at random. Winners will be notified within 48 hours of the giveaway ending via email. Winners must respond with mailing address within 36 hours or another winner will be chosen.
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627 thoughts on “Home Depot Redo & Renew Bathroom Sale & $100 Gift Card Giveaway”

  1. tina says:

    This giveaway would help us out so much with our basement bathroom. Of all our bathrooms, this is the one that gets neglected! We need a new shower head, vanity, and new tile. This would help us get started on a bathroom that is in need of some help!!!

  2. Jenny says:

    my bathroom needs a new paint job, some under the counter storage, and a new faucet for the sink!

  3. mary de kam says:

    Please choose me-we are re-doing our kitchen and I have my eye ona new refrigerator

  4. mary says:

    As an aside, if you purchase or own a Moen Faucet, it is guaranteed for LIFE! We have repaired our kitchen faucet twice at no cost.

  5. Marie Chouest says:

    I would really like an antique looking vanity for my bathroom. The kind with the sink and faucet already installed! 🙂

  6. Nicole says:

    We’ve been slowly working on our bathroom, and we’re almost there! We just need to replace the vanity and medicine cabinet…this gift card might just do the trick!

  7. Judy says:

    We need to spruce up our master bathroom – a new vanity would be a great start.

  8. terri says:

    Oh wow! My husband and I were just discussing about painting over our bathroom this morning! It is also in need of a medicine cabinet and faucets. This would be perfect timing!

  9. Natalie says:

    We need to spruce up everything in our Master Bathroom! From the shower to the sink, to the toilet to the walls! This Gift Card would help out a lot!

  10. Rita Sanchez says:

    Hello- We’re redoing our master bath. We just bought a new vanity at Home Depot. We’re going to need floor and shower tile, a bathtub, paint, a light fixture, and assorted bathroom accessories.

    It’s going to be quite an adventure!

  11. Kristina C says:

    Our shower heads STINK!!! I would looooove new ones!

  12. michelle says:

    wow! what a great giveaway! since we bought our home home depot is one of my favorite stores! i’d love to get some a new faucet!!!

  13. Lea says:

    We have linoleum in our bathrooms and I would love to replace with tile!! 🙂

  14. Molly says:

    We are moving into a new home with a very dated (and ugly) vanity with a bright green counter. We would love to replace it with something more modern as well as get a new medicine cabinet to match. This gift card would help so much!

  15. Mary says:

    This would SO help on my daughter’s bathroom. It has been on the “to Do” list since we moved in 11 years ago! Now that I have been reduced to part time hours it is getting further and further down the “to do” list and I am cringing about what would happen if we ever had an emergency plumbing issue in there!

  16. Rebecca J. Austin says:

    I would love to be able to fix up the kids bathroom. We got this house when my son was 2, he is now 19 and going in the Air Force. He has 2 older sisters also. Between the 3 of them and now my 3 grandchildren, the floor is getting very soggy. When you sit on the toilet, your afraid that the toilet goes thru the floor, and yes, its on the 2nd floor. The whole bathroom is in need of a redo, any little bit would be a big improvement.

  17. Mary says:

    I would love to replace the old vanity in our master bathroom, which is pretty sad looking and was in the house when we bought it 10 years ago.

  18. Andi T says:

    I definitely could use a new counter and faucet in my bathroom. It is curretnly powder blue and pink.

  19. Virginia Lee says:

    Oh! Great giveaway! I need a makeover for my half bath!

  20. Beth says:

    All three of our bathrooms need help. One needs a new faucet (the top falls apart everytime we use it), another needs a new cabinet (or at a minimum a new cabinet door), and all three need ugly wallpaper removed and to be repainted. Thanks!

  21. Heather says:

    We so need a bathroom makeover. We’ve lived with one bathroom for years while the others has sat untouched. We are 6 people in one small outdated bathroom, no tub. As the kids get older, the less we fit and the more we schedule our bathroom times. Finishing our second bathroom that was torn down to the studs 10 years ago, will make a huge difference to our family.

  22. RD says:

    We bought a fixer upper 5 months ago and the bathrooms are probably last on a long, long list of what will be “fixed.” This would help make a difference in one never-ending home project.

  23. Nancy says:

    I would love to get a heat light in our bathroom. It is over a crawlspace and boy it is cold in the Northeast winter!

  24. Jami Lynn says:

    This would help us finish (ok start) our Master Bathroom. It’s been 3 years since our major home reno, and we ended up with a lousy contractor who didn’t finish the job at all, so we’ve been concentrating on fixing and finishing every other room first . All we have is a bathub that’s not hooked up and some cement board- no tile, toilet or sink! I’d love to be able to finish it.

  25. Meghan says:

    We bought a house to flip while we are living in it and we have one bathroom that needs EVERYTHING replaced, including the tub the last owners painted (???) and is now peeling. Plus, we have a new bathroom my husband is building that we’ve been stocking supplies for when we find good clearance deals. This would be an amazing surprise for my husband.

  26. Cindy says:

    Our master bath must need some work if my 4 year old lets me know. He says we need to paint and it’s lacking decorations. (he’s totally right) as a stay home mom of the aforementioned boy, and 3 year old identical twin girls, I just can’t afford to spruce up the space like I want to.

  27. Charlotte says:

    After moving in to this house that we now lovingly refer to as “The Money Pit”, we need to fix the master bathroom shower. It cracked shortly after we moved in LAST YEAR and haven’t had the money to fix it since. Something always seems to come up that trumps the shower (we’ve been using the one downstairs) and this $100 would be a HUGE help and actually let us get it fixed! And with Home Depots discounted prices now, wow….

  28. Jen says:

    We actually need to re-do 2 of our bathrooms! One needs all new tiling in the shower, the other needs the tub fixtures replaced. Both need new vanity tables/extra storage/fixtures. We have been trying to slowly buy, as we can (have not gotten too far as of yet 🙁 This would be a tremendous help!

  29. Sue says:

    A new water saver faucet would be great!

  30. Wanda says:

    What my bathroom needs is a new facet, I can only turn on the hot water the cold knob is mesed up. I also need new tile for the floor.

  31. Cathy says:

    I need help with storage in my bathroom

  32. Heather Chandler says:

    We need to rip out the old tub and shower and just install a shower stall.
    Thank you for the chance.

  33. Christine Weiss says:

    We need new tile in our guest bathroom! There is a rug in there now covering th old, 25 year old tile!

  34. shirley g says:

    We’re trying to re do our master bath. We’ve purchased the shower, jacuzzi, countertops/cabinet. We still need to purchase the tiles for the shower, flooring, faucets, lighting, accessories. It would be great to win this giveaway!!

  35. Kristin Dubois says:

    we have an 80’s blue bathroom in need of fix up..blue toilet, blue shower, blue tile vanity and blue sink..need new everything..it’s making me blue.

  36. Kate says:

    Nevermind a spruce up, my husband is going to have to do a gut job on our bathroom. It is the last room that we need to renovate in our house (we’ve had to gut 4 other rooms) and we are diligently saving so we can get it done. It is in such disrepair I am grossed out, but I’m sure it will be beautiful when we’re done!!!

    So, long story short, this gift card will help make a dent in our growing HDepot bill!

  37. Nadine says:

    I would love a new light fixture in our master bath!

  38. Daleene Fox says:

    I would love to use this $100.00 Home Depot gift card to put a new sink in my bathroom. I just repainted it and I need a new sink!

  39. Jennifer Brewer says:

    I have the most hideous vanity known to mankind, and hovering over it is a hideous gargantuan medicine cabinet about 3 feet long with scalloped edges and 2 sliding mirrors. lol
    Sure would love this!

  40. Jessica says:

    Our “retro” 1950s pink and maroon bathroom is in desperate need of a facelift! Our most pressing need is for both new bath and new sink faucets. The ones we have now are original to the house, leak and are just plain yucky after decades of use. We’re big Home Depot shoppers, so we’d love to do more shopping there with a gift card!

  41. Olivia Booker says:

    This giveaway would help greatly with our bathroom remodel! We need all new fixtures and a new vanity.

  42. Amanda says:

    What doesn’t need to be spruced up in my bathrooms? I just bought a house and all of the bathrooms are very 80’s and need updating. There is baby pink and baby blue wallpaper in one and textured paint that is chipping off in the others. Not to mention the outdated fixtures..

  43. Jen says:

    WOW – this $100 gift card would help us out tremendously!! We just found out our Shower is leaking into our basement in which a title guy is coming out at the end of the week to fix. This gift card could go to paying for the supplies that will be needed.

  44. Laurie says:

    We are replacing everything in our 10 year old master bath! I am so excited to see what changes we will make and how wonderful it is going to look!

  45. Kristin says:

    Our daughter has just leanred to use the potty this month… earlier than we expected at 16 mos old! Her bathroom is all wrong for her- we have a pedestal vanity which is fun for her to hang on! The grout on several floor tiles is crumbling too. I want to paint the walls, get a new vanity and re-grout a few tiles. Woud love a jumpstart on this project =)

  46. Bridget Leary says:

    We need new bath/shower walls in the worst way! Crossing fingers, thanks!!

  47. Laurie M. says:

    We just saw this Home Depot commercial for re-doing your bathroom inexpensively. Our upstairs bathroom is in dire need of a new vanity (it’s wood painted lilac! Yes, you read that correctly. Lilac!) Would love to win this!

  48. Tami says:

    I need to paint mine, and get some creative storage devices for the things things that need to be put away so little ones can’t get into them. And I also need a new toilet paper holder.

  49. Bethany says:

    We really need a new shower head! Ours is so disgusting and no matter what I do it never comes clean.

  50. Maggie K says:

    Could use a new medicine cabinet & some faucets in our main bathroom! This would be a godsend!

  51. cheryl manna says:

    Wow, what timing. We are in the middle of a whole house renov. Doing 99% of the work ourselves, right down to the building and installation of mahagony kitchen cabinets. The family room bathroom is on the hit list since it was a casualty of the remodeling. So suffice it to say, it needs to be re-built from the ground up. Any savings would be a great help.

    PS, Cindy I love your site, I thought I was doing pretty good before with coupons, but not like I am now. 🙂

  52. Brett Marie says:

    What a great giveaway! We could use a new shower head and new tub surround.

  53. Terri L says:

    I need to repair the damage that the water leaking around the bathtub did to our flooring… It needs to be removed and replaced.

  54. Jay says:

    I really need to redo the flooring in the bathroom. Plan to replace it with tile.

  55. Carrie says:

    Our powder room vanity is old and nasty and a nice new vanity or pedestal sink would make a huuuuge improvement!

  56. Laurie sloan says:

    We would love to update our 80’s bath fixtures, get an energy efficient water saving toilet, fix our drywall,hmmmm….put in a new floor , And install a Exeter fan in our kids bathroom. Who builds a bath without an exaust fan????? Just crazy

  57. Dara Nickerson says:

    We are remodeling our entire bathroom! This would be a GREAT help! Flooring, new 2 person tub, tile around the tub, stand up shower (everything for it), all fixtures for both lightening and shower. so $100 would help cut our cost VERY much!

  58. George says:

    Our bathroom could soooo use a boost- the wallpaper is torn or peeling in several places, there aren’t any towel racks and the sink is cracked.

  59. Jaydee says:

    Would love to re-do the master bathroom. Need a toilet paper holder and a new shower head. Plus the grout is coming off the tiles in the shower. Great give-away – good luck everyone!

  60. Laurie B says:

    The paint in our bathroom is peeling and needs to be redone.

  61. Lisa Cipriano says:

    My shower is in some desperate need of redoing, we have the latch that plugs up the drain is always closed so the water never drains, we have to lodge a paperclip in there so it stays down and the water will drain. Otherwise we would be showing in inches of water 🙁

    Please pick me!

  62. Amy says:

    We’d like to rip up the old linoleum floors and expose the hardwoords in our 1/2 bath. We’d also like to replace the toilet with a new low flow and replace the pedestal sink with a vanity for added storage.

  63. Kristina K says:

    I’ve done a total rebuild of our master bathroom because the owner before us let a leak go! I learned to tile (whoot!) and even moved plumbing. I still need a vanity and a toilet before my bathroom is usable- but I’m super proud of all the DIY work I’ve done!!

