Reader Shopping Trip: Rite Aid

Berdie, did some Christmas Shopping (2011) at Rite Aid this week taking advantage of some of the After Christmas Clearance.  Of course she picked up some of the Special K Cereal as well.  Especially since it took her 2 days to print the coupons 🙂

First Transaction Bought:
1 Nick Jr. Candy Canes- clearance .5 (sorry my son already opened them so they’re not on the picture)
2 Wet Ones- 1.99 each
2 hungry jack sryups- 1.99 each
3 Rite Aid Seasonings
4 Special K cereals-3.83 each..I have the 20% discount

Coupons Used:
2- $1 Wet Ones
2- B1G1 Special K–took off $7.66
used $10 UPR
total OOP- $2.73
received $11 UPR– 5-Special K—1 each for Special K—1 each for Wet Ones

Second Transaction Bought (I went Christmas shopping for next year):
Purchased 5 toys –all 75% off

used the 11 UPR from the above transaction
total OOP- $7.64
saved $54.74 on this transaction—-(not including the 11 UPR I used)

Total OOP- $10.37—–not bad for my 1st trip of 2011!!!!

Great job Berdie!

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  • Melinda

    Why am I the only one who didn’t get the $5 Special K UP?? So Sad! I only got 4 $1 UP when I bought 4 boxes…no $5 UP. Great job Berdie!!

    • Gina

      Call the Rite Aid # on your reciept or back of your card & tell them they didnt print. They will send them out to you. Have your card # & receipt when you call.

  • Melinda

    I’m just afraid they would said the $5 UP is NOT for the cereal because the circular doesn’t advertise the $5 UP on cereal. You don’t think they will tell me that? Thanks for the tip.

  • Janet

    You’re not the only one who didn’t get the $5 +UP when you bought the cereal. I combined it with 2 boxes of Special K protein bars. I just “returned” the 2 protein boxes and ended up buying 4 boxes of protein bars to get the $5 +UP reward which was oop of $6.58. Not bad when you realize that I got a healthy snack for under $.28 each!

  • Patti M

    I just heard from someone that they were told that Rite Aid is not accepting BOGO coupons anymore as per a new policy that was e mailed from headquarters to the stores. This, combined with the LRWC reader who was told that they are not accepting internet printed Qs anymore make me so unhappy.

    • Cindy

      Patti, I check with my contact at Rite Aid and they said that there was no indication of them no longer taking internet coupons. I did not ask about the BOGO coupons but I will.

      • Patti M

        Thanks so much Cindy! I have not heard back from them re the e-mail I sent. I wonder why the stores are telling customers these things. Puzzling. I went today but only used a $5 UR so I didn’t get to test out anything else at my location.

  • Bernell

    Thanks guys!!
    I’m sorry to hear about the $5UPR not printing….that sucks!!!
    I was surprised that my $5 UPR printed, since I also didn’t see it printed anywhere in the ad.
    My cashier also told that the toys may go up 90% off depending on how much they have left.