Possible New $4/10 Smart Ones Printable Coupon

These Smart Ones coupons are a little crazy and seem to come from every different type of survey.  This seems to be another link for a $4/10 Smart Ones Printable Coupon. I was able to print it again myself.

ShopRite has them on sale this week and you can grab 10 of them for only $0.59 each.  Here is your deal:

Buy 10 Smart Ones Frozen Entrees $0.99
$4/$10 Weight Watchers Smart Ones Printable Coupon
$0.59 each after coupon

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    Both Shoprites that I shop at have these in their fraud books…..I have $5/12, $4/10 and $3/10. All were d’loaded at the Weight Watcher site. All legit (I wouldn’t knowingly ever use a bad one!)
    Even the $1 ones they refused to take.
    I did have $3/10 peelies off the boxes I used.

    Target on the other hand took them fine.
    Just fyi…
    Palisades Park and North Bergen refused to take them.

  • Kristine

    So weird…my $4/10 wouldn’t work but the manager put it through. My aunt used 2 of the $3/10 ones that I printed for her and they worked completely fine….at Shoprite.


    I have noticed that in the past 2 weeks all of my Shoprite cashiers are totally reading every coupon in detail and having the front end clerk check all internet coupons. I am a regular and they know me at both stores so i’ve had no issues but there was this set of Smart ones coupons and a viatimin water b1g1 Q that they refused….

    • Susan Z.

      Which Shop Rite? Just curious, they are definitely getting tougher here in Union County.

      • CHRISSY G

        Palisades Park (Bergen Co.) North Bergen (Hudson Co.)

        • Susan Z.

          Oh lordy, saw your post above but didn’t even check to see it was a second post from you, sorry about that! I think Shop Rites are getting more strict about coupons as a whole, began noticing it about 6 months ago…

          • CHRISSY G

            I actually had Target limit me today….1st time ever. I bought 2 bags of Halls …was stacking Target Q and ManQ and they would only do it on one bag. I pulled out my Target policy (nicely) and had the LOD (Front end manager) tell me that it was up to each store how many q’s they would take in one transaction. She was not willing to let me buy two bags….so I left it and will return tomorrow . I didn’t let it phase me but for 2 bags? They are all watching……. 🙁

    • megan

      Mine too, and even Rite Aid. Looks like they all got the same memo.

  • Kristine

    Strange…I have never come across one that had the coupon.com on it that they didn’t take…but I agree, I have noticed that they are looking at them more lately then they used too….

  • Susan Z.

    Thanks, printed the coupons, but is there still a Target deal going on? I’m worried now that my Shop Rite won’t take them….thx!

  • Cindy

    Here is the Target deal:
    Buy 12 Smart Ones Meals $1.80 each
    -(1) $4/10 Smart Ones coupon
    -(2)Buy 5 Get one free Smart Ones Target Printable
    $1.16 each after coupons

  • Suzanne

    Just printed two new ones with the new link. Thanks! I gave out the ones I printed last week at my Saturday AM WW meeting. ( Kept one $4 one for my self) .

  • Anna

    I jsut used this at the Shoprite on Brick, NJ. It did beep but the manager overrode it without any problems. HTH Thanks so much!!!

  • Patti M

    If these are a problem and you have the current WeightWatchers magazine, there’s a bunch of Qs in there and there’s one for Smart Ones $2 on 6.