  64. mandi says:

    My bathroom I like to describe as a laundromat bathroom. It has one of those long counters with a sink at the end. It is very outdated. The vanity is peeling paper. The mirror is discolored. The guy before us painted it baby blue with tan trim…I don’t know what he was thinking. Some of the tiles are cracked on the floor and there isn’t much storage beside the small vanity. Did I mention the caulking needs to be redone also. Thanks for your consideration.

  65. Chung L says:

    My bathroom is really in need of an update. I need new fixture and new sink.

  66. Brandon says:

    Hi, thanks for the giveaway; love this site.

  67. Heather D. says:

    Replace the pink sink, toilet and tub – while I don’t mind pink, it goes well with pale green tiles, I had the hardest time finding ancient faucet that would fit the tub or the sink, or finding matching lid for the toilet. Those don’t exists anymore.

  68. Rachael says:

    My husband and I recently got married and bought a new house. We completly renovated our master bathroom which truly needed it. After finishing that project we had nothing leftover and neglected our second bathroom downstairs. This money would help us to renovate the awful 1970’s bathroom that was original to the house.

  69. Emily Head says:

    We need to take the yucky wallpaper down, prime and paint, and replace the vanity.

  70. Sunday Sack says:

    Our 2 bathrooms could use either a new paint job or a new tile job to spruce them up. Updated vanities would also be nice, as well as new lighting fixtures. We are celebrating our 14 year anniversary for our home, & this would be a nice addition to our celebration. Thank you. 🙂

  71. Kim says:

    We were lucky enough to purchase our first home just last month. To our unfortunate surpise, we have learned that most of the work done in the house was done incorrectly (I won’t even get in to the porch leak they lied about fixing). Our bathroom needs to have the painted over wallpaper removed and painted with paint meant for bathrooms, the piping of the shower needs to be replaced in order to correct the pressure, the pipes under the sink are flexible plastic and are beginning to leak AND the sink is not sealed correctly to the counter. I was hoping that these “joys of homeownership” would not come quite so soon!

  72. Dacia says:

    Need to replace towel hooks, robe hooks, etc – that contractors stuck into drywall without proper anchoring, so now with four little kids they have ripped out and so need patching of drywall and repainting too!

  73. Amy says:

    We would use it to buy dry wall. Several months ago we had a leak at the main drain (which happens to be in the bathroom) and we had to cut out the bottom portion of the drywall because it was soaked. This money would be awesome to help fix our bathroom!

  74. Liss says:

    I have actually two bathrooms in need of repair. Thanks for the opportunity to try our luck. I’m up for the challenge.

  75. Yolli says:

    I have needed to fix the faucets and the drain. It’s been so long that I can’t remember when it worked last. That is a shame; I am so embrassed.

  76. Kate says:

    My bathroom needs a new vanity due to water damage (yuck!) We also need a new medicine cabinet for storage.

  77. David says:

    Our bathroom showerhead broke a while ago, along with the hand-held showerhead. It’d also be nice to improve the sink faucet and handles.

    Now if only they had a kitchen sale… *hopeful*

  78. Jenny says:

    We just bought our first house and our basement bathroom needs quite alot of work – need new fixtures, tiles etc. so this would really help us out. Thank you for this opportunity.

  79. Christine S. says:

    This gift card would really help us with our outdated 1st floor powder room that guests use. The sink and toilet are PEACH! I would love to have the opportunity to update it!

  80. victoria says:

    My bathroom really needs a replacement vanity. The one I have is over 20 years old!

  81. lindsey says:

    We need to paint and need many accessories in our bathroom. Please pick us!

  82. Ruthy T. says:

    Hello! Our bathroom needs a new shower head! Thanks for the chance to win this great contest!

  83. Kate says:

    I would love to be able to redo our tiles. They have all this pink mildew all over the grout.

  84. Sarah says:

    we need a new light fixture!

  85. Debbie F says:

    My toilet runs like an olympic marathon and I spend at least 5 trips a day jiggling the handle so I would like to replace some parts on it. My faucet on the sink is rusting out and leaking and if I tried I could think of more! I hope I am lucky as my husband is not working much and he is a contractor so labor would be FREE my favorite price!

  86. Becky L. says:

    Our bathroom could really use some shelving and repainting. We redid the bathroom a year ago with a new tub, toilet, sink, and tile from Home Depot. Now we need to finish things that we didn’t replace or redo such as a new towel rack, shelving to house towels, and it desperately needs to be repainted.

  87. Rebecca says:

    I am in desperate need for a masterbath re-do. I would like to get rid of the lovely blue linoleum, fix one of the faucets that I pulled the hot water handle off of 2 yrs ago, and a new toilet that doesnt scream at me when flushed 🙂

  88. Katie K says:

    My bathroom needs some storage and a new faucet for the sink (even after researching and messing around with it, I can’t get the handle to go back on properly).

  89. Michele nSync says:

    Well it started out with a shower leak and now we have to re tile the bathroom floor so this would be amazing to purchase new tile and plywood to fix the floor!! Right now the bathroom is in pieces just waiting to be redone!! 🙂 think I’ll go today to home depot and price it out 😉

  90. rose osada says:

    Hi Cindy,
    I love your site and check it frequently. I would love to surprise my husband with this deal and impress him once again with my search for deals. He has been diligently working on the bathroom in our rental home. It started as a simple replacement of the vanity, which progressed to a leak, which now requires the floor to be ripped up- the floor that he just finished and now will have to re-do. So we have dumped a lot of money into the place lately but now have no choice but to finish since we have a renter moving in soon. Thanks so much!

  91. cheryl says:

    My tile started popping off the wall and breaking. I need to replace what’s missing along with replacing my shower head, which resembles yours in the picture!

  92. Yesenia K. says:

    Wow this post is perfect timing! We were just in home depot pricing out mildew resistant paint, caulking, grout sealer and fixtures for our bathroom. We are expecting another boy in May which will make it offically three boys using this bathroom. This gift card would give us a great start to update this bathroom for some heavy usage for many years to come.

  93. Stacey says:

    Oh, how I would love to re-do my 25 year old bathrooms. I have such a fear of contractors since I got scammed on my kitchen a few years ago. The “designer” actually went to jail for a few days because of non-delivery to the wrong clients. He never came back to finish MY kitchen.

    It would be soooooooooooooooo exciting to win. I love Home Depot!

  94. Kelly M. says:

    We have the bathroom in the boys’ room that used to be the master bathroom – when the house was built in the 60s. My son hates it and asked if we could turn in into something else. He didn’t like my idea to just turn it into another garage – silly suggestion, of course. It would be great to make it user friendly!

  95. Cara says:

    I would love to update the 1950’s decor that we currently have in our main bathroom. The home depot card would be perfect for that extra motivation needed to get started!!!!

  96. Margie says:

    I’m a good customer at Home Depot. My credit card knows them well. We have plans to put a bathroom in our basement and $100 would really help. Not only do we need fixtures but wood and sheetrock. Luckily, my husband is handy and can do the work.

  97. Ashley says:

    My bathroom needs a total redo! Drywall, tile, toilet, sink! Iti s 1970’s powder blue and gold! EWWW!!!!

  98. Jillian says:

    This would be so great! We are getting ready to do our basement bathroom and this would help out with new paint and lighting!!! We <3 Home Depot!

  99. Bex says:

    We just moved into our first home, and our bathroom has not been updated in 40 years! We’d love to start fresh with a new countertop!

  100. Chad says:

    This would be great for sprucing up our daughters bathroom. It definitely needs paint and updated fixtures!

  101. Lauren G. says:

    I could use a new vanity!

  102. Nicole says:

    Both of our shower faucets leak terribly, wasting water and causing us to take luke warm showers while the hot water burns our feet! And we need to replace both of our toilets, as the holes from the tank to the toilet have calcified and so you have to flush three times just to get an effect! We are desperately trying not to waste water and our home is literally leaking like a sieve! We’d be ever so grateful for a break in the price while we repair our money pit! Thank you for this chance!

  103. egregg says:

    All 3 bathrooms need a good paint job, new mirror, and one or two of them could use a new vanity. I would love to win this giftcard because we are really in need of some cosmetic repairs to the house and it is certainly not in our budget to get it all done by the time i’d like it done. Thanks for the opportunity!

  104. Al says:

    When I bought my three family house, the basement apartment had PURPLE tile/bathtub…it needs to get changed drastically! This gift card would help

  105. lori b says:

    My toiletbowl just broke today so I could use a new one!

  106. Kristin says:

    I would redo my vanity – mine look like they’re from the 70s

  107. Allie says:

    I would buy a new toilet and get a more efficient one

  108. LaurenU says:

    Oh boy could we use this :). We recently bought a new house and the master bathroom needs some work. The previous owners didn’t paint with a bathroom paint so it looks like the walls are melting from the moisture (even though we have an exhaust fan). Additionally, the floor leaves much to be desired, and I’d love a new faucet. Thank you for the opportunity!

  109. Melanie says:

    I would love to replace the fixtures in our kids’ bathroom. After three kids and many years, they desperately need to be replaced.

  110. Stacey says:

    Ahhh. We love Home Depot! We would love Home Depot to help us redo our children’s hall bathroom. After four children and a bathroom that has been around since the early 70’s, I’m soooo ready for a change!

  111. Christie says:

    I would install a shower! All we have is an old bathtub from the 50s!!

  112. mary says:

    I would love to pick out a new mirror and light fixture for our master bath!

  113. Liz L says:

    seeing as the skylight in my bathroom is leaking thanks to so much snow in NJ, I’d love to replace the shower curtain that’s getting stained – and put a lower flow faucet / shower head in to SAVE water/MONEY!

  114. Christine says:

    We desperately need a new vanity and faucet for our bathroom (circa 1970s!)

  115. sarah says:

    My husband and daughter have very sensitive skin. Every time they shower their skin gets pretty red. We have tried the dermatalogist and many other solutions nothing has worked. I think it may be due to some chlorine in the water. We could really use a showerhead filter. Also all the bathrooms in our house have these really ugly lights they are a long metal strip with round lightbulbs popping out. We would love to replace those but dont have the money right now.

  116. Dollie says:

    I need to replace the floor with tile.

  117. Kim says:

    I just bought my house last year. My bathtub, so it now seems, was resurfaced. Well, let me tell you something about resurfacing … it peels. It started peeling in one spot and then just kept on going. So the combination of the slippery resurfacing (which will not allow me to use anything but bar soap or else I will end up falling on my face – which I have done a few times, ow!) and now the resurfacing peeling makes me dread taking a shower. Isn’t that horrible? I’m not sure what the answer is, beyond a whole new tub.
    What a great offer from Home Depot! Whoo hoo!

  118. Autumn miller says:

    We moved into a house with carpet on the floor of both bathrooms–YUCK!!!
    Would love to replace that and a new vanity!

  119. Kelly says:

    We do not even use our upstairs bathroom bath/ shower because it drains poorly. The bathroom is so old and needs to be gutted. It needs to be re-done but it just has to wait.

  120. Florence says:

    My bathroom needs painting, caulking,and possibly investigation for a leak and/or a new shower door – let alone new lights, rugs, mats…. i guess the list could be endless – it Definitely Needs a Pick-me-up. A gift card would jump start the effort nicely! 🙂

  121. CyndiMac says:

    Just in time! We need to redo everything in our bathroom. The floor, the tub, the toilet! Will def have to go check Home Depot out for those books. Thanks for the heads up!

  122. KC says:

    I would love to replace the sink and faucet in my bathroom! Unfortunately, on the bottom of the to do list!

  123. Barbara A says:

    hmmm where do I start? I think I would pull down the wallpaper and paint. I would also replace the lighting fixtures.

  124. Kathy C says:

    I think I would start by replacing the horried orange wallpaper the last homeowner left!

  125. Renie says:

    my countertop is eggplant i would love to change it.

  126. Lynne says:

    I would paint and put new tile in the master bathroom

  127. Maria S. says:

    Need to get rid of the mildew that accumulates on the bathroom ceiling

  128. Rebecca says:

    I need a new floor! Mine is coming apart and it looks just awful. (Someone laid vinyl on top of the original tile.) The sinks and light fixtures are terribly outdated, the faucets are leaky in the sinks and tubs and the downstairs tub leaks as well. All of the tile in both bathrooms should be re-grouted or maybe replaced altogether. Even the medicine cabinets are original to my 1950 Cape Cod. A coat of paint wouldn’t hurt either!! I’d love to do a lot of the work myself, but I definitely need some help and instruction from the experts at Home Depot!

