Reader Shopping Trip: Rite Aid, PetSmart and CVS

Christina rocked it at Rite Aid, Petsmart and CVS.  She did amazing!! Here was here trip:

Rite Aid Bought:
(3) Hormel – $5.97 ($1.99 each)
(4) Newspapers (2 Inquirer and 2 Delco Times) – $6.28 ($1.57 each – regularly $1.75 each but I have 10% wellness discount)
(2) Foam 3-D Monkey Mosaic Creatures – $4.12 ($2.06 each – regularly $2.29 each but I have 10% wellness discount)
(1) Blink Tears – $7.99
(2) Motrin PM 20 cts – $6.00 ($3 each)
(2) Tylenol Precise heat patches – $10.00 ($5 each)
(4) Special K Red berries cereals – $9.58 (B1G1F – $4.79 each)
(4) Barilla Spaghetti – $5.00 ($1.25 each)

Subtotal (Excludes Tax): $54.94

Coupons Used:
$1/3 Hormel Compleats IP
$0.50/1 Hormel Compleats Jan VV
$1/1 Blink tears insert coupon
(2) $6/2 Motrin/Tylenol/etc insert coupons(These coupons did not come off correctly – they each scanned as $3 and the supervisor had to override them)
(2) B1G1F IP for Special K ($8.98)
$30 in Up Rewards
Deducted: $53.48

Paid $1.70 cash (includes about $0.24 tax)

Received $7.99 SCR for Blink Tears and $30 in up rewards:
(6) $1 for Hormel (2 for each one purchased)
$5 for the 3-D Monkey Mosaic Creature
(2) $3 Precise
(2) $2 Motrin
(4) $1 Special K
(4) $1 for each Barilla
$1 for purchasing 4 Barilla

Petsmart Bought:
(1) 3.5lb bag of Avoderm Natural Dry Cat Food – $6.99
(1) 3.15lb bag of Friskies Dry Cat food – $4.00
(3) Cans Friskies Wet Cat food – $1.20 ($.40 each)

Subtotal (excludes tax): $12.19

$5 for Purina products (found in Kitty litter bought on Black Friday)
$6.50 for Avoderm cat dry food (Petsmart home mailer)
Deducted $11.50

Paid: $0.73 after coupons (includes $.04 tax)

CVS Transaction #1 Bought:
(4) Finish Powerball – $12 ($3 each)
(2) Airwick Freshmatic refills – $10 ($5.00 each)

Total (Excludes Tax): $22.00

Coupons Used:
(4) $2.25/1 insert coupons for Finish
$5 B1G1F insert coupon for Airwick
$2 ECBs
Deducted $16.00

Paid: $6.36 cash ($0.36 tax)

Received: $10 ECBs

CVS Transaction #2 Bought:
(2) Diet Pepsi 12 packs – $6.68 ($3.34 each)
(4) Pepsi Max – $13.32 ($3.33 each)

Total (Excludes Tax): $20

Coupons Used
$10 ECBs from previous transaction

Paid: $10.60 cash ($.60 tax)

Received: $10 ECBs

For CVS I was going to just get the soda but when I saw the deal for the Finish/Airwick on your site I realized if I did that deal first it would actually save me money (about $2.12) since I had the right coupons and I got more stuff! Thanks for all your great deals you post!!

Make sure to checkout the CVS deals and all the Rite Aid deals this week (scroll down to see them all).

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  • Helen

    Great shopping trip. Can you just tell me how you were able to get the special K red berries because it is not included in my flyer and the coupon does not lust it either.

    • Stephanie Buriel

      You have to print it on your computer. Cindy listed the printable in a previous post. 🙂

      • Helen

        I have the Coupon, my question was about the type on sale and what is listed on the coupon.

        • Stephanie Buriel

          Oh, okay. The coupon says you can buy ANY 1 box of Special K and then get Special K Original or Special K Honey & Oats free. I don’t know what the shopper did, what I did was buy Special K Chocolate Cereal and got Special K Original Free. If she got all Special K Red Berries cereal for her transaction, it may have been that the cashier wasn’t paying attention? That would be my guess. 🙂

    • Laurie M.

      That’s what I did – I didn’t even read the Special K coupon closely. I put two Special K Vanilla Almond in my cart and got two Special K Berries for free. Plus, my cashier took off the entire amount of $4.79 for each box. So I got 4 boxes free plus (4) $1 UPs so a $4 money maker!

      • Christina M

        Hey Everyone – those are my deals and like Laurie M. I didn’t read the Special K coupon closely and just got all red berries. I have one coupon left and will be using it on regular Special K – I saw get a free Special K on the coupon and didn’t even realize it was for the original.

    • Christina M

      I wanted to add that the Special K red berries rang up B1G1F for me (and of course I wasn’t paying attention to the coupon so I got 2 Red berries)

  • Tanya

    Where in the world did she get the pasts coupon?

    • Stephanie Buriel

      I don’t see a pasta coupon listed.

      • Tanya

        Oh Ok I see.

  • Ana

    These are awesome trips. I live in California and will think twice before getting things I don’t absolutely need, even if they are small money makers because I pay soooo much taxes. Last night I paid over $14 in taxes at rite aid and cvs for the Air wick deals, the stayfree, motrin and the tylenol persice amonng other things. Since they have high pre-coupon prices, taxes are sky high.

    • Stephanie Buriel

      I live in California too. You only have to pay taxes when you are buying non-food items. When there are UP Rewards on food items at Rite Aid, I’m there working the deals. 🙂

  • Bridget

    Great run! My Riteaid didnt get any of the Motrin in :(, and I forgot about the Hormel. Looks like another trip 🙂

    Fyi – for anyone in the Philadelphia area. Tastycake Peanut butter cakes ( green boxes/Eagles) has coupons on the inside of the box … $1.50 Tukey hill Ice cream, 1.00 off 2 pepsi max 12 packs or 2/2liters ( I use these for regular pepsi with no problems) I’ve been getting these coupons for months inside the specially marked boxes 🙂

  • Dawn

    I have a question.. If the CVS says there is a limit on the amount of extra care bucks you get back on a purchase, does that mean per transaction or per card? For instance, my contact solution is on sale this week and it also gives back 5.00 in extra care bucks but it says limit 1…. Can I go back tomorrow and try it again or will it know I already did the deal because of my card?

    • Christina M

      Hi Dawn – With CVS the limit is per card. Sometimes the limits are higher than the stated limit and CVS prints if the offer limit has been reached at the bottom of your receipt. So if the limit is actually only 1 and you buy one the bottom of your receipt will say “Contact Solution – Offer limit reached”.