New Home Made Simple Coupon Book – Over $35 in P&G Coupons

This is just a reminder, if you didn’t request your new Home Made Simple Coupon Book you might want to do so.  I just received mine and it’s filled with some great coupons.

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  • angela

    Hi, every time I try and request a booklet it tells me the site is unavailable, is anyone else getting this message??

  • Laurie M.

    Got mine today, too! Love these books.

  • carol

    I too am getting the message that the site it down. Bummer, I will forget about this tomorrow!

  • Meg

    I was just able to request it without any problems.. 🙂

  • Katy

    I was able to get through just now….

  • KLM

    I’m also getting that message every time…

  • Julie

    Me too, same message! Last time this happened, too, and I tried for a few days in a row. Never did get through!

  • vildan

    It was not working for me either but i read it in another forum that if you put your initials instead of your full name it works. It worked for me…

    • Lori

      Thanks Vildan. The first time I did get the error message to try again. I put my initial in for the first name and it worked. Maybe it was a coincidence or maybe not?

    • An

      Thank you Vildan. I put in A. and it finally worked!

      • Julie

        Wow! Me too. Thanks so much.

        • angela

          Thanks just tried it again as well and it worked.

    • jigri

      Thanks a bunch! I had the error message too, but the initial for first name worked for me as well. Weird bug!