Reader Shopping Trip: Rite Aid & a Daycare Discount

Here is the best shopping trip of all.  Not only does reader Lynda make out awesome while saving money with coupons and deals at Rite Aid, but she also saves money on daycare because of her couponing.

Listen to what Lynda has to say:

Just in case you do post this please let your readers know that I will be using this trip to pay for 2 week worth of babysitting- I barter with my neighbor! Just another way to save- So basically it cost me $5.29 for $40.00 of daycare!

8 boxes of Special K BOGO $4.79
4 boxes of Quaker 10 packs oatmeal 2 / $5
12 barilla Pasta 4/$5
3 Gain Dish Soap
12 Single Roll Bounty .89
4 Stayfree Pads 2/$5
3 Discovery Kids Toys (Clearance 75% off) $2.49
4 Hunts Sauce 4/$5
(single Serve Raisin Bran is from Quick Chek freebie this week- My hubby added that)

Coupons Used (I did not have any Q’s for the pasta or sauce):
4 BOGO for Special K
3 $1.00 Gain
6 $1.00 off 2 single rolls
2 BOGO Stayfree

I did several transaction so I could roll the UPs.


I have $5 up rewards left- so $5.29 for over $87.00 worth of goods!!!!!!! It would have been $1 .29 because the Hunts sauce did not print the ups for me.  I think I got the wrong size,  I only got $1 in ups. OH WELL- I am still very happy with this deal!

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  • kevin

    I’m so jealous. Maybe if I gave my in laws gift cards to my stock pile they’d take the kids of my hands on occasion.
    Hmmm, not a bad idea. Gift Card to our own stockpile.

  • Stephanie

    Great trip. However, I don’t consider this that big. I think this is a small trip, but that could just be me. lol I don’t mean that in a rude way. It’s just stock piling to me is buying 3 to 4 months worth product or when it’s a good deal buying a year’s worth. That doesn’t mean clear off the shelves. I pre-order or go to different stores buying a few of each item from each. I use my store rewards to buy papers. I get about 25 papers every week for free with rewards and circle about a $100 in store rewards a week. If I get something that I don’t need to make store rewards, I go at the end of the sale, this way I am not a shelf clearer. I take only what I need and then clear shelves Saturday night if any is left. I guess I don’t see the point in getting something super cheap one time and then paying for it the next. It’s not a winning situation that way. Keep it circling. This is great for a beginner, though. I hope this didn’t sound mean. I didn’t mean for it to at all.

    • Cindy

      Stephanie, the whole purpose of me posting the shopping trips is not to show big stockpiling trips. In this case, she is using her couponing skills to extend into other areas to save money such as Daycare. I, personally, find that to be an awesome, out of the box, way of using coupons.

      Most people that come on this site come on here to save some money at the grocery store. Some come to save a ton and some come to save a little. There are beginners and more experienced couponers here. What is a little savings to you, may be a big savings to others. We need to embrace, help and encourage others.

      • Stephanie

        I have emailed you several trips to show you how I used my coupon skills to get a few things for my family and then turned those store rewards into donations for a homeless shelter and the military. I send stuff like that all the time. I’ve never seen any of them posted. So, in a way, I guess if kind of bothers me when I do the work I do and nobody thinks thats cool and I really donate my time to helping others and refer others to your site to get help as well. So, I guess view it from my angle.

  • norma

    stephanie your comment came outta left field. and yeah, it does sound mean. If you want to brag why don’t you just submit your shopping trip as well. You know, you seem to be that girl on extreme couponing the one that stands out as having a real problem. BTW we are not all extreme pros at couponing, but we do the best we can. I hope this doesn’t sound mean, I didn’t mean for it to at all. To Lynda, thunbs up you did awesome!!

    • Stephanie Buriel

      This is a different Stephanie. I agree with you Norma 🙂

    • Stephanie

      No, you completely miss understood what I said. I wasn’t at all bashing her trip. My point was that what is big to some isn’t big to others. I am not like the girl on extreme couponing. Trust me I am far from it. I think that woman was a Hoarder.

    • Stephanie

      BTW I actually told her she did a great job. I just said I didn’t think the trip was “BIG”. Is that a crime to have an opinion???!!! I have mine and your have yours does that make either of us right or wrong. I wasn’t trying to be mean at all. But, you clearly are and I go way out of my way to help others coupon. I do submit my shopping trips and I help out so many people. This seriously about has me in tears bc I was just making a point. THanks!

