Pathmark Matchups 1/21 – 1/27

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Weight Watchers: Buy $20 Get $5

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  • Anna

    Totino’s not on sale in my paper checked the store and they are 2.69

  • Patti M

    I did not rcv my circular this week, would anyone know if you need Qs for those 8hour specials? Just want to confirm before I make plans for potato leek soup! 🙂

    • Cindy

      8 hour sale requires no coupons. Potato Leek Soup sounds yummy!

      • Patti M

        Thank you! 🙂

        Should be no problem freezing some and mailing it to you the way the weather’s been! LOL!!

  • Robin

    When I scanned my card yesterday, an $8 off $80 coupon came out right away.

  • Ruby

    Just got back from PM. The 8-hour sale includes several items – the flyers by the weekly circulars.

    At the top of my head, they had:
    Doritos (limit 1) $1.49
    America’s Choice Chicken Nuggets (Limit 1) $2.99
    Box of clementines $3.99
    Americas Choice Shredded Cheese 32 oz. $4.99

  • DLM

    Hi Cindy
    It looks like Pathmark is having a really good sale on their America’s Choice chicken. At $0.69/lb, it’s even better than the $0.79/lb Stockpile price on your list. (Or am I missing something?) I paid $0.88 for Perdue thighs at ShopRite last week and thought it was a good deal. Ha!

  • Anna

    Pathmark has Perdue cutlets, chicken nuggets and strips 2 for $5.00. If you have a coupon for $0.75 like I do you can buy each for a $1.00.

  • Angela

    Just FYI, here in NYC – the Poland Spring Aquapod (8pk) are priced at $1.50 each instead of $1.00. Not to mention, NYC bottle deposit comes to adding 40 cents per 8pk. Ughhh…..