New Link: BOGO Free Special K Cereal Printable Coupon

I know a lot of you have had trouble printing that BOGO Free Special K Cereal Coupon. Well, guess what…they heard you.  And, they have put out a brand new link.  So, make sure to print some  coupons for yourself.

Checkout the following store deals this week:

ShopRite $1.20 a box

Rite Aid $0.14 a box

This coupon is a bricks coupon.  Just hit your back browser button to print 2 per computer.

**Always remember, you can not copy coupons as that is considered fraud!

(Thanks printablecouponsanddeals!)

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  • Anna

    the link doesn’t work

  • Amy

    I’m sorry, but the link in this post that says BOGO Free Special K Cereal Coupon doesn’t work. 🙁

    • Cindy

      I corrected the link. Sorry about that

  • colleen

    Thanks Cindy !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Kristine

    That links says I printed already…

    • Kathleen

      It tells me the same thing and I have NOT printed this coupon. 🙁

  • If you shop at Kroger you should be able to get for boxes for $1.98 total:

    If you buy 4 at 2.99 each, the total comes to $11.96. At the end of your receipt, Kroger will deduct $4, bringing your total to $7.96. Then you should get $2.99 deducted twice if you use both coupons! Woo hoo!

  • An


  • karen

    I printed 2 and took them to shoprite. With the 5 for $10 deal and a coupon for $1 off 2 boxes I got 5 boxes for $1 each!!! Thanks for the tip 🙂

    • Cindy

      Karen, did the $1/2 beep? The BOGO Coupons are coded with a “14” which means that they attach the 2 products. Just curious how they went through.

      • karen

        No, but they did have to put in the second one free manually. I didn’t realize you couldn’t do it and they didn’t catch it either.

        • Anonymous

          I did the same deal at Succasunna Shoprite, and the five boxes actually came to $3.76. Not sure why – I think the cashier entered in the values on the BOGO’s as 2.49. Don’t remember if she had to override the $1/2 – she was a little yackity. That was probably to my benefit!

          I have to drive a little far to get to a Rite Aide, and it always seems they are out of whatever I’m wanting. I guess I’m slower than my fellow couponers! But I have 2 more Special K BOGO’s so maybe I’ll give Rite Aid another shot.

        • I did the same deal as Karen tonight, but actually got the 5 boxes for $3.76. Not sure how, but I think sthe cashier entered in the BOGO amount as 2.49 instead of 2.00. I don’t know if she had to override the $2/1 – she was a little yackity and I was distracted – I guess she was too, to my benefit!

          • Cindy

            Did you use the ShopRite Super Coupon. The 5 for $10 requires an in ad coupon

            • yeah, I did. I got all five for a total of 3.76, 75 cents a box. I wonder if it has to do with the order the cashier runs the coupons through.

              Sorry for the double comment – I didn’t think the first one went through.

              • Carrie

                Did you have a problem with the BOGO Q’s? The cereal listed on the Q’s is not the ones that are on sale at SR. Want to use a BOGO and 3 $0.70 off Q’s but I don’t want to get beeped! My SR already treats you like a criminal for using coupons : (

  • Ashley

    do you have to buy 5 with that Q? it doesn’t say on it so i’m hoping to buy 4 and pay $1 a box with two BOGO Qs

    • karen

      I would think so since it is a coupon, but maybe not. Hopefully Cindy will have more insight.

    • Cindy

      The ShopRite Super Coupon (if you have it in circular) requires the purchase of 5. Plus the coupon states you have to have an additional purchase of $25 or more.

  • Jeanne

    I got it! Thanks!! It’s my mom’s favorite!

  • ann

    can you explain the shoprite deal to me thanks again sorry this is my first week starting thanks again

  • Bernell

    I’m glad they listened….It took me 2 days to print that coupon and I was finally able to after creating about 4 different account….lol….the joys of couponing!

    • Lori G

      The Kellogg’s website coupons have re-set for me (since last week), and I was able to print the .70 off Special K Cinn. Pecan and all the others again…

  • kathy

    Thanks! I’m sad that the Rite Aids in my SJ area are not including Special K in their promo. But, it seems my shoprite is back to accepting bogo internet coupons again.

  • Melinda

    I’m so sad! I got so excited about this deal. I just got back from my Rite Aid in Wall, NJ…I bought 4 boxes and no $5 UP printed. I got 4 $1 UPS but not the $5 one. I was a little worried when I read the circular b/c it says $5 UP when purchasing the shakes, protein bars, or protein water, but it didn’t say it included the cereal. But b/c it was working for everyone else, I thought I’d have no problem. I used 2 BOGO coupons (took $4. 49 off twice) and then asked if I could use two .70 off coupons and it went through with no beep. So my OOP was $8.58. Thought I was on my way to a MM but no $5 UP. After the 4 $1 UPS total per box was still $1.14 a box which is still good and better than the SR deal but I wanted FREE or .14!! haha. Oh well…has anyone else had the same thing happen??

    • Sara

      Did this yesterday and the $5 and $1 UPs printed.

      • Regina

        I purchased the 4 Special K today (actually they got me and scanned a box 2x so I paid for 5…yuck!) and had no problem with the BOGO coupons. But like Melinda, I only got the $1 UP for each one…no $5 UP. Couldn’t find it in the circular, only the other products Melinda mentioned. Does anyone have it in writing somewhere? Would like to contact 1800-RITE-AID as they’ve helped me when I’ve had other UPs that didn’t print…but was hoping for a leg to stand on…especially since I lost out on that extra box I didn’t realized scanned.

        Thanks in advance. I’m new to this, so it takes me time to get all my stuff together, but it’s so awesome to come home with so little OOP. Thank you Cindy and all the great comments everyone posts!

  • Fran

    Make sure to get at least one original or multigrain. ShopRite will not honor the coupon unless one of these are purchased.

  • Candice

    i saw in my rite aid ad that they are BOGO next week–thats 2 free boxes!!! yay!

  • stephani

    hi, it won’t let me print this coupon and i am in a completely different house, on a different computer and printer… says i already printed it.
    do they really mean they just have no more prints left?