  129. Lori J says:

    Oh my gosh, my hubby and I were just talking about our need to fix our bathroom, but with him unemployed, it makes it difficult. Our shower knob just fell apart this week, so a chance at winning this is God-sent!
    Thanks, and here’s to hoping!

  130. lj says:

    I would love this…our half bath still has the tulip wallpaper from 1996 when we bough the house. Every time I look at it I wish we could redo the entire bathroom!

  131. Sue M says:

    Need to re-chalk the shower, improve towel bar access, storage, new shower curtain, curtains for the window, and a fresh coat of paint!

  132. Shell says:

    I need to spruce up the tiles and the bathtub. Our bathroom is in dire need of a spruce up! Everything is falling apart!

  133. Lori says:

    The wallpaper in my bathroom is so old that, from taking hot showers, the glue has started to re-liquify and drip, leaving icky brown spots all over the paper. I also need a new tub; the porcelain is all worn out.

  134. Debbie Lamach says:

    My husband and I have been to Home Depot almost daily. We are putting a bathroom in off of our bedroom. Since, we don’t have alot of money we are buying a little bit at a time. We still need plumbing, a vanity with sink and a toilet. We purchased beautiful Allure Flooring at the suggestion of a sales associate. Home Depot associates have been extremely helpful each time we go into the store. And sometimes we are in there 3 times a day!

  135. Zahra says:

    A gift card to Home Depot would be awesome!
    Our entire downstairs bathroom needs to be gutted and rebuilt. The previous owner covered up the window with boards and silicone caulking, then covered that up with a stand up shower supported by cinder blocks! In the gap, he placed a white cabinet that he cut the bottom back portion out of to make room for the hot water pipes! It’s awful. We need to rip out the shower, tear down the walls, install a new window and all new fixtures. It’s going to be one expensive project!! And who knows what we’ll find when we start. Until then, we don’t have guests over because we’re too embarrased 🙁

  136. jessica says:

    I would install tile that looks like hardwood

  137. Carolyn says:

    We need a new shower head! Water flys everywhere!

  138. Brande says:

    We need new tile for the floor!

  139. Darla says:

    My husband and I are about to buy our first house!! However, the master bathroom is smaller than the second. So we are planning on remodeling soon after moving in!

  140. Lindsey says:

    I’d love a new vanity!

  141. Christine says:

    My bathroom could use a new bathtub and fresh coat of paint.

  142. Mollie M says:

    Our main bathroom has cracked tile that needs to be replaced and I’d love a more modern vanity and light fixture. 🙂

  143. Jennifer says:

    I have 8 children under 16 years old! Need I say more?? We are on a tight budget and do all home improvements ourselves. I taught them how to lay a floor, now we need to complete the bathroom , but are waiting to save up for a faucet and sheetrock/paint. We are crossing our fingers!LOL

  144. Ashley H. says:

    We need to spruce up the vanity and the shower.

  145. Irene S. says:

    Oh where to start! I would add more shelving for overstock storage, pull out the garden tub and put in another closet, and some new faucets and a new toilet seat would also be in order.

  146. Danielle says:

    This would be so awesome to win. My father-in-law lets my DH and I live with him for very little money. He has an old large Victorian house and it is mostly lovely – except for the bathrooms. Just the other week one of the bath faucets fell off and you can actually see from the upstairs backroom to the downstairs. It would be awesome to be able to fix this up for him as a thank you for the help he has given us!

  147. Shannon says:

    I need a new vanity…and mirror….oh and light fixture would be nice too! 🙂

  148. Lori says:

    Our bathroom defintely needs a paint job!

  149. Lindsay says:

    We really need to paint, and our towel rack keeps falling off the wall!

  150. Patti says:

    I could use a new vanity!

  151. karin says:

    Our faucets are also falling apart. They were second hand when they were first put in over 15 years ago. Need a new sink too. It was also second hand when it was first put in!

  152. Elizabeth says:

    Storage! We have room for it, we just don’t have any shelving yet.

  153. Sharon M says:

    I would LOVE to re-do the faucet in our master bath and possibly put some money towards a new vanity, since the wood on ours is chipping. My husband is a huge do-it-yourselfer and makes at least one trip to Home Depot per week!

  154. maureen says:

    I need a higher toliet as it is getting harder to get us off the one we have

  155. pamela wanamaker says:

    I so could use a baathroom re-do. Been planning it for a while but it not in our budget just yet. We need a new vanity and toilet. We were just in home depot the other day and i was admiring that vanity set that was $99. Its so nice!

  156. Lue says:

    Would love to change some light fixtures.

  157. Aileen says:

    Everything! Completely redoing the bathroom is our next project.

  158. Pamela M. says:

    My bathroom does not have a linen closet, so that is what is desperately needed! I recently replaced the showerhead and medicine cabinet at The Home Depot.

  159. Bob says:

    My main bathroom could use a new faucet and sink drain and, if the budget allows, a new water-saver toilet too.

  160. Jenn K says:

    We really need a new tub surround. Ours is sooo old and the mold just comes through from the back–this would be great!

  161. Stacy Kasse says:

    Well, considering my vanity is white and my sink is harvest gold, you KNOW how old my bathroom is. The shower floor is not great either, covered with those flowering things that people put on so they don’t stick. Unfortunately, they don’t come up either. With little money to redo my bathroom,a gift card would be a wonderful thing to win.
    Thank you for your generosity.

  162. Jamie says:

    I could new tile in the bathroom!

  163. Johannah B says:

    Don’t know if I need a new faucet system or what, but the drain doesn’t close so you cannot fill the sink with water. Very annoying.

  164. Neosha S says:

    Desperately need new bathroom fixtures!

  165. Melissa O says:

    All of my bathrooms look like they are from the 1960s. Our favorite is the “they say it’s green but it’s snot” bathroom. We need to gut renovate it, and this would certainly help!

  166. Jo Ann Payne says:

    New tile would be nice along with lighting and hardware.

  167. Carrie Allen says:

    We just bought our house last February and spent a great deal of time and money fixing it up. The only thing that we thought was going to be done to the bathroom was a new floor and move the toliet. Boy were we wrong. Once we started working things popped up left and right. While moving the countertop on the vanity it split and cracked our sink. We have finished as much as our budget would afford, however the replacement of two outlets caused the countertop to shift even more. With $100, we could replace our countertop and sink and my bathroom would finally be done!

  168. Lisa says:

    I need to fix the vent in my bathroom as well as work on the tub/shower enclosure. Anything I do is a start toward being more satisfied with it!

  169. Sara Fredericks says:

    We are in desperate need of a complete bathroom overhaul which is near impossible. I think updating our fixtures and perhaps a new vanity and coat of paint would change things drastically, for the better.

  170. Terrie Pierce says:

    My faucet is squirting in so many different directions. I need a new faucet badly. My toilet gets stopped up constantly. It’s probably well over 20 years old. HELP! 😀

  171. Elizabeth says:

    I literally have a rocking toilet, it rocks back and forth, its only a matter of time before it turns into a real problem. This would give no excuse to put it off any longer. Thank you so much for the chance!

  172. Emma says:

    I would go for new wallpaper, the walls are papered with huge gold shells, looks like something out of a bad casino just off the strip on Vegas. What an eye sore… ick.

  173. Meghann says:

    Besides making it bigger, I would love more storage and new paint!

  174. Amy says:

    We have a bathtub leak and we also need a new shower head, paint and additional storage.

  175. Veronica James says:

    I would redo the downstairs bathroom. It’s the one guest use the most. I would replace the vinyl because it is coming up off the floor in certain areas and has ripped…….I would love tile flooring instead!

  176. danielle says:

    Our bathroom is pretty old (built in the 1930’s), it was renovated before we bought the house in the 1980’s, so, we need a complete bathroom red0!
    Toilet, sink, tub/shower enclosure. Storage is zero-so need that. We have a stack pipe running through the center of the room and so we’d need to re-route that! It all needs help desperately. To top it all off, a new floor, walls and coat of paint.

  177. Denise says:

    Planning a bathroom re-do very soon! Would love to have a gift card to Home Depot to get us started!!

  178. Kelly says:

    We need everything. We started re-doing our bathroom about 10 years ago…it’s still not done! HELP! Please pick me! 😀

  179. Lauren says:

    I need a new shower head! and to re-grout the shower

  180. Kim says:

    I could definately use a new medicine cabinet/mirror. Bathroom also could use a new coat of paint. Thanks for the chance to win!

  181. jessica says:

    OUr shower knob broke. DESPERATELY need to redo the whole shower… hoping for a nice tax return!

  182. Sheila Vrtiska says:

    My shower needs to be redone. The grout betwen the tile is cracked and probably allows moisture into the wall. I have also started painting in the bathroom and never finished.

  183. Nancy says:

    I have been talking about new tile in our master bathroom for almost a year now. And while we are at it we are hoping to redo the shower too!

  184. Kelly says:

    Toilets for me. We have very hard water the my poor toilet looks dirty 🙁

  185. My bathroom is 26 years old and has to be redone. Unfortunately, i can’t afford it. I have no money to do it, but would like at least to have new tiles around my tub or some nice wallpapers. I like light blue color…and butterflies…that would be a very nice bathroom…

  186. Amy S. says:

    I could use new light fixtures in the kid’s bathroom. It is no longer 1975.

  187. Laurie Holland says:

    Perfect! Our bathroom was just reduced to rubble this weekend! We could really use some money towards putting it back together! Thanks! 🙂

  188. Shaun J says:

    Just knocked our bathroom out this weekend! We could use the $100 towards the new one! Thanks for the chance to win!

  189. Keely says:

    Oh boy, what DON’T I need in my bathrooms?!?! My bathroom needs a new vanity and faucet because it sprays every where and I’ve worked on the washer, also the drain stopper no longer connects properly so I can’t stop the sink and the same with my shower/tub. I can’t take a proper bath because the drain closure doesn’t work. I’d also like to change out the lighting fixture because it’s those humongous frosted ball bulbs that don’t give off a nice light. The guest bathroom needs a new shower head and I’d like to replace the mirror and vanity in the half bath!

  190. Lorraine says:

    I would love to have a new shower head in our bathroom. The shower head drips and I cannot shut it off. I would like to redo the bathroom tiles the are dated from the 70’s. I would also like to replace the toilet that moves when you sit on it.

  191. Matt says:

    We need to re-do both our half and full baths. The full has ceramic tiles layed over hardwood and they keep breaking and cracking, no grout left. The toilets are old and need replacing, vanitiess need replacing. Paint is needed as well as flooring in the half.

  192. Cathy K. says:

    We could sure use a new bathroom faucet for our downstairs half bath. The present one is now pitted. Also, the medicine cabinet is showing its age as the mirror section is peeling as well.

  193. susan says:

    We could really use a new cabinet and sink. Our sink is perfect height if you are 4 feet tall, not so much if you are a normal adult.

  194. Lisa says:

    I would LOVE to win this!! I have two bathrooms that could use overhauls. One is 1960’s baby blue and the other is pepto bismal pink. Vanities, toilets, bathtubs, and tile all colored blue and pink. Yuck! So, yeah it would be great to win! 🙂

  195. Jessica Stewart says:

    I could totally use a shower head!

  196. Tracy W says:

    OMG!!! My master bath toilet is leaking!!! We have to shut off water when not in use ! UGHH

  197. sarah says:

    I could use a new shower head to replace our broken one!! I love Home Depot—I’m always so inspired after I leave 🙂

  198. Danielle says:

    I would love to get a new showerhead for the kids’ bathroom, and a new vanity. And the vanity in our bathroom is so low my hubby had to stoop quite low to brush his teeth. A new vanity for there would be great!! 🙂

  199. Man you have no idea how awesome this would be to win! We need to finish our master bath so we can sell our condo now that baby #2 is coming.

  200. Linda Flanner says:

    I need a new toilet!!! Mine has a broken lid and it seems that some of the holes to flush the water through are plugged so the plunger is used at least once per week. Help!!

  201. Rei says:

    We’re actually going to do a bathroom remodel soon so we’ll need new tile & a vanity.

  202. Jennifer Davey says:

    We need a new vanity in the kids bathroom!

  203. Kelly says:

    Wow, do we ever need some wall fixes & new paint. Of course, all new fixtures would be just a plus.

  204. Tanya says:

    We so desperately need a new tile bathroom floor….ours is cracked, uneven, and just plain need to go!! This would be awesome to put towards it!!

