New $0.50/1 Mama Rosie’s Printable Coupon = Free at ShopRite

There is a new $0.50/1 Mama Rosies Printable Coupon available.  The coupon is on the Hannaford Supermarket site but is a bricks coupon with no store mention, so it can be used anywhere.  They ask for a zip code and you can put your own 07039 zip code in and pick and store location to print the coupon.

Now, the great part is, these are 1/2 price at ShopRite this week for $0.99.  So free after coupon.  Here is your deal:

Mama Rosie’s Raviolis $0.99
$0.50/1 Mama Rosies Printable Coupon
Free after coupon

**Always remember, you can not copy coupons as that is considered fraud!

(Thanks SD!)

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  • Briana

    Will not come up for my zip of 07747… “no stores within 50 miles”

    • Raeann

      I am from 07747 and it says the SR in Spotswood has it.

  • Lori

    After printing your coupon for the ravioli’s, just look in some of the other coupon categories. I found a $1.50 off New England coffee (under the noodle category???) Yeah!

    • Raeann

      Thanks Lori! I got some great coupons from that site. $1.00 off Scoop Away and Fresh Step cat litter, $ 1.00 off each Bigelow Herb tea, Reynolds Wrap, and of course the coffee for $1.50. Thanks again!

  • Kristine

    Cindy…you need a zip code with a store close. I used the 07039 fine, but my zip code is 08721 and it wouldn’t let me print because there are no stores close.

    • Cindy

      ah okay. I’ll put my zip in the post. Thanks

    • Anna

      I tried mine: 10926 and it worked

  • Paige

    It will not come up for my zip either. I tried to find a location of one of the hannaford stores and used that store’s zip to print the coupon. For those that need one this one worked for me 03301.

  • Laurie H

    I googled a random CT zip and it works! use 06516 Love these ravs and love that they are free! 🙂

    As always, thanks Cindy!

  • Tom

    This is a great coupon! I am going to Shoprite tonight and planned on getting these because they were on sale! Now it’s a freebie!

  • Anonymous

    sorry i am missing something but if coupon is for $.50 and the ravioli is on sale for $.99 , how is it free? Isnt it $.49?
    I cant print this coupon at work, so maybe if i saw it, I would understand!

    • Cindy

      ShopRite doubles coupons. So your $0.50 coupon doubles to $1.00 off. Or in this case $0.50 & $0.49 off.

    • Paige

      The coupon is .50 but most stores double making it really worth $1 thus making it free at shoprite.

  • cheryl

    Zip code 06708 , Connecticut, worked for me.

  • Patti M

    …and an awesome expiration!! I may have to wait for the next sale. My freezer is packed with Lean Cuisine Mkt Creations, Entenmann’s 6pk Snack Cakes & Yoplait from this week! LOL!! Thanks Cindy!

  • nikki

    Are these on sale this upcoming week(1/16) for .99 too? I briefly peeked at my circular on my lunch break & I think there is a lil bag of ravioli on sale next week for .99 on the back page. Might not be the same brand tho. I’ll check when I get home.

    • Nikki

      Nm. The brand for next week is Italian village

  • Kim

    Great coupon! Thanks for the tip!

  • Rich

    The offer has expired….

  • Michelle A.

    It’s not expired yet, I just printed 2.

  • Mark

    Thursday night I got 6 boxes of Ronzoni Quick Cook pasta @ $.40 each with Price Plus, 2 Bags of Mama Rosies Ravioli @ $.99 each with price plus, and one French’s Yellow Mustard @ $.99 with Price Plus. I had 3 of the $1 off 2 Boxes of Ronzoni, 2 $.50 off Mama Rosies, and 1 $.50 off any French’s mustard (all of which I found on this site!!)

    After all Coupons, $0.00!!

    Went back to Shop Rite today to get some more Ravioli but now they are 2/$4. It was good while it lasted!