*EXPIRED*Hot New Coupon: $2/1 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Coupon

Holy Smokes!  Look at this coupon.  It’s a $2/1 Swiss Miss Hot Chocolate Printable Coupon.  A Whole Two Dollars!  No way.  This will go quickly for sure.

ShopRite has the 10 oz box for $0.88 and the 26 oz canister for $2.99.  Anything you buy with this coupon is either free are cheap.  And, I know other stores have them at a low price as well but I don’t want to take the time to look cause this one will go quickly.

(Thanks For The Mommas!)

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  • Candice

    Holy Mollleeyyyyy!!! I nearly fell out of my chair!!! Thanks!! 😀

  • Lisanne

    Keeps telling me to install the coupon printer (which I have) and it still won’t print. Bummer! Thanks for all the great work you do! You help keep me home with my babies!

  • Jackie

    What a great coupon! Thanks!

  • tam


  • Lisanne

    Wow! It randomly printed! Amazing!!!

  • Kate

    26 oz canister is on sale this week at ShopRite for $2.99 — making it $0.99 with the coupon if you prefer to buy your hot chocolate this way

  • Julie

    Lisanne – it was saying the same for me when I was using IE but I used FF and it worked. So maybe try that.

    • Lisanne

      Thanks Julie. It did print!!! YAY!

  • When I’m dieting, which I am now, I practically live on Swiss Miss Diet 25 calorie cocoa. The hot liquid helps me feel full, and it satisfies my chocolate cravings. Its pricey at the grocery store, but I buy it at Target for about 1.75 a box. But now I get four boxes of it for FREE!!! Thanks, Cindy. And my waistline thanks you!

    • Cindy

      Oh yummy, I think I’m going to get the Diet ones myself.

      • Julie

        Glad to find a diet one that someone likes! The “fat-free sensible” hot chocolate is not very good! Thanks for posting.

        • Becky

          I’m not sure how good it really is, but I’ve gotten used to it, so it works for me! haha

  • Jason

    Wow, very nice coupon! Thanks Cindy!

  • Jennifer K.

    Awesome coupon! Swiss Miss often goes on sale for $1 each. If you bought two boxes for a dollar each, do you think Shoprite or Rite Aid would give you the full $2 off?

    • Jason

      It should, as that’s what I’ve seen from working at SR, but we’ll see. 😉

    • Lori

      I bought 4 boxes at Shoprite for 88 cents each. I used 4 q’s and got the full $2 off for each one. 🙂

  • JP

    Are they gone? I’m not seeing them when I click the link provided.

  • Julie

    Does anyone notice when they print two coupons from a second printer they look different than the first two? No “background” printing (like the words redplum or smart source) in faint printing. Also, pictures are much lighter and dollar amounts are not filled in! Is it just me?

  • lisa

    I arrived at the office this morning and was going to print it, but it’s not available anymore — I’m glad I printed it at home last night. : )

  • Jenn

    It’s gone.

  • Lori

    Can someone please post if the are able to buy 2 boxes @ 1.00 each with 1 coupon and get both for free.

    • Mary

      I purchased 2 boxes @ 0.88 each and a banana today at shoprite, used this coupon and paid a couple of pennies. Of course YMMV on getting the overage depending on your cashier.

  • MillburnLaura

    Argh! If we had only had this last week for the Nestle promotion. I wonder if its worth saving to see if there is a sweet deal next week?

    • Mary

      Just make notice that the coupon expires on 1/12.

  • lisa

    I just bought two boxes for $0.88 each and got $2 taken off for each! Wow, a $1.12 money maker on each box. Thank you!