  205. Kathleen E. says:

    We have everything we need except tile- we need to do a total gut of our upstairs bathroom because it’s old and hideous. The house was built in 1952 & hasn’t been updated since the 1970s: the wallpaper is large flowers & butterflies in a mix of dark brown, white, orange and pea soup green, walls and floor are covered in mosaic tiles of similar colors (minus the orange), tub & sink are pea soup green, while the tub/shower area is tiled in beige with green scrollwork in the corners of the tiles. When we first got the house, people would visibly flinch upon seeing this bathroom…now we’re almost ready to get rid of it. (I can send pictures if you want.)

  206. Kirstine says:

    We are in the process of updating the bathroom, new lighting fixtures, tile, vanity, paint. Every little bit helps.

  207. Stephanie M says:

    Our bathroom needs help. We need new light fixtures and some cabinet storages, also a new faucet. This gifcard will be a huge help.
    Thanks for this opportunity 🙂

  208. lisa says:

    We need a new toilet that doesn’t clog 80% of the time. (We have just a cheap generic one now). I would like to replace my pedal stool sink with a nice cabinet and counter top so that I could actually store things that are needed for the bathroom. A new color of paint and new updated fixtures. This bathroom is the bathroom that everyone uses when they visit, so I would like a nice showy bathroom for my guests.. And something My family and enjoy as well.. Thanks Lisa

  209. ali says:

    I would love this gift card as we’re redoing our bathroom in a few weeks. We’re putting down tile, putting in a new double vanity and painting the room. Can’t wait!

  210. Terry says:

    We went to the Philly Home Show this weekend (get reduced ticket prices by using a promo code online) and I was Soooo close to winning a $5k kitchen remodel. You had to spin the slot machine and get three 7’s. I got two sevens and the 3rd seven was one too low!!! Soooo close!

  211. Shannon says:

    I am looking to finish a new bathroom in our basement. We are finishing the basement and had the plumbing rough in done while building the house.

  212. Lisanne says:

    We are in desperate need of a new potty and new floor 🙂

  213. Jennifer C. says:

    We need a vanity and tile!

  214. robyn says:

    We really need new shower doors- and new floor tile!! Thanks for all you do!!

  215. liz says:

    i need a new vanity, cabinet & some paint! 🙂

  216. Lindsey says:

    The shower! It’s getting dingy. A new faucet and some super cleaner would be great!

  217. Becca says:

    We need to get a new medicine cabinet. The one we have now is mdf and all the moisture and heat of the shower is causing it to start to “fray” around the edges… We would love to get $100 to use towards the purchase of a new one!

  218. Tracy R says:

    WoW! This giveaway came right in time!! We are in the process of remodeling our whole bathroom. There is mold and water leaks so we are redoing everything. The giftcard would definitely come in handy!!

  219. my bathroom could really use a new toilet in general. it’s a bit old. 🙂

  220. carandavis says:

    We need a new light fixture in our second bath. It looks awful!

  221. Ashley says:

    My husband and I are currently in the middle of redoing our bathroom(s). We have replaced the mirrors and faucets, however, we would like to tackle the shower. We have an inset shower stall and would really like to take that out and install tile to make it more roomy and better looking. A giftcard would be a great help!

  222. Jennifer says:

    We would love to redo our bathroom!

  223. Giovanna Di Iorio says:

    I can really use this gift card as we need to buy a new vanity and mirrors for our bathroom. Good luck to all!

  224. Amy says:

    We need new fixtures in our shower.

  225. Bethany Bailey says:

    My family of three (plus one on the way) live in a one bedroom pool house. I would LOVE to get this gift card to make some changes in the bathroom to fit our family needs. Maybe some shelves/extra cabinet. Organization is needed:)

  226. Stephanie says:

    We have a crack in the tile in our shower, and just don’t have the funds to fix it right now. So this would come in really helpful! Thanks!

  227. nancy says:

    For me– paint along with a new floor would help spruce up my bathroom. New window treatments would help also, and a nice new tub/shower with a jet or two for making my arthritis managable.

  228. susan w says:

    We need a whole new bathroom, and a giftcard would help so much!

  229. Dee says:

    What would help spruce up my bathroom would be a larger mirror and a new cabinet (currently the one we have is broken) so that it would look much better! 🙂

  230. Erin B says:

    We need a new vanity in our bathroom.

  231. Rhonda says:

    We are looking to redo our bathroom soon…I so love the glass tile that is at Home Depot for the walls … and hope to be replacing the counter tops and sinks

  232. Robin D says:

    We can use new paint, lighting and towel racks!

  233. Tina says:

    I need to redo my whole bathroom! It has been over 20 years and went through 3 kids.

  234. Melanie says:

    We starting remodeling our downstairs 2 years ago. We gutted everything and built 2 bedrooms, a bathroom and a laundry room. To finish the bathroom, we stll need to sheetrock 1 wall, molding, and of course, paint for the wall when it is done. Oh, and we also need a fan!

  235. Jennifer Gray says:

    We were just discussing changing out our very dated bathroom faucets – I think they were the cheapest the builder could find 30 years ago and have not been replaced. We could also use new light fixtures to update our look.

  236. Kathy says:

    We plan to gut the entire bathroom- drywall and all becasuse we need to take down the scary outdated tile.

  237. I need a new bathroom, period!

  238. Em says:

    We need an exhaust fan, paint and a new medicine cabinet…

  239. Jane says:

    We need to install a fart fan (exhaust fan) since it is the downstairs powder room and there is no exsisting exhaust. I know we are going to need the exhaust fan with high CFM, electrical wire, a new switch, dry wall, joint compound, etc. Luckily, the labor is free since my husband is an electrician. Imagine the downstairs powder room next to the kitchen and living room…not pretty when guests have to go and they don’t listen to our rule of – If you have to do the DO (poo) then go upstairs.

  240. Daisie Couch says:

    Our bathroom is right out of the 1960’s small tub, art deco tiles, cold floors you name it! it needs to be redone, new paint, vanity, and a new shower installed.

  241. Carolyn says:

    I would love my bathroom to come out of the 1980’s (I am just saying) and have an energy efficient lighting fixtures and a new water reducing shower head! I am slowing replacing these things and I have a one bathroom left to complete! This would help take the sting out of the cost! Thanks 🙂

  242. Francesca says:

    I’d really like to get one of those over the toilet storage units for our bathroom because we really could use more space.

  243. Lori says:

    My poor husbend started our bathroom project 2 years before he retired, now it is a year since he retired and the bathroom is still not finished. We have most of the supplies required for the redo but my husbend just can’t seen to muster the desire to get moving on it. Does Home Depot sell ambition in a can? I think winning a $100.00 gift card might spark a little ” git up and go” in my better half. Thanks for reading my gripe!

  244. Amy Singley says:

    My husband and I just purchased a home in short sale and this would help us tremendously with remodeling the bathrooms!! We would love to get some updated fixtures and maybe a new light or two. Being that we just got married this would be a TREMENDOUS help!!

  245. Steve S. says:

    Wow, this would be incredible! My wife and I have a 1960’s bathroom that would love a facelift! It has the crazy old tiles and needs a TON of work. This would be a HUGE help to making our dreams come true of modernizing the bathroom!

  246. becky b says:

    This would sooo help us put new floors and a new sink in the kids room. Great giveaway and have fun sprucing up your bathroom! Thanks!

  247. diana stanley says:

    We are redoing my kids bathroom. I actaully went to HD to pick up a few items….trying to stay on budget. We still need faucets that were not on sale when went the last time.

  248. Rebecca says:

    I recently redid my half bath (total gut job and we did everything ourselves), but I am still looking to replace the vanity top of my main bath. I’d like to put a granite top on my vanity, with a new undermount sink.

  249. Brian says:

    Last summer I bought a house to call my own. It’s a nice little ranch house built in the mid 70’s. The problem is, that’s about the last time that the bathroom was updated as well. There is bright yellow tile about halfway up the wall and above that is wallpaper with a floral pattern. The shower/bathtub seems to have been replaced at some point with what I think is one of those overlay systems. The bathroom is functional, but it just doesn’t really fit the stylings of a single man. From the time that I moved in redoing the bathroom was a goal of mine. This would help a lot!

  250. Kris says:

    We sure could use a sprucce up in our house. The downstairs bathroom shower/ bath is shut off because it was leaking and it has been like 4 years and still hasn’t gotten fixed. Just because of money time. Sure could use this Thanks.

  251. Maria says:

    we need a new vanity and a faucets. We have a double vanity and the faucet on the right doesn’t work. We can’t get water 🙁

  252. Christiana says:

    I just started my bathroom remodel last week! I have spent a lot at Home Depot on it already, but there are still a few finishing touches I need to pick up!

  253. Melanie says:

    We need a new showerhead, lights, and towel bars in the kids bathroom. And I’m going to paint while I’m at it!

  254. Jennifer says:

    We desperately need to replace our tub and tub surround.

  255. Sally B says:

    I hope your remodel works out well for you. I love Home Depot, this store is my second home! I am glad to live near one. We live in a fixer upper, so many trips are made each weekend to Home Depot. Next on our project list is a second bathroom. We are in deperate need of a second bathroom! There is always someone in there and someone waiting for them to come out. 🙂

  256. Rebecca Hasselbach says:

    definitely needing a new sink! And some paint for the walls

  257. Kristin says:

    I just went to this class on Saturday. It was very helpful! I am redoing one of my bathrooms and still need a vanity and light fixture.

  258. mamabunny13 says:

    I’ve been wanting to put up new wallpaper.
    mamabunny13 at gmail dot com

  259. Sherri H. says:

    We really need a new shower faucet and shower head. Ours are kind of disgusting.

  260. Kristen says:

    We are in desperate need of redoing our tiny master bathroom. Right now everything is pink – pink toilet, pink sink, and pink tile on the floor and half way up the wall. Definitely need to check on home depot so we can update our bathroom from the 50’s to the 2000’s 🙂

  261. Eleanor says:

    We have been planning to redo our powder room since we moved in 7 years ago! All we need is a new toilet and vanity, then of course, new tile floor and paint!

  262. Emmeline says:

    Hmm, where to begin? Perhaps with the boring, old builders grade faucets? Or the hideous linoleum that is starting to mold? Yay, for Home Depot! 🙂

  263. MATT says:

    The Faucet

  264. ashley says:

    my shower surround needs to be replaced! would sooooo love to win this!!

  265. Christine-Team JC says:

    We so need help updating our pink bathroom! Thanks!

  266. lisa says:

    we need to do many things around the house.

  267. Lori says:

    Hard water just ruins my toilets. They have to get replaced.

  268. Amanda Nail says:

    We could really use a new vanity in our bathroom!

  269. Marilyn says:

    We are remodeling master bath. Need faucets, lights and vanity.

  270. Brianna says:

    I would love to re-do the vanity I hate the one we have now, I’d love love love new hardware on the cabinets, seems like just a little touch makes all the difference!

  271. Amanda says:

    Where to begin???…..toilet is in bad shape from hardwater. Could use a shiny new one!

  272. Anonymous says:

    I could use a new toilet that doesn’t continually run and is the new elongated style. Also a new bath tub, as the one I have is from the eightys and it is not very deep, so no soaking for me and I simply love a good soak to relax.

  273. Karen says:

    Definitely the hardware and light fixtures

  274. Stephanie says:

    We are planning on putting a new bathroom in our basement…so we could really use this!

  275. Stephen says:

    This is a great contest for the house!

  276. Candice D. says:

    I’d like to re-tile my tub.

  277. Victoria Bayne says:

    I need a new shower head desperately! and I would also like to get a new counter for the bathroom

  278. Angela says:

    I need to spruce up the floor. It is linoleum and has stains that won’t come out. I would like to install tile.

  279. Ann says:

    We need new faucets also. The handle fell off and I need a piers to open and close the cold water! Classy!

  280. Carolyn says:

    We would like to update all of our bathroom lights for energy efficiency. I’d also like to paint – 8 years in this house and every bathroom is still covered in builder’s paint! Thanks Cindy!

  281. LAMusing says:

    We need a new showerhead!

  282. Norma says:

    Our master bathroom really needs a lot of work – the most pressing is a new toilet.

  283. bobita says:

    Wow my bathroom needs everything. I just ordered a vanity top and a new light fixture from Home Depot but haven’t decided on a faucet yet so that’s definitely where the gift card would go!

