Reader Shopping Trip: CVS

Christina had a super nice trip at CVS.  She paid $0.94 out of pocket.  Used $18.98 of existing ECBs and got back $24 in new ECBs.  So everything was free and then some. Not bad for a short trip to CVS.

CVS Bought:
Tums 96 ct $3.99
Rembrandt Toothpaste $7.00
Reach Floss $3.00
Colgate Total Toothpaste $2.69
Excedrin PM 20ct $4.99
Excedrin PM 20ct $4.99
Excedrin Extra Strength 24 ct $4.79
Excedrin Migraine 24 ct $5.29
Revlon Nail Clipper $2.99
Revlon Nail Clipper $2.99
Stride Gum $1.49 (filler)
Stride Gum $1.49 (filler)

Coupons Used:
$2 Tums CVS Coupon (from red machine)
$1 Tums printable
$3 Rembrandt printable
$2 Reach Floss
$1 Colgate (from All You Magazine)
$3.50 Excedrin PM (mailer)
$3.50 Excedrin PM (mailer)
FREE Excedrin Extra Strength (cashier took off $4.99 instead of $4.79)
FREE Excedrin Migraine (cashier took off $4.99 instead of $5.29)

ECBs used – $18.98
Total OOP – $0.94

ECBs Received
$7 Revlon Cosmetics/Beauty Tools
$10 Excedrin
$1 Colgate
$5 Listerine/Rembrandt/Reach
$1 Tums
Total Received = $24

Great job Christina!

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  • D

    Yes, I redeemed all my Excedrin coupons at CVS today, too! 🙂 Also, the Red Machine gave a me a $3 off Any Revlon Beauty Tool coupon today! So keep an eye out for that one. Made that ECB deal even better! 🙂 Got an eyelash curler I needed anyhow, and emery boards! 🙂

  • Emmeline

    I bought two revlon foundations that were 75% off yesterday and it came to $6.50 (deal alert: there were lots of revlon cosmetics marked at 75% off). I did not receive the $7 ECB and the cashier told me it was because I had not spent at least $7. Does anyone know if that is right?

  • Bill

    Great Job Christina! Thanks for breaking it down so clearly for those of us just starting out! WOW!!!!!!!

  • Sophie

    Sooo agreed !! Christina – what a GREAT template you provided for someone like me, a newbee. I’m going to go out and do EXACTLY what you did! Keep em’ coming

  • CJ

    Got 4 free Excedrins (much to the chagrin of my cashier!!) and made $10 ECBs profit. Cant beat that ever!