My ShopRite Shopping Trip

All I can say is I’m so happy I have a stockpile.  So happy.  I {heart} my stockpile.

Last week was a nutty week in my house.  Rather then put you to sleep with the details of my life, lets just say that I had zero time for shopping.  Zero!  So, my stockpile becomes a very welcome site.  Plus when I don’t shop, that’s dollars in my pocket.

I still have a good supply of meat and I am heading to the farmers market today for my fruits & veggies.  I usually spend around $20 there each week.

Here is what I bought last night at ShopRite.

2 Minute Maid Orange Juice $2.99 each
3 Fantastik $1.99 each
3 Stoneyfield Yogurt $0.49 each
1 Advil $4.29
1+ lbs Black Bear Turkey $7.41
3 Pennsylvania Dutch Noodles

-(1)BOGO Free Minute Maid -$2.99
-(3)$0.75/1 Fantastik from the 1/9 SS
-(1)$0.50/3 Stoneyfield
FREE Advil -$4.29 <–had this coupon for a while
(3)$0.55/1 Noodles
Paid: $13.34
Received a $2.00 Catalina for the Fantastik

I will be going back to ShopRite this week for more Fantastik, Noodles and I might pickup a Pork Loin since I have so much room in my budget.

The Pork Loin is a great price this week (check out the list of stockpile meat prices) and I usually have the butcher cut it up for me.  I leave 1/3 whole as a roast and the rest cut into chops.  The roasts are around $15 and get me about 4 meals.  So only about $3.75 per meal.  Not too shabby!

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  • MillburnLaura

    How do you cook the roast? looking for some ideas…

    • Danielle

      I make mine in the crock pot with a small bag of sauerkraut and a jar of applesauce. Sounds weird, but it is soooo yummy! And it is perfect over egg noodles….how PERFECT this week! 😉

      • Cindy

        oh yummy! May have to try that one time. Thanks for sharing.

    • Cindy

      I make my roast like this:
      coat with fresh garlic or garlic powder, pepper, onion powder
      pour about 1/2 cup soy sauce and 1/2 cup orange juice or pineapple juice over the roast. Cook at 350 for about 20 minutes per lb or until internal temp reaches 160.

      then we slice it and lay it back in the juice to serve. So yummy.

      • Debi

        That sounds great! Do you ever have a problem with them cutting the meat for you? I didn’t even think of that as an option.

        • Cindy

          Never have a problem. They do it all the time.

          • Lexy

            Shoprite is great about cutting the meat for you, just the way you like! For some cuts you need to call ahead. When london broil is on sale, we get it sliced for fajita meat, and they will also cut it up for cheese steaks.

            • Cortney

              My shop rite cuts meat however you want too, however there is usually a wait.

    • Laurie

      I cook all of my roasts the same. I put the roast in a crockpot with a cup of water and a packet of onion soup mix. I add potaotes, carrots, celery and maybe onion if I have to use up. Cook for 6-8 hours and YUM.

    • we do ours in the oven with saurekraut and potatoes (red or white) chopped up, add the kraut later so you can get a burn on the pan like then toss in the kraut (bagged or fresh is best) and mix it up so it get’s good and colored then roast a lil longer

  • Melinda

    did you have any trouble with your egg noodle coupons, Cindy?

    • Cindy

      No trouble at all. No beeps, no questions. Scanned perfectly fine.

      • Jason

        Did the $0.55/1 double fully to $1.10?

  • Dee

    I did a massive bulk shopping spree at Shoprite. I never took a pic but let’s just say I spent over $30 and ended up spending in total around $7. 🙂

    But those were counting the rebates I’ll get one two of my items and can/bottle return tickets! 😀

  • Bree

    Yay Cindy!

    I have a huge stockpile of noodles, most of which I’m donating. Now if only I can find my Fantastik coupons …

  • Jennifer K.

    You didn’t have any trouble with your bogo minute maid coupon? I tried using mine there and it said, “Coupon invalid” and they wouldn’t take it. The supervisor said they won’t take any printed bogo coupons 🙁

    • Cindy

      No problem with the bogo coupon either.

    • eden

      Jennifer, I have been having the same issue with ShopRite. Ended up just taking the orange juice (& the buy milk, get chocolate milk free) coupon to Stop & Shop & they took it just fine.

      They DID take the BOGO Tornados coupons the other day, but that was just a fluke.

      • Lori

        I used these same 2 coupons at Pathmark. Try them if you have one close. They apparently do not have the policy about not accepting FREE items with printable q’s.

  • Betsy

    I can’t find the Fantastik coupon can someone tell me where i can get it from?

  • bmedici

    I went to ShopRite this evening and purchased 4 bags of PD egg noodles (2 each of 2 types). I used the $.50 coupon rather than the $1.00 coupon to avoid the necessity of an overide due to its value exceeding the price. When I looked at my receipt I saw that the coupon doubled for only one bag of each type. I returned and purchased 1 each of 3 types of noodles and all the coupons doubled. Was this a glitch or the result of the fact that all the coupons had identical codes (they weren’t individuated like coupons)?

    • jigri

      I think you may have a store with the same policy as mine. If doubling a coupon makes the product free, then they will only give you the FIRST item free, the others of the same product and variety will only have the non-doubled coupon value deducted. Guess one free is better than nothing!

  • Jenny

    I make pulled pork with my chops. I just pop them into the crock pot with my favorite BBQ sauce and in about 7 hours shread the meat and plop on a roll. My 6 yr old requests these sandwiches all the time . Delicious.

  • Liz

    Sorry! I am not really sure where to post this question:
    I just received an email from ShopRite where they loaded $10 worth of Kelloggs manufacturer coupons onto my card. (They are similar, if not identical to, the ones on the Kelloggs website.) Do we have an officially ruling as to whether or not we can use these “e-coupons” in addition to paper manufacturer coupons? Thanks for your help!!!

    • Cindy

      I got that email too and was trying to figure out a way to link on the site but it’s email specific. I say that we can most likely use a paper coupon with them as I’m seeing them just like the cellfire coupon. I wish we could print out a list of the coupons on the card. I closed it before I could write them down and I can’t find access to it anywhere.

      • Liz

        Thanks for your thoughts. That was the way that I was looking at them too. 🙂 BTW – I just got back from ShopRite (did NOT make any Kelloggs purchases) but the list of Kelloggs coupons DID print on the bottom of my receipt (just as my cellfires do). The only problem is that mine are set to expire today???? Maybe they refresh at the same time as the cellfire do?? I guess that we will have to wait and see. As always, thanks for ALL of your hardwork!!!

  • Fran


    Can I ask at which Shoprite you shop? The two near me don’t double coupons!


    • Cindy

      I am in North Jersey.