  284. Christina says:

    Our half bath is so generic it doesn’t match anything else in our house. I have a vision of what I want to do with it. The Gift card would come in handy to start that project!

  285. Claire says:

    A new cabinet would be nice

  286. Amy Hughes says:

    I’d really love to win! I’ve been thinking about a new sink in the kids’ bathroom!

  287. Kan Lee says:

    Need to update my bathroom floor as well as the vanity and showerhead. Thanks.

  288. Michelle A. says:

    Really need a new vanity over here. The 80’s live on in my bathroom!

  289. Monica says:

    We live in my husbands childhood home. I need to replace the jet tub (broken)
    in the bathroom.

  290. Jenn says:

    Oh dear where to start…..lanoleum shrinking from under base boards, shower liner hanging by four guscettes (sp?) , new paint, remove old border, new bath mat….thanks for the chance!

  291. Eileen Chey says:

    My husband, infant son, & I are moving in with my in-laws this week. While we’re living there for an indefinite amount of time, my husband plans to help his parents finish their long-time renovation project in the downstairs bathroom. This giveaway caught my eye because the gift prize would certainly help expedite the process!
    The tile and shower are already in place but the room needs grout, hardware, and possibly a vanity/sink and mirror.
    The timing of this could not be more perfect. With six adults already sharing the two bathrooms upstairs, this would be a blessing for us and a great thank you gift for us to leave for the household!

  292. When we moved into our house, we found that none of the bathrooms had hardwear. No towels bars or toilet paper holders. Crazy! I’d get some nice ones!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  293. Mary Alice says:

    Our bathtub is the original tub and it really, really needs replacing. Plus, we still have the original toilet and I would love to get a low flow toilet.

  294. Sally says:

    Wow, nice giveaway. Wish my hubs was so handy! I need new shower door, paint and blinds.

  295. Elaine says:

    Our master bath is the last room that really needs updating, the wallpaper is peeling, the vanity needs replacing, the tile & doors on the shower need to go. All of the fixtures… (light, faucets, & toilet paper/towel rack) need replacing.
    It’s really pretty ugly in there.

  296. Malora says:

    We plan on redoing our bathroom this summer. Everything from tiles to vanity to bathtubs. This would be awesome to put towards it!! Thank you for giving all your readers an opportunity to win:)

  297. Momxfour says:

    I would love this..we just moved into a new house and my bathroom has grungy pink tiles on the walls and floor :-/…..also has a blue sink, bathtub and toilet! It would definatly help us get started on changing things out!!!

  298. Mike says:

    this is such a nice website …

  299. Sheila Hickmon says:

    I could really spruce up my bathtub! There are parts that are just falling apart!
    Thanks for the chance!

  300. Kristy OT says:

    Our bathroom light fixtures need to be updated in a bad way.

  301. Hopie says:

    We really need a new faucet and shower head.

  302. Sheila K. says:

    I would love to put in a new vanity in my bathroom!

    skkorman AT bellsouth DOT net

  303. Kin says:

    I have a pink bathroom too which definitely needs so updating.

  304. My bathroom is in desperate need of a total make-over! I need a new ceiling, a new floor, and everything in between! HELP! lol

  305. Lauren says:

    We desperately need a bathroom remodel. As soon as finances allow, I plan on getting a low-flow toilet (ours is the original one that the builders put in and is really old and leaky).

  306. Jenn says:

    My husband decided he wanted to remodel our master bath & closet – over 5 years ago! At the time we only had 2 kids and all o us sharing the main bathroom was no big deal. Well now it is 5 years later and we have 2 more kids – 3 of which are little boys hat either cannot aim or are easily distracted while at the toliet & it is time to finish the master bath! We have actually been working on it once again but still need lots to get there.
    We need: faucets both tub & sink (have the tub & vanity), tile backer, grout & mastic (have the tile), wax ring & a few fittings (have the toliet), paint (just finished the primer this weekend), hardwood floor sander, closet rods & shelving, molding, shower head & glass door.
    There is still more that needs to be done – but hopefully I will have a bathroom retreat by my birthday – in July! Is that to much to ask?

  307. Amy P says:

    I’m with Kin-my bathroom is also pink…pink tub, pink tiles on the walls, pink toliet, pink floor…LOL. So really we need a whole bathroom remodel. However, we just started a mini remodel by taking off the shower doors and replacing them with a curved shower rod…looking better already. With $100, I would probably look into a new shower head and maybe a new faucet. =) $100 should be more than enough for those things…right?!? Ha!!

  308. Amy V says:

    While there are many things our bathroom could use, we probably are most in need of some new shower doors.

  309. Jerry says:

    Would love a new light fixture…and if there was left over money, new shower fixtures.

  310. John says:

    A new bathroom sink faucet would be nice.

  311. jessi says:

    my bathroom sink faucet just broke last week! I am planning to buy a new one and if i won the gift card it would sure be timely.

  312. anash says:

    Mandatory Entry: i could use tile flooring. the vinyl linoleum is getting old and disgusting!!
    Anashct [at] yahoo [dot] com

  313. debbie says:

    What do I not need to spruce up in there? It has 27 year old vinyl flooring, old lighting, fake marble countertops, a cracked tub. Yes, I need to replace everything!

  314. Felicia K. says:

    I really need a new shower curtain and rod.

  315. Sharon says:

    I could use new lighting; my bathroom is very dim. I’d also like to get new lavatory and shower fixtures.

  316. Tammy M. says:

    I need to replace the shower head.

  317. Andrea says:

    I REALLY need to spruce up my bathroom! The sinks are literally falling apart along with all the other hardware… this would be SOOOOO nice!

  318. Janet F says:

    I need a new vanity for my bathroom. The walls also need to be painted.

    janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com

  319. Wendi P says:

    I would love some new towel bars. Thanks so much for the chance to win!

  320. Patti M says:

    I’d put the gift card towards a new vanity. Every time I walk into my master bath now I feel like I’m in an episode of Father Knows Best! LOL!!

  321. Michelle says:

    Our powder room toilet leaked and the water damage ruined the wood flooring and leaked into the basement. We need to rip everything out and redo. This gift card would be a huge help!

  322. Kimberly says:

    I live with my in-laws and they are trying to get their house ready to sell, and their bathroom is the weak point… The upstairs bathroom leaks into the downstairs bathroom on a regular basis the decor is out dated, and all the tiles need to be redone, and the whole wall is tiled! Yikes! This would be a blessing and honestly a push to help get us started.

  323. Janis says:

    This would be amazing, need to update a 50 year old bathroom and this would more than help jumpstart us to do it. We really have been trying to start but don’t even know where to begin! Thanks

  324. Brian Marks says:

    I need the works – shower, vanity, tile – you name it!

  325. Diane says:

    new lighting above the medicine cabinet mirror.

  326. John says:

    New tiles on the floor

  327. Maria says:

    My 1960s style bathroom needs a huge overhaul! But I would start with the sink…
    Thank you!

  328. Bo says:

    I would love new light fixtures!
    Thank you!

  329. tess says:

    we really need new tile and a new toliet.

  330. Ashley K says:

    I need some organization solutions as well as a new shower curtain rod/curtain!

  331. Christina says:

    I would love to put tiles on the floor as well as change the shower head in my master bath 🙂

  332. I love your website – such great deals and ideas! Please enter me in the Home Depot Giveaway – Thanks!

  333. marisa says:

    W need a new Shower head, that pulls down so I can wash the dog 🙂

  334. Jennifer Binkley says:

    We really could use a new coat of paint. So tired of boring beige…
    [email protected]

  335. Stephanie says:

    We need to renovate the entire bathroom. We have 2 really young kids and trying to make it more kid friendly. The house is really old so we’re just trying to pick away at it one room at a time.

  336. Donna says:

    We could use a new faucet and sink.

  337. Catherine P. says:

    We have a high mineral content in our water and we need to replace the facets and knobs in our shower and sink.

  338. Cheri says:

    We need a whole new bathroom! But to start I would like to get a new sink and counter with mirror and lighting.

  339. sarah says:

    We need new medicine cabinet and cabinet above the toilet. Thanks!

  340. Rochelle Marsh says:

    We are in the process of doing a whole second bathroom so could use any help possible! thanks

  341. leslie r says:

    We just bought our home and the master bath has loose tile in the shower and leaking faucet. Please help 🙂

  342. patricia B. says:

    My last paycheck was $0.11. Thats right, 11 cents. I really could use a new toilet.

  343. Nicole R says:

    I definately need a new shower head and new flooring!

  344. Julie says:

    I would LOVE to win the giftcard. I need to remodel my bathroom and this would help. Thanks

  345. Brenda Battin says:

    Whole bathroom needs help! Thanks

  346. kerri says:

    We need a new shower

  347. TraceyF says:

    New faucets definitely since ours are original (circa 1982) and a paint job.

  348. Brigitte says:

    I have a sad master bathroom…

  349. We just moved in & REALLY need to replace our sink & vanity that was destroyed by the previous owners

  350. Sarah Powers says:

    My bathroom is in desperate need of a new Vanity!

  351. bob stangenberg says:

    We need both a new more efficient sink & toilet. Our bathroom is soooo tiny, you can sit on the potty & brush your teeth at the same time. It would be great to get a newer lower profile sink and potty that might free up a little “breathing” room!!

  352. Joy Carns says:

    We need to redo both of our bathrooms. We got married in December and we now own a 50 year old house, which needs a lot of TLC. Tile floors, paint, new vanities, etc…

  353. Kari says:

    We could really add a new vanity, bathroom storage (kids’ll do that to you) and new faucet & showerhead!

  354. Paula Brown says:

    My bathroom can use a serious redo!!!!!!

  355. megan karetny says:

    We could definitely maximize our storage w/ better shelves in our bathroom 🙂

  356. Tracy Robertson says:

    I need a new shower door!

  357. Kal says:

    We could use a new sink & vanity!

  358. Melanie J says:

    Giftcard would be sweet! I have 2 bathrooms….One needs a new sink the other needs to be painted and need to get an over the toilet storage unit.

  359. Cam says:

    A new tub/shower would be great in our bathroom!

  360. Jennifer M says:

    Both of my bathrooms need a fresh coat of paint! 🙂

  361. Tara M says:

    We need to redo our bathroom completely! But most importantly the shower and sink!

  362. emanuel addison says:

    ireally need a new faucet and shower head also a paint job besides a few little other things

  363. Margaret W. says:

    I don’t have any storage what-so-ever in my bathroom!! I would love to install a cabiniet for towels, toiletries, etc.

  364. Kristen says:

    I want to put in a new medicine cabinet.

  365. Jen Melear says:

    Living in a house from the 40s. Cool character, but TINY bathrooms. Been making it work, but the “master” bathroom has no ventilation besides opening the window, and needless to say mold is an issue. Gift card would be AWESOME!!

  366. Heather says:

    3 kids and 2 adults in our house…bathroom could definitly use some work!! My husband is already at Home Depot at least 4 times a week & this would HELP!! 🙂

  367. Carol W. says:

    I’d really like a nice new sink for the powder room.

  368. Denise says:

    I really need new shower doors and my tile needs new grout.

  369. Sharon Propatier says:

    Always can use a re-do in the bathroom

  370. Jeff M. says:

    Downstairs bathroom in serious need of demo and fresh, MOLD-RESISTANT drywall. And redoing the shower would be great, too!!

  371. Jessica says:

    My husband and I moved to Florida in January 2010 to Eglin AFB and purchased our first home at the end of 2010 with the help of the VA home loan guarantee. The home was built in 1988 and needs a lot of updating and fixing. The vanity is old and warn and there are handles missing on the cabinet drawers. Having this gift card will most definitely help us take a step in the direction we wish to go!

  372. Carolyn Fitzsimons says:

    Dear Cindy,

    We have a half bath off of our master bedroom that needs a NEW VANITY and SINK. the current sink is original (1970s) the size of a postage stamp and is bright yellow. It has rust around the drain and the faucet is pretty nasty.
    We have a large linen closet in this half bath, which we hope to someday, take out and make room for a STALL SHOWER to complete it to a full bath.

    I would LOVE to be the winner! Thanks!

  373. Wendy says:

    We really need new paint and fixtures!

  374. Brigit Cowan says:

    One of our bathrooms is covered in cherry red tile. I am not exaggerating, it’s all over the walls and even in the shower/tub! It gives me a headache and I’d like it gone!

