Pathmark Matchups 1/28 – 2/3

All coupon match ups below are shown as doubled. Make sure to check out Pathmark’s Coupon Policy.

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Most Catalinas are based on the shelf price of the item when calculating the price. Please be sure to check your shelf prices as they may vary from the ones listed here. The deals shown are only suggestions to get you started. These deals have not been confirmed so you may want to check back in the comments to see if anyone has been successful doing them.
P&G: Buy $30 Get a $10 Prepaid MasterCard by Mail (rebate prints out as a catalina)


NOTE: If  your catalinas do not print, the best thing to do is to contact Catalina Marketing.  Their info is: 1-888-826-8766 or via email

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  • Rebecca Szkotak

    okay….I have a question…I noticed Ore Tega Tacos (my son wants the spongebob kit) was on sale at Pathmark. I did not see it anywhere in their circulars, but noticed it while shopping. I also have a coupon. I noticed you also do not have it listed. Are their sometimes deals that are not on the circulars?

    • Lauren

      Did you check the small book by the entrance or customer service? Those are 2-week deals with additional sales and in-ad coupons. I haven’t seen the new one yet, but it could be in there. You can check on

  • Amazhon

    Does anyone know if Pathmark recently changed their coupon policy. I plan to visit CS tomorrow but noticed on my receipt that it looks like they only accepted two of four coupons for like items. My understanding was we could use four coupons per transaction per item.

    • Jen From Philly

      They do have a limit of 2 printable coupons posted in there policy’s but i’m pretty sure the cashier would be the one to enforce that, and i can’t imagine her not giving them back to you. But it is 4 regular coupons per item per transaction, so i would go to cs.

      • Amazhon

        Ok. I never realized that because I’ve never had a problem using four. He did keep my coupons, so hopefully it’s not too late to retrieve them today.

    • Gina

      My Pathmark in West Philly still accepts up to 4 printable coupons per transaction but recently started to only double the first 2 coupons (printed & regular).

      • Amazhon

        Really! Only doubling two circular coupons? Times are a changing… I went back today to return two of the four items that I noticed didn’t take the printed coupons. I also tried to get $3.00 that was missing from my receipt b/c they had a special buy 3 Special K cereals get $3.00 off milk. They refused to give me the milk discount due to a “disclaimer” about soy milk not being considered real milk. Forget that nothing appeared in the circular or at the milk display. And to leave feeling that I’m trying to take advantage somehow to boot. She said just bring back the milk. I said we’ve already had it for breakfast this morning! Never imagined it would be an issue.

  • Patti M

    Note, the Farmland Q can be used on the FF 1/2 & 1/2 too!!!! WOOOOOTTTT!

  • Kim M

    FYI: I went to Patmark yesterday and they gave me a hard time using the internet coupons. They stated that they can not be doubled. The system doubled the coupons automatically but she insisted that it was incorrect and needed to notify the manager. The coupons did not list DND and were not coded as DND. The manger came and also stated that was the policy and they should not have doubled. I argued with her that she was wrong ( never had this problem before) and she stated that it changed a few months ago because of the fraudulant coupons online. This makes no sense becasue then why would they accept them at all. Anyway, she let it go and allowed them to double, but told me that this was my one execption. Guess I will not be shoppping there much anymore-guess I will stick with ShopRite.

    • Amazhon

      I don’t know. My take on this is that they use coupons as a marketing tool and our buying power to get their products on store shelves. Couponers are some of the most discrimating buyers because we truly take time on all our purchases. We fill out their surveys and like them on facebook. A win for them in marketing and an win for us to save a few dollars each week. But for stores not to honor them and be downright ungrateful that we keep them in business is disheartening to me.

  • angie27171

    update on pierogies coupons, you need to click on picture of box in lower left hand corner, fill out questionaire, and you will be able to print coupons.

  • Jim

    Just some notes:

    1. I went in yesterday to my PM with my $10 off from the P&G offer – it had expired on 1/27 but I had forgotten about it. I asked and they said “No problem” – so in the future, keep that in mind.

    2. Non-doubling after 2 – my wife had the same problem (used 4 coupons) and they gave her the money back for the ones that did not.

    3. If the store makes up “random policies” I have been successful with contacting through CS by phone (on their website). I have had managers call me back and apologize for the issue and promise correction – and if a problem, his contact information. I would suggest that route also.

    4. Each store is supposed to have a sign / book with their policies available for customer use. Ask for it.

    • Amazhon

      Wonderful. A happy Pathmark customer this week!

  • Patti M

    To note…noticed on my receipt last night that my PM is now giving $.12 cents on each bring your own bag now. Hey, 2 cents is 2 cents. I’ll take it!

  • Amazhon

    Delaware Pathmark advertised a 10/$10 on Land O Lakes Margarine Quarters. I have a .35 printable from Doubled, that’s 30 cents per package.

  • Lauren

    My DE pathmark told me today that they no longer will have those Super Saver books =(
    I wrote on Pathmarks’ FB wall to inquire. Those coupons were great b/c they were store coupons you could stack w/ manufacturer ones.
    As for the coupon policy, I’ve never had a problem w/ doubling. I believe it’s 2 printable qs per item, or 4 regular, total of 4 per item.

    • Amazhon

      I noticed they weren’t there Saturday and Sunday. Too bad to see those go. Getting used to using only two printable qa. Most of the sites only let you print two anyway. Only bought two copies of the paper instead of my usual four, but perhaps I’ll try again next week.