New $0.75/1 Santa Cruz Organic Printable Coupon = Free at ShopRite

I always love when this coupon comes out because it usually means free Lemonade.

You can get a $0.75/1 Santa Cruz Organic Printable Coupon. And, ShopRite has them for $1.50.  So, if you store fully doubles, you’ve got some Free Santa Cruz Lemonade or Limeade.  Here is your deal:

Santa Cruz Lemonade or Limeade $1.50
use $0.75/1 Santa Cruz Printable Coupon
Free after coupon

Also, there is a coupon on the same site for $0.55/1 Frontera Products Printable Coupon. ShopRite has the Frontera Salsa for $2.99.  So, $1.89 after coupon.

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  • Julie

    It is fantastic that some Shop Rites fully double, but a bummer that the ones near me in SJ don’t! the nearest one is 30 miles from me… i would so be willing to split the gas if anyone wants to carpool!

    • Benee


      Where do you live and which Shop Rite fully doubles? I live in the Cherry Hill area.

      • Julie

        I live in Marlton, and the shoprite in hamilton and the one in manchester fully double…i think the closet ive found to me is 32 miles!

        • Amanda

          I live in marlton too, and go to the hamilton shoprite, but only because its near where I work.

  • Keri

    I found some other great deals at shoprite that I am not sure anyone posted. Starbursts are 3 packs for $1 and with the 50 cents offf 2 coupon that means free 🙂

    Also the fiber one chewy bars are on sale for $2.49 so they are 49 cents a box with the $2 off coupon.

    • Cindy

      Thanks Keri. I’ll add them in.

  • Molly

    Yay!!! Thanks Cindy! I loved getting these free the last time the coupon was out and will really enjoy them again!

  • ueen


    You rock………


  • Amy

    Where did you find the starburst coupon? I don’t see it in the database. Thanks!

    • Cindy

      I just added it to the ShopRite match ups. They are at the top under new.

  • lisa

    Yeah, I was so excited when I discovered this deal a few days ago and got a couple of bottles (forgot to tell you about it). I wanted the lemonade, but it wasn’t on that 2/$3 sale, so I got the limeade and the mango lemonade instead. I really liked the mango lemonade! Haven’t tried the limeade yet. I’ll get a couple of more bottles this week. : )

  • Melinda

    what aisle are these in?

    • dawn umemoto

      Mine are with the juices

  • Mary K.

    Can anyone tell me if these coupons say “do not double” anywhere on them? The cashier examined the coupon forever and when it tried to double, she stopped it and said the coupon says not to double. I should have asked her to see the coupon, but I was in a rush. So, if anyone has the coupon printed, can you check? Thanks so much.

    • Sara

      It does NOT say DND.

  • Lisa

    It does say do not double, but in the text section (not at the top by the expiration date), right after the address for the retailer to send the coupon to. Mine doubled with no problem, looks like you just got a stickler for a cashier 🙁

    • Mary K.

      Thanks for checking Lisa. I certainly did get a stickler! Luckily, I only had about 6 items and 4 coupons. Imagine if she read every single coupon on a normal shopping day when I might have 30+ coupons!

  • Ashley

    Hi would this site count for another 2 more .75 cents off? It really reminds me of the Penn. Dutch noodles. Just wondering if this is a safe site?

    • Mary K.

      No..I checked. After you print the two, it tells you have you reached your limit.

      • Ashley

        Ohh okay. heheh. I only printed two. thanks for letting me know!

        • Benee

          I printed 4 of these coupons and had no problems they went right thru without any beeps. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Is there a limit to how many of the Santa Cruz juices you can purchase? Thanks.

    • Cindy

      I don’t believe so. But most Shoprites only allow 4 “like” coupons

  • Eileen

    there is a coupon for the santa cruz in a little coupon booklet available by the cashiers at my shoprite in waretown nj from mambo sprouts, full of organic and gluten free item coupons

  • Carson

    I’ve printed out a ton of these coupons! Within the last couple days I’ve used four at one time at 3 different local ShopRites convenient to my home so basically I’ve got 12 bottles of this stuff crowding up my pantry 🙂


    • Melinda

      Anyone know if these are on sale again this week? I got 4 on Saturday with my coupons and love them and want more!

      • Carson

        I saw them on sale at ShopRite yesterday (2/8) during a visit.