  375. Marisol says:

    This is so neat!!
    I need to replace my mirror, shower doors, shower head, oh and the sink and tub facets that are forever leaking no matter what we do to stop it!!

  376. Janet Brown says:

    I can’t decide which of our bathroom needs the makeover the most, but probably the master bath which really needs a new shower.

  377. Rita Lopez says:

    My bathroom in my hallway is considered mid 1980’s. It is PEACH. Peach shower, sink and toilet. I also have peach and white striped wallpaper on the walls. I would love to remove the wallpaper and paint. I would also like to add a new vanity and toilet.

  378. Karen says:

    My bathroom needs paint and storage compartments. New lighting would be nice too. Thanks.

  379. Kait says:

    We recently found out my daughter had higher levels of lead in her blood from paint left on our ceiling under a drop ceiling. We have taken down the drop ceiling and covered the lead paint. We now need to finish off the room with a new coat of paint and some trim work.

  380. Kim Ferland says:

    We have a new house, but they painted the bathrooms with flat paint and the moisture is making black marks on the paint. Plus the fan is not strong enough. I would love a rainforest shower head too!

  381. nicole mxginagle says:

    We could really use a new. Mii rror. Ours is falling apart

  382. Taryn says:

    Everything. Ha. We have a very old house with one tiny upstairs bathroom with a 4 ft. tub. Not great for relaxing soaks.

  383. Tanya says:

    Oh MY, our bathroom is a half bath. It has awful wallpaper and the original black vanity from the 1970s.

    We would love to strip the paper, paint the walls and replace the vanity and outdated wall sconces.

  384. David says:

    We REALLY could use a new shower/tub fixture. A gift card would definitely help pay for it!!

  385. Wendie Owen says:

    We actually have our bathroom on our 2011 to do list…shower head, towel racks, light fixture, etc…very excited to get started 🙂

    PS. I like on Facebook 🙂

  386. Would love to “spruce” up our bathroom! The people who set up the bathroom must of been crazy. They used the cheapest stuff and put a HUGE mirror in front of the toilet, so you are forced to watch yourself use the potty – NOT FUN!

  387. Pat Amig says:

    We need to change our bathroom into a handicapped bath for my husband that is in a wheelchair. This would really help to get started!

  388. karen says:

    we need new lighting in our bathroom. a gift card would help towards the purchase

  389. Deanna says:

    I need a new tub/shower for my bathroom! Mine has cracks in the bottom of it and I cannot afford to buy a new one. Also, the sink is an older one and the faucet leaks and the drain doesn’t work. The shower head also leaks too. The overhead fan is a bit old too and the plastic on it is yellowing. Not an appealing look. Being unemployed, I don’t have the money to make updates in my home. So, this would be very helpful in making some updates in my bathroom.

  390. Lg says:

    Would like to update and upgrade crudy old fixtures

  391. Jen B. says:

    Well, we really need a new light fixture, shower head, and tub fixture. This gift card would really get us started! Thanks!!

  392. sherrie bragg says:

    I have a 60 year old house that has a bathroom that seriously needs updating..new vanity,new paint and tile.I would be thrilled to win to help get this project started!!!

  393. elisa says:

    We really need a full bathroom remodel. This is the orig master bathroom in the house (30 + years old). Have done alot of other work this year, not enough left in hte budget for the bathroom. Can’t wait to finally get started on it!! 🙂

  394. tracy says:

    gift card would help with purchasing things needed to rebuild our house that we lost everything to a fire

  395. Andrea L says:

    We really need a new toilet lid/seat, ours is starting to come apart at the hinges!

  396. Christie C. says:

    I have two bathrooms that are boring beige that need a paint job!!!

  397. Robyn Easlick says:

    I so want to get rid of my tub with the jets! I hate it! Would put in a regular, good old fashioned tub.

  398. Bekki says:

    We want to get rid of our shower stall, knock out a closet and put in a garden tub.

  399. Phil says:

    We need a new bathroom! The only part of the bathroom that is salvageable is the sink fixture since I replaced it about 6 years ago. Help? 🙂

  400. Maria says:

    We built a house 10 yrs ago and the builders did a terrible job in our master bath. They were cracked tiles that they came in later to replace, do not match. Some tiles were not even secured to the wall, we had to fix them. There is more to still do and a gift card would help. We are starting to get mold from behind the tiles, so it is all going to have to be replaced not just because of the hazard, but 2 of my kids are highly allergic to mold. They are on meds daily to combat it. All the cleaning products in the world are only covering up the problem

  401. Amy says:

    I am in desperate need of a new counter top and faucet for our master bath. The originals are officially gross!

  402. Kathryn says:

    We could really use a new toilet/shower/sink/tile/floor. Basically an entirely new bathroom.

  403. lg says:

    hoping to update and upgrade old cruddy fixtures

  404. annmarie says:

    My 1950’s pepto-bismol pink bathroom could definitely use some sprucing up! 🙂

  405. Jessica VZ says:

    We definitely need almost everything new, but I’m pretty sure I would want thzt $100 to go to a new tub. A deep one, that I can actually take a bath in and that will hold more than three inches of water!

  406. Jill Duellman says:

    My bathroom needs a total overhaul! The 1950’s pink tile has got to go!!

  407. Gayle says:

    I really need a new toilet. Mine is running all the time and I’m sure is making my water bill climb sky high. I also need a grab bar for when I get out of the shower. Have already fallen once and dont want to fall again.

  408. Jennifer Schweizer says:

    My bathroom light/exhaust fan needs updating. It is very old and barley works causing mold in my bathroom. I would replace that right away if I won the home depot gift card.

  409. renee napolitano says:

    I am in desperate need of a bathroom make-over…the hard water is just killing the fixtures, and the tile is blah….

  410. Rosie M says:

    Our toilet in our bath has sprung a leak which we only found because our water bill was crazy! I need a new toilet : )

  411. Dena says:

    I would love to have some new marble counter tops! 🙂
    We are redoing the bedroom right now…..bathroom is next!

  412. Renee Phillips says:

    We need a new floor inour bathroom. I love all the tile product Home Depot has and would love to put $100 gift card towards this.

  413. Angie says:

    We need to paint our walls and recaulk the tub and shower. Our house is starting to show its age!

  414. THERESA N. says:

    A new toilet and tub (or at least a new faucet for the tub as it’s rusting pretty badly!)

  415. melissa carleton says:

    We have had leaking problems with our master shower since we moved in over 5 yrs ago, builder just keeps coming back and recocking it. It has got into wall and mold is growing they can’t seem to figure out why and aren’t too concerned about really fixing the problem. We have asked for it to be completely redone and they wont do it. This Spring we plan to have them rip it all out and we are going to hire a PROFESSIONAL to give us a new shower.

  416. Lori S says:

    I need a new toilet and shower heads.


  417. lana alter says:

    we really need a new toilet and sink

  418. I could really use some new faucets for my bathrooms…we are moving into a new house and want to make the bathrooms our own.

  419. Bonnie says:

    We need shelving for your bathroom cabinet and accessories for our bathroom. We had previously purchased a vanity and faucet set for Home Depot and love it. We are trying to finish out the bathroom, but just like everyone else these days, are short of money.

  420. Danae says:

    I need to replace the *green* toilet in our bathroom with a white one. Can’t find green toilet seats anywhere these days ;).

  421. My bathroom also has my washer and dryer in it. All of it is just white on white up against the wall. It has no storage or style.

  422. Stefani says:

    We could definitely use some new tile and more storage space!

  423. Michelle S. says:

    Pretty much our entire 1960’s era bathroom… although the floor is the worst!

  424. Randy says:

    we really need a new toliet

  425. Lisa says:

    Since I have no cabinets in my teeney bathroom and it is honesty the size of most people’s closet’s, I sure could use some type of cabinet/towel storage unit for over the toliet.

  426. Nancy Brodeur says:

    I need everything when we start our bathroom. Its so bad we have to bring it to the studs. Say a little prayer for me. we will be doing it the project.

  427. Jenette says:

    Definatly new tile!

  428. Cortney says:

    After buying our first home, we have little money left to fix things up. My bathroom is still stuck in the 60’s and is in serious need of an upgrade. The yellow HAS to go 🙂
    Most recently part of our shower head broke off spraying water all over the bathroom.

  429. Michele says:

    I would love to fix our bathroom. Our shower faucet has been broken for well over a year. We also need a new floor. Thanks for any help you can give us!

  430. genie nix says:

    23 year old bathroom needs some help please!

  431. Kira says:

    My bathroom could use a whole new…. well everything…. right down to plumbing, sink and tub. My son is starting to work things on his own and could use it to be more kid friendly….

  432. Liz says:

    tile and shower head!

  433. Michelle says:

    We could definitely use a new vanity and storage!!! No space with a growing family.

  434. Amanda W says:

    I would love to get a new sink.

  435. Laurie says:

    My bathroom desperately needs a new exhaust fan/ceiling light combo, and I could definitely use a new medicine cabinet, because ours is small, old, and kinda ugly. We were also thinking of replacing the acoustic ceiling tiles with some sort of white tin tile; wouldn’t that be lovely?

  436. Esther says:

    I need a new white shower curtain and something to hang on the walls.

    Hope I win 🙂

  437. Lina says:

    My shower head could definitely use some sprucing up along with some new toilet paper holders.

  438. Elizabeth says:

    I desperately need a new toilet

  439. Jennifer P says:

    I need a new toilet & sink.

  440. gwen says:

    our square bland bathroom (powder room) has no storage or natural light, very ugly…

  441. Jenny K says:

    Our toilet desperately needs to be replaced. The plunger is needed most days to get anything to flush! Yuck!!

  442. trina says:

    I would like a roman shade for window with a matching shower curtain…if i could get a deal like you on vanity..i might would want to change that as well

  443. Sandra says:

    I need a new bathroom door and my pony wall need a top.

  444. Tabathia B says:

    I need to redo the floors and would love to redo the tub to make it handicapped accessible
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  445. HELP!!! Our bathroom is unfinished and needs everything. Every little bit helps to get this job finished. We are at Home Depot at least twice weekly buying items for our huge remodel.

  446. Carla Meyers says:

    I have a Master Bath and a Hallway Bath that both need complete overhaul from tile to vanities to toilets to fixtures -etc. Plan to do it piece by piece –

  447. TJ says:

    We have a LOT to do in our bathroom. The tub, faucet, sink, and cabinet all need replaced. Plus it’s very tiny, so the wall needs knocked out to enlarge it. Oy.

  448. maz says:

    We need a lot of everything, but a good start would be paint, new faucets, showerheads and toilet seats.

  449. Emili says:

    We need to redo our master bath. The tiles were not sealer properly so the shower leaks. We haven’t even used the shower in two years 😛

  450. Emili says:

    We need to redo the shower in our master bath. The tiles did not seal properly – so the shower leaks. We haven’t used the shower in 2 years

  451. Anne Loyd says:

    We need to add some storage for towels in our master bath and the kid’s bathroom. There isn’t a good place to hang towels to dry for reuse so we could use some command hooks for the shower entrance in the master, built in storage in the hollow spaces and I’d like to do a board and bat ton look in the kid’s bathroom with hooks for their towels!

  452. Christina says:

    Our half bath has been torn up for nearly a year now while we are trying to renovate our kitchen, laundry room and half bath. We need everything; new toilet, new vanity, new light fixture, flooring, and paint.

  453. Our bathroom has the original floor from the 50’s. We need a toilet and new tub and a sink. I clean in there all the time but it doesn’t look like I have done anything because of the age of the fixtures. Thank You

  454. Cindy says:

    I would really love a new bathroom sink faucet!

  455. Sarah says:

    I could use an overhaul, but just a new sink and faucets would make my day!

  456. Denise Sauser says:

    My bathroom could use a new paint job

  457. Carolyn Catona says:

    We have been taking care of my 91 year old father in law for the past 9 years in his home. his bathroom is green tiled with a PINK tub. Please help me!!!

  458. Mike says:

    its about time someone has a site like yours ..thanks

  459. Frieda says:

    Awesome giveaway! Our bathroom upstairs need just about everything re-done. This can help to get us started — this is already in the plans for our Summer project : )

  460. Kimberly says:

    We need a whole new bathroom. Ours is original to our 1960’s house!

  461. JerzeyKatie says:

    We are closing on a new house in March and I would love to change the light fixtures or retile the floor!!

