LRWC Video Series: Couponing 101

So much of what I say here on the site is hard to express with typed words. So, since I recently gave a talk about basic couponing to a MOPS group, I thought I would use parts of that talk to create a Couponing 101 video.

The video is split into 2 parts and includes topics such as How Much You Can Save with Coupons, Coupon Organization, Catalinas & Drugstore Deals.

So, if you have some time and you don’t mind listening to me, and watching our non-professional, sometimes shaky video, then here are the new Living Rich With Coupons Couponing 101 Video. I hope you enjoy them.

And a big thank you to the MOPS group for having me at their meeting. I think I convinced a few anti-couponers just how easy it really is.

If you are seeing this in a reader or email, click here to see the videos.

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  • Melinda

    Hey Cindy, thanks for the videos! How often do you speak at groups like this? Can you let us know next time you’re speaking somewhere in NJ? I’d love to come listen! Whats a MOPs group?

    • wendy, NJ

      Cindy, thanks for the videos, these are great!
      Melinda, where are you in NJ? MOPs is Mother’s of Preschoolers…a faith based organization — check it out a

      • Melinda

        Hi Wendy, I’m in Asbury Park, NJ. I checked out the website to MOPs. Looks like a great organization. I’m not a mom yet, but hope to be one day soon, and this def. looks like a great group to be a part of. I’ll have to tell some of the moms at my church about it.

        • Stacey Sanzone

          Melinda, I am the assistant coordinator of the MOPS in Wall NJ, we meet at Calvary Presb. church in Wall/Allenwood. You should definitely let your Mom friends know about it!! We meet the first Wed. of every month.

  • mary ellen

    me too!!!!

  • Susan Z

    MOPS I think is mothers of pre schoolers….nice job Cindy!! Even seasoned couponers like me can learn a thing or two (or three or more!) from these great videos…happy weekend!

  • christine

    Cindy this is so awesome!!! I had a friend over monday night to give her a crash course on what I do to save on groceries and of course I showed her everything your site has to offer. She then had three family members ask her what she learned 🙂 I was so happy to see this posting and told her to send them to your site and you explain how to save on these videos.

    Thank you again for your amazing work. There is no way I would save what I save without you.

  • Kim

    I bought 10 Met Rex bars and 10 Pure Protein bars at CVS today.
    I used the BOGO coupons and the sale was BOG 50% off one, so I used it up.
    The total was $15.20, I gave a $10 ecb, then gave $5.20 in cash, then got $5 ecb back!
    20 bars for 20 cents! OMG…….my husband didnt believe me! HAVING A BLAST!

  • Kristin

    It would be awesome if you could speak with our Mom’s Club here in Woodbridge. I started following your site last year but I don’t think I’m really good enought to teach others.
    And I love the videos you post- I find that things make a lot of sense to me when I see it on a video!

  • Stacey

    This is too funny because i wast thinking of doing something like this at my MOPS group! Awesome….

    • Kelly

      Our MOPS group was thinking the same thing.

  • Julie

    Love the videos! Can’t wait to see more!

    Thanks for all your amazing work.

  • Elisa

    This video is great! I NEVER used coupons before so the first time I did I saved $15 and was THRILLED! I want more but I’m having trouble finding the coupons! They are not so great all the time in the paper. Does anyone know if there are MOP’s groups in the Cherry Hill, NJ area?

    • STacey

      Elisa, ther is a great Mom’s group in Medford, not sure exactly how far that is from you? It’s called Moms TIme Out and they meet at Fellowship Alliance Chapel in Medford 🙂

      • Elisa

        Thanks for the info, Stacey!