New $0.75/1 Tornados Printable Coupon = Free at ShopRite

Woohoo!  My kids love these snacks.  And, there is a $0.75/1 Tornados Printable Coupon (8.4 oz or larger) available.

Shoprite has these for only $1.49, so Free if your store fully doubles.  Also, these always go on sale at most stores so I’m sure, if your store doubles, you can get a great deal.  Here is the ShopRite deal:

Tornados 8.4 oz Snacks $1.49
use $0.75/1 Tornados Printable Coupon
Free after coupon

This coupon is a bricks coupon.  Just hit your back browser button to print 2 per computer.

**Always remember, you can not copy coupons as that is considered fraud!

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  • Jennifer S.

    My Shop Rite in NJ only doubles up to a $1.00 🙁 But I guess paying .50c is better then $1.49 🙂

  • mandee

    again it only let me print one. 🙁

    • Cindy

      You have to hit your back browser button and it will automatically start printing again.

  • Jason

    Yay, we got 4 boxes of these last time and they were GOOOOOD! Thanks Cindy!

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    I love the Grilled Chicken ones…we all love these in our house….another tip, if you e-mail customer service complimenting the product they will send you coupons, just yesterday I got a coupon for a free box and 4 more coupons $$ off of El Monterey products!!!

  • Lori

    In CT (at least where I am) these are $1.99. Are they worth the .49? 🙂

    • Jason

      Same. The Shoprites in CT have them for $1.99, but they’re worth it!

  • Laurie M.
  • Bree

    Guess I’ll be making another trip to ShopRite! IA with Jason, they are pretty GOOOOODDD. I think things always taste even better when they are free. :o)

    Mandee I was able to print 2 coupons from the same computer!

  • eden

    There’s a BOGO coupon here too!

    Pair with the 75 cents off coupon already posted & you could get four boxes FREE at Shoprite (if you have two of each coupon.)

  • Melinda

    I had a HORRIBLE experience at my shoprite last night. Up until now I considered them pretty coupon friendly. I was always able to use Internet coupons. Just recently they started enforcing a limit on 4 of the same coupon in one day. But what happened to me yesterday has NEVER happened before and it was so frustrating. I had two of these .75 off coupons. The manager told me there is a limit of one type of Internet coupon per price plus card. So, I could use as many Internet coupons as I want, but never more than 1 of the same exact coupon if it is printed offline. She kept pointing out that the bar codes were the same number and the security verification code was the same too. I think she thought I copied them. I also had two $4 off 10 smart ones and same thing, she only let me use one, for the same reason. I asked where it said in their coupon policy that there is a limit of 1 Internet coupon per card and she kept pointing to the last paragraph of the policy that says something about copied or photocopied coupons. It was frustrating to say the least. Anyone else been told this?? Should I call coorporate?

    • Linda

      My SR in Clinton NJ is even worse…they only allow one like coupon per purchase regardless of the coupon source. The person that I spoke to said that they have had problems with gang clipped coupons–but this should not be an issue if they had enough product ordered to back up the coupon redemption–totally did not make sense. She also went on to say that they had a loss of over $3000 in coupons that could not be reimbursed the prior month. While I totally feel for the company as they can’t continue with that kind of monthly loss, I have completely stopped shopping there and moved on to a SR with a more friendly coupon policy in Branchburg.

  • andy

    Well, apparently they had a bunch of copied IP coupons returned to them unpaid. The barcode is of course the same – that’s why they put security verification code to make coupons unique. But how did you end up with the same security verification code on 2 printed coupons?

  • Melinda

    I have no idea. Yesterday, when Cindy posted this deal, I simply clicked on the link and printed it twice…it’s a bricks coupon and you can print twice. I never check to see if there are 2 different security codes. I’ve never needed to check that in the past…not even sure where it was until yesterday. I would never copy coupons.

  • Judy

    I would call customer service. There is no reason you should have been treated that way and Wakefern who is the corporate for Shoprite needs to get them all on the same page. I shop at a Brown’s and they are super coupon friendly. Next to my work is a Zallie’s and I get a hard time. Especially in the summer when the blue bunny coupons came out. It was terrible. I even had brought the whole page where they could call blue bunny to verify the coupons even though they printed out with my membership number and my name on them. They refused to call and just simply wouldn’t accept them. Not until after I called corporate and explained I am a Store Manager at Rite Aid and am very aware of fraudulent coupons and am a couponer myself did they take them.

  • Jen

    Melinda, I had a similar experience at my ShopRite before Thanksgiving. The cashier made a comment that I had too many coupons and she would not accept any of my SmartSource coupons. She said they do not accept any internet coupons, except for She also made sure she checked EVERY one of my coupons to see which one said DO NOT DOUBLE and then manually pushed the button so these coupons would not double. I tried to explain that I never had a problem before but was so embarrassed and upset, that I just paid for my items and then emailed the corporate office when I returned home. Two days later, a rep from the corporate office called me back and said the cashier was wrong and issued me an apology. The ShopRite store manager also called me and kept apologizing and was unaware of the coupon policy. He actually thanked me for bringing this to his attention. He questioned his employees and almost all of them said they just thought it wasn’t allowed. He issued me a $25 gift card (which I donated, because I didn’t complain to get a gift card) and I haven’t had a problem with any internet coupons since. Hopefully corporate will call the store and make them aware of the coupon policy. They did with my store. Good luck 🙂