  462. stasia cook says:

    Our bathroom tile is awful, and looks like an ocean, I think the previous owner had painted a square tile pattern on walls then painted over it so, now it just looks like a grid. Would love to win this!!!

  463. Alicia P says:

    We would LOVE to get rid of the awful 60’s pink and brown tile and vanity in our bathroom! Don’t even get me started about the FLESH colored toilet and tub!

  464. Julie L says:

    We need new tile for our floor and a new bathroom faucet
    thanks for the giveaway

  465. Tara C says:

    We are in the middle of putting in an upstairs bathroom for the kids, what a nightmare! really could use this money towards a floor!

  466. Theresa says:

    Our bathroom has NO storage at all we have all our bathroom stuff in a laundary basket since we moved in almost a year ago we desperart to get some cabinets

  467. Melinda says:

    The Home Depot is great! We really need a new vanity and bathroom sink. Thank you!!

  468. Cassie says:

    A new showerhead- one that has a hose so we can wash the baby easily!

  469. Gail says:

    I have some issues similar to yours. We are also having issues with our toilet and definetly need a new one. We have triplets and help to do home projects is huge. Thanks for your website it has helped me be a better consumer. YOu are awesome.

  470. msrossdaboss says:

    my husband never finished our bathroom closet since we moved in 5 years ago. Needless to say all our liens are still in storage totes.

  471. Dana S. says:

    We just had to redo our master bath. What started as re-painting ended in drywall, floor and tub replacement as there was a hidden leak that was causing mold…with all that work there was no money left to replace our icky old pink vanity, which now looks even more out of place!

  472. Nancy Meehan says:

    We are in need of fixing/redoing all of the drywall around our shower and the floor around the tub. The kids splashing has made it start to crumble and it needs replacing badly before we get any leaks! With baby #3 on the way with 3 weeks to go until my due date, we are trying to save to get this fixed before it becomes a bigger issue.

  473. Michelle says:

    Our facets need work and tiles!

  474. My dad redid the bathroom and totally botched the grout. He didn’t know what he was doing and it came out a total mess. It has to be redone. So, I’d redo the grout and tiling with this gift card.


  475. Angela says:

    Well lets Just say my 8 year old daughter took a shower last night and I heard…Mommy, the tub won’t drain. So I guess it’s time to do some fixing! The whole thing is past due!!! I really can’t put it off ay longer!!

  476. Theresa says:

    Definitely would love to replace all our toilet seat. they are gross lol and the tub needs the new seal things (don’t know what it’s called) mine are alittle moldy looking 🙁

  477. Amanda says:

    We are in the process of putting an addition on our house. 2 kids and 2 bedrooms and 1 bathroom just isn’t cutting it. We have another bathroom started but hardly anything for it. It will be another year or so before it’s finished the way money is right now. We could use all the help we can get!

  478. Wendy says:

    My bathroom needs new tile and updated light and towel bar fixtures. I also would like to get the porcelain tub refinished because it’s old and has a few rust spots.

  479. Carisa says:

    We had someone come in to update our bathroom about 3 years ago. He was paid and left without our sink hooked up or our lights. Not to mention the trim. A $100 gift card from Home Depot would go a long way in helping me to finish my bathroom! 🙂

  480. Brianna Taylor says:

    Ive got my toilet paper holder handing on with a rubber band – I know thats terrible but I just dont want to spend the money for a new one until I decide to update all of the fixtures to look the same … we need help! 🙂

  481. Elena says:

    I really need to replace my sink, it’s just old and ugly looking..Thank you!

  482. Kristen Hernandez says:

    Would love to win this Home Depot Gift Card – our whole house needs remodeling desperately!!! 🙂

  483. Rhoda says:

    Our guest bathroom needs a new tub faucet/handle.I hate for company to have to try to turn on the water by turning a lil metal piece sticking out of the shower!!It also needs a toilet paper holder,bath towel and hand towel hooks/racks.The whole bathroom could use a facelift!!

  484. Edward Schindler says:

    Upgrade the bathroom faucets…

  485. Laurie VZ says:

    My bathroom could use a new coat of paint and a new floor!

  486. We really need to re-do the stand up shower – previous owners soooo didn’t maintain it!

  487. Paula says:

    Our bathroom light fixtures are so outdated (and rusty)! I already know which fixtures I want at Home Depot as I always hit the lighting aisle to check out the new ones on my weekly trip to Home Depot.

  488. Carrie T says:

    we would use a new floor in the kid’s bathroom…it’s falling apart! thanks!

  489. Alyson says:

    We need a new tub and tile in our bathroom – this gift card would certainly help us out! Thanks for the opportunity!

  490. Jason T. says:

    C’mon, Home Depot, mommy needs a new kitchen faucet/sink!!!

  491. Rene says:

    We’ve been putting this off..but this might be the push we need to start. The shower pan needs to be replaced, then tiled walls, a shower head with body sprays, and then a glass door with towel bars would be great!

  492. Kim says:

    This is perfect timing, because I’ve been mind prepping to redo both of our bathrooms. I would like to put in a new vanity in our master bath, new vanity mirror and a new coat of paint for both.

  493. Myriam says:

    Painting and window treatment

  494. HEATHER MINTON says:

    I am desperate need of a shower head and faucets for my awful avocado green 1960’s shower that I am trying to refinsh and turn white.

  495. Rachel says:

    our toilet needs so major help! bc the inside parts (in the tank) have started to ca-rode, the toilet constantly runs, so currently, we turn the water on and off every time we need to flush… it gets old!

  496. Monica G says:

    I would like to re-vamp the paint in our bathrooms and replace sink and tub faucets. Good luck to everyone,

    Thank you,

  497. Maggie M. says:

    I so need a toilet paper holder that doesn’t fall off- is that too much to ask lol?

  498. Christen says:

    A $100 gift card would be handy! I need some caulk – in a bad way!

  499. Katie H says:

    We just moved into our “first home” so there is a LOT of things need doing. We need to finish the retaining wall outside before the rain comes and washes our “hill” away and we desperately need a new shower – ours is just way too small!!!! Winning this competition would help us out a great deal!! Thanks for offering it!

  500. Anne Catapano says:

    My kitchen sink has the same problem as your bathroom sink, except for the fact that water doesn’t shoot out of the top. Instead its a constant drip!! If your lucky enough to put the right amount of pressure on the handle and position the handle in the right way it stops. You wouldn’t believe how long I stand in front of that sink to try and achieve that!! A new facuet would give me more time to spend on your site–ha, ha!!

  501. Cara says:

    In desprate need of a makeover for our bathroom, please help us jumpstart this project!

  502. Amanda says:

    We could use some paint and a new linen cabinet!

  503. Amy says:

    We so need a new shower door. Ours is pretty icky.

    laprochaine at gmail dot com

  504. sandy says:

    we need to paint out bathroom

  505. Virginia says:

    We are definitely in need of a bathroom makeover….currently we don’t even have a floor in the bathroom off the master bedroom!!

  506. Christine says:

    My parents are planning to move in with us and we need to add a shower to the downstairs bathroom

  507. Jen says:

    We need a new window put in the bathroom.

  508. Chellie Frady says:

    I need a new master bathroom.

  509. Irene says:

    I have no linen closet so I could really use some extra storage in the bathrooms! Please help!

  510. Karen Cofield says:

    I need a new fixture, floor and a new vanity!!

  511. Shelley Hamrick says:

    We have the old fashion blue tiles 3/4 of the way up the walls..IN the entire bathroom! Also a pink bathtub, and a old falling apart vanity. The floor is stick on tiles!! We have already bought the vanity and toilet to replace but just waiting until we have everything to do it all at once.

  512. Rozi says:

    Our bathroom is in need of help!!!

  513. Dan says:

    I just bought my firat house and need to replace the tile throughout. I also have to replace my faucets and tub.

  514. Kimberly says:

    I really need shower doors and new shower heads in the 2 full baths! Please help me get this started!

  515. We bought a resort in September and have gone through all of our funds trying to fix it up for our guests. The bathroom that my husband and I share is hideous! I don’t know what they were thinking. Floral paper and a border on top do not begin to describe it. We put all our money into the cabins for our guests so we don’t have money to fix it up yet. We ALWAYS go to Home Depot – the people there are always so willing to help us out.
    Hoping for a bathroom I no longer have to hide…..

  516. Jaime S says:

    I would replace my mirror in my master bathroom-mine is builder grade and super BORING!

  517. Kathy Hambor says:

    Just redid small 2 piece bathroom…need wastebasket and such

  518. charlene says:

    We could use some new paint,a towel warmer,and some type of cabinet to hold towels

  519. tere says:

    Loved the brushed bronze faucets in that photo….I need to make my bathroom handicap accessible for me after getting injured…had no idea that those fixtures were available…you opened my ideas up to a whole new color optiion

  520. Lisa Johnson says:

    My bathroom is in need of fresh paint and definately some extra storage for towels and things

  521. KAREN MARIE says:




  522. Lauren says:

    Wow, we really need to update our kitchen, very generous giveaway! Thanks.

  523. Amanda says:

    Oh my goodness! I would LOVE this gift card. My family moved into our house almost 2 years ago. Shortly after we moved in we realized we had a leak in our toilet. Unfortunately we haven’t had the funds to replace the parts needed to fix the toiled and surrounding floor. 🙁 luckily we have another bathroom, but it would be a blessing to get the second one fixed! 🙂

  524. jamie says:

    my entire master bathroom needs a makeover, starting with the sink that has no drain plug, and the broken tiles on the floor..

  525. Marissa Petersen says:

    I desperate need a new shower shell and tub. Ours has had many failed attempts at patching and I’m tired of looking at the ugly goop around the perimeter. Even if I’m not chosen, I’m appreciative of them even offering the gift card! Good luck everyone!

  526. My mom’s potty needs the whole Magilla! It’s totally outdated, scary & she deserves a nice loo.

  527. Rena says:

    Current condition of our bathroom – Sponge painted purple! Would love a gift card, and would put it to immediate good use!

  528. I need tiles for my bathroom floor:)

  529. Melissa says:

    We could use a new tub. It leaks everywhere! The lining is cracked, the paper on the walls is peeling, the shower head leaks and so does the faucet, all over the floor. I currently use a hand towel on the edge of the tub so it doesn’t leak all over.
    And I am sure my dog would enjoy a bath after being out in the snow and mud!

  530. mary says:

    I desperately need new lighting in my bathroom

  531. We just bought lots of new flooring for our living room at Home Depot. We have a little bathroom and it needs new floor and a new vanity. Thank you

  532. Tonia L. says:

    EVERYTHING! ha Paint, shower head, toilet, lighting. You name it I need it. The whole shabang!

  533. Kim Hurtado says:

    Although our entire bathroom needs an enormouse face-lift, we are in desperate need of new grout, new faucets for the shower/bath combo, and a new window treatment (aka: blinds!). The blinds are essential as our toilet bumps up to the only window in our bathroom (lol!). I hope that we win as this will be a great start!

  534. Bridget Lovejoy says:

    Seeing as my guest bathroom is OUT OF ORDER due to a messed up toilet that flooded and caused us to have to rip up flooring this would be WONDERFUL! PICK ME Home Depot PICK ME 🙂

  535. Linda Gray says:

    I would at the minimum re- tile & grout all my bathroom floors.

  536. Tina Wilson says:

    Would love a total bathroom remodel! Specifically a bigger and better shower! New tile, sink, cabinet.. paint, fixtures… all of it!

  537. Carlotta Bunker says:

    We just changed our bedroom and now we need to change our master bathroom to match.

  538. Becky says:

    Oh man, my whole house needs a make-over, but we can start in the bathroom…I would love to win this!

  539. What awesome buys you got! A home depot gift card would always be nice, my fix-it-up list keeps getting longer!
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  540. Kate B. says:

    I really need some new faucets…and well the vanity isn’t looking so great these days either! I would LOVE to win this!!

  541. Alicia says:

    My bathroom faucet looks just as bad as yours and we have no money right now! Please help me fix my bathroom!!!

  542. mandee says:

    I have had my eye on a jet tub and $100 gift card would be a big step in getting it

  543. nataliya says:

    we would love to paint our bathroom, buy new medice cabinet and buy new vanity because old one is from 1950’s (i know very old and smelly)

  544. Jessica Y says:

    This gift card would be a get jumpstart to our bathroom remodeling project!

