Reader Shopping Trip: Pathmark and Stop & Shop

Reader Karin went to both Pathmark and Stop & Shop.  She spent under $9 for everything she purchased!!

Went to Pathmark with some great deals you suggested and made it my best trip yet!!

Pathmark bought:
4 8 pk Poland Spring Aqua Pods 1.00 ea
4 xtra detergent 1.49 ea
4 raisin bran cereals 2.00 ea
1 rice krispies cereal 2.00
4 Pennsylvania Dutch noodles 1.00 ea
2 Athenos hummus 1.49 ea

Coupons Used:
4 1.00 off poland spring waters
4 1.00 off xtra detergent (in spanish)
4 .70 of raisin bran cereal
4 .55 off Pennsylvania Dutch noodles
1 2.00/2 Athenos Hummus

Total out of pocket : 7.66
saved 76.56

Then went to Stop and Shop and bought:
6 cans of goya beans .66

Coupons Used:
2 .75 off coupons

total oop: .95
saved: 5.89

You can head over here to check out all the Pathmark and Stop & Shop deals for this week.

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  • Wow, that is pretty impressive. A lot of stuff for less than $9. Nicely done!

  • Denise

    Nice! I tried using all my Pennsylvania Dutch coupons at Shoprite and I wasn’t able to. The coupon said 1 per shopping trip so good for you!!!

    • Suzanne

      I was able to use 4 55 cents off and 4 $1 off P D coupons at Shoprite the other day without a problem. . Store Policy is that you can use ( and/or they will multiply) 4 of the same coupons per day/trip.

  • Kristine Twardy-Todd

    Where can you get the Poland Springs coupons?

    • KC

      You can like poland spring on facebook and get a coupon

  • jasmina

    I am a New Jersey resident and have been looking to find out which Spanish paper contains coupons on Sunday? I have been going to all my local tiendas but I haven’t found one Spanish paper with coupons. Thanks for the help.

  • Mary

    Where is the raisin bran coupon?

    • Karin

      I got the raisin bran coupons on the Kelloggs website. If you sign up you can print a whole bunch of .70 off coupons for this and other cereal too.

  • Anna

    Nice shopping trip. I have to say that I also got these stuff. Last week at Shop Rite I got 18 cans of beans for free and also 6 packs of Pensylvania Dutch noodles for free. At Pathmark I got 4 cases of Aqua Pod water for free and today I am gonna go to get 2 more plus I will also get more free pasta since they also have it on sale .