  • Patti M

    Wow, what a great idea! Am I understanding this correctly… the value of the groceries is $87. So the babysitter gets all the groceries in lieu of $87 cash and babysits for two weeks (?). Does the babysitter tell you what she needs and then you get the best deals possible for that week? I’d love to do this with hair cuts and salon services! Or house cleaning! Or lots of things!!! 🙂

    • Anonymous

      When I first offered up this idea to my wonderful neighbor I wanted to make it worth her wild so what I did was I doubled what I normally pay her in products. So if I owed her $40 I would give her $80 worth of groceries. By couponing I was usually paying around $10 OOP. So it was a win win for us both! She gave me a list of things she used and purchased on a regular basis and I looked for the deals each week. Some things I get her every week like paper products, pasta, snack foods, and baby wipes. So I have a stockpile of these items. I always have a few extra fun finds each week that I include too- like magazine subscriptions, razors, and even toys!

      • Patti M

        Sooo awesome! Thank you for sharing!

  • Stephanie

    I do think the daycare part is awesome…I wasn’t trying to say that at all just so it’s clear. I was just saying it could have gone a little futher…so that next time maybe that would be a thought. You don’t have to do extreme couponing. I was just saying how I rotate things, but thought I would explain how I am able to do that. There was no need to be attacked on here.

  • Candice

    I live in Philadelphia and i ALWAYS have trouble with rite-aid. They always give me attitude about using coupons and no one there seems to know anything about their coupon policy. I once had a lady tell me I couldnt use a bogo with a bogo sale, and that i was ignorant for trying to get stuff for free. At the time, i didnt have the coupon policy, but rest assured I will NEVER shop at rite aid without it again! I hate that i know the policy more than even the managers!
    Does anyone have the same problem?

    • Patti M

      Candice, do you have another RA nearby? I have two near me. One is totally awesome and the staff can’t be helpful or accomodating enough. I love shopping there. Sometimes if they are out of an item I will go to the other one which is completely opposite in terms of being Q-friendly or helpful of just plain pleasant! Generally speaking, RA and ShopRite are my favorite places to shop.

      • Candice

        i would be willing to go out of my way but i have a rite aid right next to my work (literally my neighbor) in center city. I think i am going to try a new one. It just seems that they only have teenagers working there, even the managers are teenagers! And when I showed the cashier the coupon policy, I dont think she had ever seen it before! Im hoping i wont have so much trouble at the next rite aid!! 😀

        • Jenni

          I live in South Philly and I have 2 Rite Aid’s that I frequent. One tends to be better than the other, but I rarely have any problems with them when it comes to coupons. Which CC Rite Aid do you go to?

    • Miranda

      I live in Hatfield (just north of Philly) and luckily I have 3 rite aids within a reasonable distance from our house. Unfortunately the closest and most convenient is horribly unfriendly. They refuse coupons, make me sort my items and lay out coupons on the counter, and have told me several times that they can not accept more than one coupon (ie manufacturer and VV) for a product. I drive the extra 10 minutes to get to a newer store. It is sad to know the policy and they don’t. I told my husband yesterday I don’t know why cashiers get so angry… it’s the store’s policy.. not me trying to play tricks on anyone….

  • Stephanie

    I use to, but if youc all corp and let them know it usually fixes it. They won’t know until you speak up 😉

  • Tiffany

    Lynda- I think you have an amazing idea. Even though it wasn’t a “big” trip it certainly is a “big” win in the whole scheme of things. I have 2 kids and daycare can really add up. I’m sure any one of us moms can tell you that!! What a fabulous trade off!! If you can get your total down to $1.29 (if that UP had printed) for shopping AND daycare…. WAY TO GO!!

  • Stephanie

    I agree with Tiffany. That’s what I was trying to say and all I did on the first comment was try to give you ideas on how to make it go a little further if you want since you are getting for other people. Most people think how I get my papers and rotate everything around is a great idea. I thought you had a great idea for the daycare thing so I thought it might help you out even more. That’s why I put I wasn’t trying to be mean, because I didn’t want it to be taken in the way. It had nothing to do with that crazy woman from Extreme Couponing. Unfortunelty we have people in this world who take things the wrong way and jump at a chance to put someone down. I hope that person feels better :/

  • steph

    wow. what a great idea! got my gears turning to think how i could barter for things like that!!!