  545. Marty says:

    I need a new vanity, mine is beat up and worn out! Thanks.

  546. Tina says:

    I have two bathrooms-one has a toilet and sink, tub broke and needs replaced. the other one I can only use the shower and it leaks so I will need to replace the floor in that bathroom also. The toilet and sink in the bathroom with the shower do not work or are not there.

  547. Susan Yacubovich says:

    Home Depot helped us do our bathroom recently-now we need to renovate our half bath to a full bath with a shower-please Home Depot help us again-we can’t do without you!!

  548. Janine Stafford says:

    My bathroom faucet will not quite shut off. Don;t even think of turning on the hot water as you will never get the dripping to end. The vanity itself is from 1984 and isnt even real wood. Ugly!

  549. Julie Berry says:

    My downstairs bathroom is getting rusty!

  550. Jeanine says:

    What DOESN’T need to be spruced up is more like it!

  551. Amy Giesler says:

    In desparate need of a new shower! Tray, doors, the works! Thank you!

  552. Steve says:

    Need a whole new bathroom.

  553. Tina says:

    I have two bathrooms-three working pieces, one shower, one sink, and one toilet. (In different rooms)

  554. Kris says:

    Rub a dub dub the tub needs a rub! The paint on the tub is chipping and it is actually two different colors.

  555. Judy says:

    Could use some paint, new faucets, and light fixtures

  556. Amber says:

    We need to add tile to the top of our shower. My husband is very tall, and the water splashes need some nice tile squares to land on when he showers ~~ 🙂 Thanks for the chance!

  557. Linda says:

    I really need to visit Home Depot to get a shower head and some more tile for my bathroom.The floor rotted out so the project has been replacing the floor and now we are putting tile on the shower walls.

    1. Linda says:

      I could use a 100 dollar gift card to finish remodeling our bathroom.We need a new showerhead and tile to finish the shower walls.

  558. dawn umemoto says:

    hubby has been putting off what he started, we need a kitchen backsplash, floor board, and a working bathroom…ours has been torn down for 4 years now!

  559. Christine says:

    After my daughter, her husband and 3 kids moved back in with us, our bathroom has taken a beating. We need a new vanity and sink. I would love to be able to get a head start on this project. Thank you..

  560. Brenda says:

    We just found out we’re pregnant and were about to start putting money away to redo our bathroom. Top to bottom it hasn’t been touched since the prior owners built the house. Would love love love the extra help !!!!

  561. Denise says:

    We need it all! Locating a leak in a pipe ended up w/us having to remove tile & open up 2 walls. Definite need of a re-do now. On the bright side, it will definitely be nice to get rid of the original [UGLY] early 70’s blue tile & floor.
    Winning a $100 gift card would definitely help.

  562. valarie margretta says:

    I seriously need a makeover in my main bathroom. Everything is original from when the house was built except for the bathroom mirror. If only you could see it. The floor tiles are a nasty looking blue with with in it…looks like its from the 70’s. The bathroom vanity and sink really could use some help too….

  563. valarie margretta says:

    I seriously need a makeover in my main bathroom. Everything is original from when the house was built except for the bathroom mirror. If only you could see it. The floor tiles are a nasty looking blue with with in it…looks like its from the 70’s. The bathroom vanity and sink really could use some help too….Boy I could use this to help getting my bathroom updated….Thanks for the chance!

  564. Vivian says:

    Need a new mirror, new vanity, new counter top, new sink, new faucet, new light fixture, new tile, new flooring, new……..everything! Bathroom is so outdated…

  565. dawn says:

    Our vanity is so old the cabinet doors don’t hang straight anymore! 🙂

  566. jen says:

    We REALLY need to update our upstairs bathroom. We have an 8month old, and would really love to make it more kid friendly and have a kid theme like monkeys or frogs, and lose the 80’s decor…

  567. Kathy says:

    Need bathroom light fixtures. Planning on starting this weekend…let the fun begin!

  568. Mary says:

    We need new faucets and showerhead for our bathroom.

  569. Tracy says:

    We need a new cabinet, a new door and plumbing work done!

  570. cathy says:

    I would love to ‘re-do’ the kids’ bathroom so I can re-claim mine.

  571. Nannet says:

    I desperately need a new vanity for my spare bathroom. The one we have is old and outdated. Then onto a vanity mirror, lighting, …..and the list goes on.

  572. cheryl says:

    We need a new tub surround, ours is icky. Also need new ceiling tiles, exhaust fan and wall paneling. We live in a old farmhouse and desperately need a new bathroom remodel.

  573. Kristen says:

    You can tell our bathroom was a do-it-yourself project by someone whom didn’t know how to do it themselves. The walls in my bathroom are cracking, the tiles are so uneven I get dizzy looking at them. I have a white vanity and medicine cabinet and apparently someone left a candle too close to the cabinet because the bottom looks burnt. The light fixture is one of those generic 80’s bulb lights and my tub was never insulated around it before being installed. We plan on redoing our bathroom regardless (we will be forced to with the gaps in the wall) but we are also saving for a wedding and trying to pay off bills from needs that come with purchasing a home. The $100 gift card would be of sooo much help. Please and thank you!

  574. carole says:

    Our bathroom dates back to the 1950’s. We could sure use a complete makeover
    from window to door and all in between essentials, tub, water saver toilet and sink.
    HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  575. shannon says:

    the vanity in my master bath is in need of help!

  576. Kristin says:

    We need a new bathroom vanity

  577. Teresa says:

    We need to replace the slate in our shower!

  578. Ann says:

    I have a cute 3/4 bath that has a few decorative features that are DRIVING ME CRAZY. Sail boat tiles scattered amidst the white wall tiles; a beveled edge frameless medicine cabinet with a mirror has begun to peel; graying grout that needs whitening. The $100 gift card would save my sanity – at least from the madness of an ugly loo!

  579. Ken says:

    We need a new faucet and vanity.

  580. athena says:

    We need a new vanity and mirror in our master bath, thanks!

  581. kris says:

    WOW! This would be awesome to win! Our bathroom is falling apart!! Our shower has leaked behind the wall and now the wall is ruined and now the toilet is leaking! Unfortunately, we have to replace the whole bathroom and it’s going to cost a fortune so winning this would help us out tremendously!!

    1. KAREN DAROCI says:


  582. Billie Pesanski says:

    We could really use this to start our bathroom upgrade project!..We only have one bathroom and with 5 yr old twins, and a 13 yr old girl..YIKES!..Our bathroom is a busy place!

  583. Mary Ann says:

    My tub/shower desperately needs retiled. Please help me jumpstart my project.

  584. Jeanne says:

    My bathroom desperately needs to be painted and matching fixtures. I’ll put that gift card to good use. 🙂

  585. KAREN DAROCI says:


  586. jerri suarez says:

    you know your bathroom needs a make over when the shower turns into an extra closet. the shower floor has become a shoe rack the shower handles are my fancy purse holder, the shower head holds all of my belts and the shower bar holds my scarfs. All of this is because the shower pan needs to be replaced and we cannot afford it. Now don’t get me wrong I will diffently miss my extra closet space and will need to stop shopping because I would have no where to store my new items (accordng to my husband, if I stopped shopping maybe we’d be able to afford that new shower pan, haha) but am ready to have my second bathroom back and working!!! i would also love to get rid of that baby blue and pink 70’s style tile that is floor to ceiling.

  587. Nikki says:

    Pick me! I need to fix up everything. Kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, patio, front door, etc. All the things I could fix up with $100. 🙂

  588. Linda says:

    I could use a gift card to finish my bathroom after remodeling. We need a showerhead and tile to finish the tile for the shower.

  589. David says:

    My bathroom is in need of a new vanity and fixtures.

  590. Linda says:

    I need a new showerhead and tile for the shower.

  591. Linda says:

    I need a new showerhead and tile for the shower.

  592. Tracy says:

    We could use new fixtures on our sinks! Thanks for the great contest!

  593. Dan says:

    Our bathroom needs a new coat of paint and a new toilet!! Fun!

  594. Mami2jcn says:

    I’d like to redo our upstairs hall bath. There was an overflow situation last year that damaged the trim and the flooring. It would be great to put in new ceramic tile.

  595. Teresa Lupien says:

    We need a new vanity and sink. Just a little updating.

  596. Lisa says:

    My husband, a major DIYer, literally tore apart the kids’ bathroom and so we need everything and this would be a great start to getting supplies for the bathroom.

  597. Elizabeth says:

    We desperately need to redo our downstairs bathroom! My husband has to use wrenches to turn the shower on! Thanks!

  598. Ally N. says:

    We’re looking to change out the pedestal sink in our 1/2 bath for one with a cabinet b/c it’s a really small room with absolutely no storage besides the bin I’ve put in the corner – which I hate and would love to get rid of! Unfortunately there are lots of other things on my wish list for the house so this would go a long way in getting this project done.

  599. donna archambault says:

    We really need to paint and our drain in the tub is broke and we need a new one

  600. Lillian says:

    I live in a 1950’s house that has needed a bathroom redo since the 70’s! The floors and fixtures could definitely use some love.

  601. Mary Taylor says:

    I could really use a new shower door. We currently have a shower liner HATE THAT!!!!

  602. Carolyn Moore says:

    I would really love to win the 100.00. I need to redo my bathroom really had.
    Thank you

  603. Amy Carter says:

    Our bathroom needs new paint and cabinet. Please help!!!

  604. jessi c says:

    My shower needs help bad. 🙂

  605. Jessica says:

    Two young boys, and a potty training daughter (oh and yes my husband) = I NEED a bathroom makeover desperately!!! And yes – it needs a good old clean too but that is just not so much fun. Thanks for your thoughts. Off to clean pee off the walls….

  606. Kandi says:

    Would LOVE a new faucet – really an entirely new bathroom, but I’ll start small!

  607. Roxana says:

    We could use new tiles on the shower floor, we have this old plasticky material that is not white anymore, it has seen better days, that money could help so much.

  608. Liz Brandon says:

    We need to get rid of the ugly mustard yellow tub and tile in our bathroom. The 70’s need to go!!!

  609. Laura says:

    We have been in the military for 15 years. We bought our first home in December. We are learning very quickly how much work (and money) an older home requires. This will be our retirement home and it is in dire need of a makeover! Thanks for the opportunity…

  610. Amy says:

    Our house is one big “remodel me” project! Our master bath has a seriously gross sink and vanity, I try to overlook it since no one else sees it, but it would be fabulous to have this room redone.

  611. Alecia Williams says:

    We live in a church provided parsonage (my husband is the pastor) and we have a tiny bathroom that needs some major work. I would love a new sink in there but hope to have a new parsonage to completely redo soon.

  612. Cindy Confalone says:

    Even without Tony Stewart, I will always pick Home Depot for my house needs. Never Jimmie Johnson and Lowes. :(Yuck!

  613. Liz M. says:

    We need new tile on the walls surrounding the bathtub!

  614. Gretchen Kolecki says:

    We really need to replace our horrible fiberglass tub (mint green) and our horrible tub surround (almond) which has several stress cracks and a crack/ hole where the faux handle attaches to the surrond. We are trying to save to take the kids to disney any help would be great.

  615. mark says:

    could use a new kitchen floor..something in wood or tile would be cool

  616. Coleen says:

    My bathroom is floral and pink!! I need help!!!

  617. Joy says:

    I need a new bathtub. Mine has a big crack in the middle and we had to patch it to get by until my husband gets home from the hospital.

  618. Violet says:

    I live in a 65+ year old home. The bathroom is so old/young that it is now collecting medicare. Please help

  619. Amanda says:

    What doesn’t need to be redone in our bathrooms? Let’s start with getting rid of the hideous pink in the half bath! 🙂

  620. sharon neumann domer says:

    my bathroom is sooo old. It is the ugliest shade of green fixtures and has a camping rigged shower as the house came only with an ugly old tub.
    please help!

  621. Corey says:

    We’re buying a house and it has no cabinets in the master bath.

  622. Steve says:

    Hi! I’m a relatively new visitor to this great website! I need to spruce up the cabinets in my bathroom. My kids spill water on the cabinets and they get water marked. I don’t know if I need to strip and re-stain or if I can spruce-up by just applying new stain and/or sealant!

  623. jp says:

    want to buy a shower door…

  624. Nici says:

    We have an older home and the bathroom needs paint and a new window to replace the broken one.

  625. Cynthia says:

    Wow. I need tile on my floor.

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